Stussy – Holiday Tee

Oh Stussy… you slay me.  An iced out snowman… get it!?!  Bahaha.  I want it badly, but I’m almost afraid it may be too late to let go of my 30 Euro.  Regardless, if you’re a bigger baller than I (slim chance I know), but if such is the case, you can get it here for the aforementioned 30 Euro.  I will be jealous. [highsnobiety]

Shawn Stussy Writes Signature

Shawn Stussy is seen drawing his signature. It’s just amazing to watch him create masterpieces in literally seconds and its no biggie to him. Thats some talent, yo. This will keep EG busy for a week trying to recreate this.

Stussy X realMad Hectic X AFD Icegear Gore-Tex Jacket

Stussy hooked up with realMad Hectic and AFD Icegear Gore-Tex online this jacket. Some serious time and effort was put into this jacket. I wish i could wear this thing inside out that lining is out of this world. It is being released this saturday, Dec. 6th at Stussy Japan. [Highsnobiety]

Nas X Stussy X Nexus VII

Stussy and Nexus VII came together to sponsor an upcoming exclusive Nas concert. These limited edition T-Shirts will also be available their. Get more info at their Stussy’s site.

Stussy – Logo Tee

Stussy has the sickest logo ever created. This is not an opinion. ‘Tis fact. I just wanna lick it. In a totally cool way. I want one in 7 different color schemes, and I could just rock a different one every day of the week. [in4mants]


Stussy Jewlery Line for Holiday 2008

Stussy just released a bunch of new jewelry for their Holiday collection. The new line consists of rubber and silver peices, some of which feature the classic stussy logo and other feature “Knowledge is Kind.” They have a nice assortment of rings and necklaces that are all pretty dope. [Via Highsnobiety]

Undefeated X Stussy Runnin Rebel Tee

Undftd and Stussy collaborated on this T-shirt inspired by the UNLV Runnin’ Rebels. This shirts is releasing this saturday at exclusive Undftd and Stussy stores.

Stussy X New Era Fedora

Stussy hooked up with New Era on these new Wool Fedoras. It is not often you see New Era creating any hats other than their fitteds. The Fedoras come in the two colors seen above both featuring bands with New Era Symbol. You can get them at Stussy Direct. [Via Highsnobiety]

Stussy "International Stussy Tribe" Varsity Jacket

Back in the day Stussy had what they called the Tribe Culture. Different cities around the country were assigned different tribes, and each tribe got their own Varsity jacket. Stussy decided to release this International Stussy Tribe Jacket to bring back a little of the myth. These were just released in Japan.

New Stussy "Super Size" Fitted

Stussy just released this New Fitted Hat. The New Era cap comes in a clean orange and green, and blue and orange color schemes. They feature a huge tag of the Logo on the front. The underside of the bill all has some cool designs. You can get it here.

New Stussy Shirt

Last week we showed you a new Stussy shirt for girls that is identical to the one pictured above. I thought that it the shirt was dope and was hoping they would put on out for for the guys as well. My wish came true the mens version seen above is now for sale here at commonwealth.

Stussy X EPMD

On the 25th of August the S.L.A.T.E. trade show will be debuting in Las Vegas. Stussy, Undefeated, Ransom, S.L.A.T.E. and Complex Magazine are all sponsoring at party that night taking place at the Palms Moon Nightclub. EPMD, DJ Wristpec,t and DJ Neil Armstrong will all be performing at the party and Stussy has created an exclusive shirt for the event. The shirt features EPMD which is made up of Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith who are known for their Strictly Buisness album. The group is gearing up to realease a new album this september titled We Mean Buisness. The Tee comes in a both black and white colorways, get more info here.


New Stussy for the ladies.

Stussy just released a few new items including the T-shirt above for their womens line. Stussy started in 1980 and has 2 decades under their belt is still bringing the heat. They need to make a Men’s version of this shirt. You can buy this shirt above here at Commonwealth.

Stussy x Luminox Watch

Limited addition collaborative timepiece. Pretty dope. 300 dollars. More info and option to buy here.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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