Louis Vuitton – Acetate Obsession Rectangles

Even though the French were hatin on Michael Phelps and the crew, saying “The Americans? We’re going to smash them. That’s what we came here for.” And even though we copped gold, I’m still going to give a courtesy tip-of-the-hat to the French for some dope sunglasses. Check out their whole line.

Crooks and Castles X Mosley Tribes

Crooks and Castles X Mosley Tribes have come up with a masterpiece. These sunglasses are very rare and on limited release at Goliath. Put these on and say what up to the ladies yuuupppp

Oakley Frogskins Collectors Edition

The oldschool rayban look has really exploded this season. At first, I would just see people wearing them at parties at night, but then they seemed to catch on all over the place. AS WITH ANY TREND, if you are going to get on the bandwagon, you MUST BE FRESHER than everyone else trying to pull off the same look. Don’t worry, Sneakhype’s got your back… cop some of these Oakley Frogskins, and everyone will be like “Ah… man, where did you get those? I’ve never even heard of them. Those are so fresh.” And you will of course, reply… “I hadn’t heard of them either, but I saw them on my favorite website in the world: sneakhype.com — they got the leak on all the flyest gear. But, yes, they are mad fresh, and thank you.“


The L.A. brand Crooks & Castles, is becoming more popular by the day. Their inventory is filled with colorful, fresh designs that make their products as unique as their name. Thier products are defintely worth looking at.

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