Preview Supreme’s Fall/Winter ’14 Sunglasses

On October 23rd, Supreme will release two new sunglass styles for this year’s fall & winter seasons.  The models called “The Alton” and the “The 1994″ are both handmade frames.  The 1994 is made in Japan, whereas the The Alton is made in Italy.  They’ll both be available on October 23rd in NY, LA, London, and online.  Japan will have them on the 25th.

Garrett Leight Modshop Lets you Customize your own Shades

Garrett Leight just recently introduced this new feature on their website called the Mod Shop.  With this new feature, you can actually customize 5 different GLCO sunglass models with different frames colors, and different lens options as well.  They even have a couple extra in-depth choices, with different sizes & a “matte finish” option.  Head here to customize your own pair.

Go Underwater with Warby Parker’s Waterway Collection

Warby Parker just introduced a new collection of eyewear today.  The Waterway Collection features 5 classic models of theirs inspired by shoreline shades.  The collection is available starting today over on their website.

Frameri Eyewear Lets you Use the Same Lenses on Different Frames

A new eyewear company has stepped onto the scene, and they’re helping you always keep it fresh with an easy-to-use interchangeable lens system.  Frameri Eyewear is offering high-quality glasses that lets you use your lenses on a variety of different frames.  They offer clear & tinted lenses, and they can also provide the right amount of correction when you provide your prescription details.  Currently they offer three different frame styles, and they’re all incredibly stylish.  Frameri also has one of the best virtual try-on features I’ve ever used.  Head over to their website now for more info on the brand and their products.

“Deal With It” Meme Sunglass are Officially a Real Thing

Most of you that frequent the interwebz have probably seen the GIF images of people doing something, and then pixelated sunglasses coming down on their face with the words “Deal With It” flashing.  Well, now you can be a walking meme with these actual pixelated “Deal With It” sunglass that are for sale now.  Buy them here.

Be Stylish & Eco-Friendly with these Hemp Sunglasses

These are the only hemp sunglasses out there, and they actually look pretty damn dope.  Currently, they’re not available for purchase, but they’re aiming for a release date early next year with potential Christmas promotions.  Head over to their website to sign up & receive more info.

Shwood Launches New Sunglass Model – The Prescott

Shwood just added a new frame to it’s Wood Original Collection called the Prescott.  The Prescott is a modified wayfarer silhouette that currently comes in Walnut or Dark Walnut woods.  The standard lens model retails for $145, whereas you can grab the polarized lens for $185.  Available now here.

Shwood 50/50 Sunglasses Featuring Titanium & Wood

Shwood just released their now 50/50 collection featuring 3 models utilizing titanium & wood.  If you’re in the market for some high-quality shades, these just might be the ones for you.  All three are available over on their web shop.

Take a Look at Supreme’s New Sunglass Frame Collection

Supreme has decided to throw their hat into the ring when it comes to sunglasses.  Here’s a look at the different styles they’ll be introducing on May 22nd.

Tzukuri Bluetooth Sunglasses Will Help You Never Lose Another Pair Again

I talk about “game-changers” pretty often, but this one right here folks, this is a game-changer in it’s purest form.  Tzukuri is a brand that is soon to offer handcrafted acetate sunglasses with built in Bluetooth technology.  From the looks of it, there will be an app available on your phone that will notify you when your glasses are out of range.  90% of the reason I don’t buy expensive shades is because of how many pairs I’ve lost, this definitely changes everything.  Head here to learn more and to be notified when they hit pre-order status.

Knockaround Monochrome Premiums ($14)

When the sun’s out it means time to stock up on some shades.  Luckily, there’s Knockaround, they’ll help you save a little extra scrilla, but still be in style.  They just dropped these Monochrome Premiums, which are only $14.  Grab ‘em here.

Detailed Look at A BATHING APE’s Upcoming Eyewear Collection

A BATHING APE has finally unveiled their upcoming eyewear collection.  The collection features a range of sunglasses & spectacles featuring acetate frames.  Look for these to release on Saturday, April 19th.

Oakley & Shaun White Introduce New Enduro Sunglasses

Oakley has introduced a new model in the Shaun White signature series, the Enduro.  The Enduro features a very lightweight frame, and detailed stem design.  Look for these to hit retailers on April 1st in a number of different colors.


OJOS Eyewear with Featured Hottie Kyra Santoro (33 photos)

Today we have the fabled double feature. To start off, we have OJOS eyewear‘s newest sunglasses collection, and then we wash it down with some down right sexy pics of featured hottie Kyra Santoro. (Hotties and cool glasses mmm.)

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