Ray-Ban Wayfarer – Typedelic

With spring & summer approaching rapidly, it’s time to stock up on some sunglasses.  These particular ones are from Ray-Ban, and feature a type graphic on the inside of the frames.


9five Spring ’12 Lookbook with Shay Maria

Something like this should help some of you single guys get through the day.  It’s Shay Maria with barely any clothes on, modeling some dope sunglasses.  What’s not to like?

9five – The “2Three” Sunglasses

9five truly did everything right with these sunglasses.  Cement print, attention to detail with the packaging, and grab an attractive female for the photos.  Applause for our friends over at 9five.  I’m definitely going to need to grab a pair of these.

Pendleton X Shwood Canby Sunglasses

All wood everythang.  I’ve heard a lot of mixed things about wood accessories, but they’re fresh to me.  These are a collaboration between Pendleton and Shwood, check out some pics and a video after the jump.


Shwood – Sunglasses Made from a Skate Deck

Back in my pot-smokin’ days… One of the greatest pipes I ever owned was made from wood.  His name: Mr. Scribbles.  We called him Scribbs.  Schwood sunglasses are also made from wood, and they’re also sick.  Check out this video showcasing the making of a pair of shades from a skate deck.  Dope. 


The Summer Of 9five (Video)

Eyewear brand 9five just released a new promo video for their summer 2011 collection. Take a look.

Super Eyewear – Summer 2011

SUPER Eyewear is stepping it up with their new Summer line.  Coming in hot with several new styles that incorporate wood inlays handmade in Italy, so you know it’s good. (The Fonz probably made it).  SUPER is pumping out solid shades faster than Arnold Schwarzenegger can pump out illegitimate children.

Cassius Eyewear ’11

Fake eye-glasses might be considered pretty hipster by most people, but let’s face it, who cares?  Accessories always put you at an advantage in any situation if done right.  Key words being, “done” & “right”.  Here’s a look at some new releases coming out from Cassius Eyewear.


The Hundreds Eyeware – The Blue Rain Phoenix

All this just for one pair of sunglasses?  I can dig it.  These dope shades from The Hundreds will be hitting stores today, Cinco de Mayo.  Before proceeding, the pictures are a little risque.

Anarchy Sunglasses – The Ruin

If your looking for a pair of stylish, yet good quality sunglasses that come at an affordable price, Anarchy is the way to go. The Ruin is one of Anarchy’s newest releases for spring 2011. A classic, retro style frame, it takes an understated approach to keeping your vision protected as you peep the world around you. Available in shiny black, black-on-black carbon and demi-leaf colorways, the Ruin boasts a lightweight nylon frame and 5-barrel metal stop hinge for durability. The price range is an affordable $45-$65 dollars depending on if you go for the polarized lenses. They are available now at the Anarchy webstore.


Sneak Peak : Good Wood X Ease DaMan – Camo Wooden Frames

We have a little sneak peak of a collab comin’ up from Ease DaMan & Good Wood.  Looks pretty dope from the previews.  Ease will be updating us as the project comes together.  Be sure to check back for exclusive updates.

Anarchy Eyewear

Say hello to Anarchy Eyewear.  After putting a few pair of these on my face today, I am now an evangelist Anarchy consumer.  These things are well made — solid frame, stiff hinges, excellent lens quality.  They’re mad clean, and arguably the best part is that most models are around 40 or 50 bucks… which precisely matches my ideal price point.  Cheap sunglasses fuckin blow.  Designer shades are too expensive and gaudy.  Papa Bear’s porridge is too hot.  Mama’s is too damn cold.  But Anarchy Eyewear sunglasses are juuuussst right.  Check out their full line here.

Oakley – Purpo Frogskins

Shaboom.  Freshness on your face.  Purple is the color of royalty, so become a poolside prince with these badass collectors editions.  Available at the Oakley website for $110. 

Nooka Mercury Sunglasses

New Shades from Nooka. Simple, futuristic, and dope. They only cost $130 Bucks and come in a bunch of different colors. Purchase link and more pictures after the jump.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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