Stussy Summer ’09 Collection

As you all probably know, Stussy happens to be one of our favorite brands throughout the SNEAKHYPE team.  Mainly because they always bring the fire, have a sick @ss logo, & and it’s not extremely expensive.  Here we have a look into the summer collection of there’s.  All the tees are mad dope, and even though it’s summer, i would still rock one of the hoodies.  Check out the rest after the jump.

Undefeated X Stussy X Mad Hectic X New Balance – Full Metallic Jacket

Now i don’t know why you need 4 brands working on one project but i like the outcome either way. We showed these “Full Metallic Jacket” New Balance 580’s a little while back but we did not have as much info back then. These limited edition kicks will be available at Undefeated in-store and online locations starting April 25th.  Check out some more pictures after the jump.

Stüssy iPhone 3G Case – April 24

Gotta love the stüss… and now they have a couple new 3G cases that are lookin quite fly droppin on Friday at all their stores.  Question for all my Sneakhype riddle-lovers here:  notice in this picture that the cases are mirror opposites in form.  The hole that lets the camera peek through, as well as, the spaces to allow for the buttons, are on opposite sides.  Now, obviously the phone has its buttons and holes on one side of the phone… on every phone.  SO… this means that one of these cases wont fit the phone.  Now, if I am wrong, someone please comment and tell me what is going on here.  One might say that the images were just flipped around in photoshop or something to make it look a little more aesthetically pleasing.  Nay nay my friend… if that were so, then the logo would, then too, be flipped.  So, I leave this question for my riddler fiddlers: what in the Hell is goin on?

Stussy Toronto Chapter Tee

One of our favorite logos at SNEAKHYPE, the Stussy logo.  Well the Toronto store just dropped this new tee in four different colorways.  It is available now, and you can order by phone at 416.364.3619.   Or any other inquiries at  [highsnobiety]

Stüssy SS Skinny Stock Tee

Ladies, I have found the perfect wear-over-the-top-of-your-swimsuit-after-you’re-done-at-the-pool shirt for you for the summer.  Fresh and form-fitting.  Yes please.  Pick it up here.  Look at the shirt in more detail:

New Stüssy At In4mants

Ah man… I love me some Stüssy.  I think they hold claim to perhaps the greatest logo of all time.  And these new shirts that just came out for their Spring line show it off quite nicely.  Check out the line at In4mants.  And check out a few more pics here:

Stüssy Deluxe Spring 09 Preview

This nice little collection will drop tomorrow at Stussy Deluxe.  Looks good.  Real good.  They call it “Streetwear made better.”  High quality pieces but born of urban influence.  [kineda]  Check out all the preview pics here:


Feel Like Matchin’? Stussy Outfit – New Releases

If your like me, everything your wearing just in a certain outfit feels better if its all the same brand.  Well i put together this nice little get-up with some new releases from Stussy.  Ya go the fresh tee, sick hat, & dope belt, just throw on your favorite jeans and sneaks, your ready to roll.  Purchase info and the belt after the jump.

Stüssy Spring 09 Accessories

Many are available now at Stussy Direct.  [Highsnobiety]  More pics here:

Haze X Stussy Las Vegas T-shirt

Eric Haze recently hooked up with Stussy and made a pretty sicknasty facade at the Stussy store in Las Vegas.  Check it out. And, now they have these tee’s for sale to commemorate the event.  You can buy them here.  [highsnobiety]

Stussy X Dickies Work Pant

Stussy and Dickies hooked up on these new Work Pants for their 2009 line. The pants come in some original solid colors as well as a few pairs of plaid. Expect to see a lot more from Dickies in ’09. These pants will be released February 21st.[Highsnob]

Eric Haze X Stussy Las Vegas

SNEAKHYPE will throw up just about anything that either Eric Haze OR Stussy puts out, so when they get together, it’s a big deal over here at the SNEAKHYPE headquarters.  We got pretty crazy last night because of this.  We woke up this morning, and on my nightstand, I found the deed to a strip club.  Apparently we bought some classy place called “The Snatch” last night.  Stussy’s got a store in Las Vegas, and the man the myth and the graffiti legend Eric Haze hooked em up with a pretty dopeshow façade.  There’s a cool video of the wall being painted at [hypebeast] Detailed pics after the More Dopeness link.

Stussy “Duty Now For The Future” T-Shirt

Stussy just came out with a new T-shirt, although it is a little late for christmas it’s still dope. The shirt is pretty simple, combining some vibrant colors and Stussy’s timeless grahpics. It is set to release on December 27th in Japan, hopefully it makes its way stateside. [highsnob]

Stussy 80 Link Tee

I’m really in a t-shirt mood today, and i’m not sure why.  Anyways, Stussy, like usual, comin’ with the heat on this t-shirt.  I’ll always be a fan of what they put out.  This is called the 80 Link Tee, comes in this colorway as well as a white/red colorway you can check after the jump.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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