Ray Ban Wayfarer Colorize Kit

This is the brand new Ray Ban Wayfarer Colorize kit. It is probably prettyobvious from the picture what the purpose of this kit is. Ray Ban designed this kit that comes with a pair of white Wayfarer’s as well some markers that allow you to customize the colors or designs of the shades as you please. Ray Ban has released several pairs of Wayfarers but this is by far the most creative. If you are an artist or have any artistic skill at all this would be a great kit for you, if you are not so talented you might want to get someone to do the customizing for you. [Thehundreds]

Jeremy Scott Sunglasses

The Designer Jeremy Scott just came out with a new line of sunglasses. He used pretty bold design for all the shades. Pretty dope.


Ralph Lauren "Purple Label" Shades

These interesting shades are part of Ralph Laurens “Purple Label.” These glasses come in a variety of colors and are designed to be fully foldable allowing the glasses to stand up to rough conditions. Oh yeah, they were also made in Italy. Available at Ralph’s site for 425 dollars here. [hypebeast]

Anon Sunglasses

Here are just a few select picks from a large product line of Anon sunglasses. Dope stuff… AND reasonably priced at 50 – 100 dollars. They’re currently on sale here.


New In4mation Products

In4mation just released a bunch of new clothes for their Fall line. They have got a lot of T-shirts, a few jackets, and some sunglasses as well. They are available at Ubiq now. They have got a nice selection. Check it out here.

Colab Eyewear

This Australian eyewear company has some funky and unique sunglasses, but they also have some more traditional styles that we have not pictured. They have a wide variety of looks… something for everybody. Check out their site and their line at colab.com.au.

New ALife Shades

Alife recently collaborated with the Italian sunglasses manufacturer ,RETROSUPERFUTURE, to create some exclusive shades featuring custom frame colors with matching lenses. Only 480 pairs of these sunglasses were ever produced and every pair was hand-made in Italy. They call these shades The ALIFE SUPER Sunglasses and they come in red,blue, black and purple. These were released today and are available at select ALIFE locations including LA, and NYC. Via The Feed.


Kr3w – New and CHEAP sunglasses

Kr3w is throwing down the sunglasses gauntlet with the release of these two new styles of sunglasses. The first you see are the X shades and they are only 20 dollars. You can buy them here. The other ones are the Muska Shades in a few different colors. They retail at 36 dollars and you can get them here. Styles for guys and girls.

Tonite X Colab Sunglasses

Australia’s Colab teamed with the UK label, Tonite, to create an exclusive line of glasses. The full line consists of 3 styles, the 2 that are pictured above were released a few days ago and last pair should be released shortly. They both come in black and feature Tonite’s logos on the shades. if you buy the shades you will also receive, A Colab XTonite Poster, A Calico string tie sunglass cover, a microfiber cloth for cleaning designed by Tonite, and a clear acrylic test tube with artists biography. You can get yours here.


Free Gold Watch – Hater Blockers (Chocolate)

Free Gold Watch is a fresh brand with a crazy website that has some fly shades and not much selection otherwise. But if you buy their stuff, you’ll surely be one of the first on the planet to do so.

Louis Vuitton – Acetate Obsession Rectangles

Even though the French were hatin on Michael Phelps and the crew, saying “The Americans? We’re going to smash them. That’s what we came here for.” And even though we copped gold, I’m still going to give a courtesy tip-of-the-hat to the French for some dope sunglasses. Check out their whole line.

Crooks and Castles X Mosley Tribes

Crooks and Castles X Mosley Tribes have come up with a masterpiece. These sunglasses are very rare and on limited release at Goliath. Put these on and say what up to the ladies yuuupppp

Oakley Frogskins Collectors Edition

The oldschool rayban look has really exploded this season. At first, I would just see people wearing them at parties at night, but then they seemed to catch on all over the place. AS WITH ANY TREND, if you are going to get on the bandwagon, you MUST BE FRESHER than everyone else trying to pull off the same look. Don’t worry, Sneakhype’s got your back… cop some of these Oakley Frogskins, and everyone will be like “Ah… man, where did you get those? I’ve never even heard of them. Those are so fresh.” And you will of course, reply… “I hadn’t heard of them either, but I saw them on my favorite website in the world: sneakhype.com — they got the leak on all the flyest gear. But, yes, they are mad fresh, and thank you.“


The L.A. brand Crooks & Castles, is becoming more popular by the day. Their inventory is filled with colorful, fresh designs that make their products as unique as their name. Thier products are defintely worth looking at.

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