Skullcandy – Eric Koston Signature Series

Skullcandy just recently released this signature series for professional skateboarder, Eric Koston.  The series features three different headphones in a snake print.  Head over to Skullcandy’s website to grab a pair for yourself.

Skullcandy Air Raid Rugged Bluetooth Speaker ($150)

Skullcandy just released this new Bluetooth speaker called the Air Raid.  Not only is it a high-quality sounding speaker with great battery life, but it’s also very rugged.  The Air Raid is drop-proof & water-resistant.  It’s available for order now, check it out here.

Skullcandy Presents: Take A Supermodel To Work – Ep. 2 feat. Kate Upton, Stevie Johnson, & Big Boi

Skullcandy is back with another episode of “Take a Supermodel To Work” with Kate Upton. This time Kate heads to work with Stevie Johnson and Big Boi. Check it out.


Meet Kate Upton Of The Skullcandy Supermodel Crew (Video)

First an amazing video of Coco, and now the wonderful Kate Upton.  What a good day it is.  You may remember the video we posted that she did with Kevin Durant & James Harden, well this is the behind-the-scenes footage for that.

Customize Your Skullcandy Aviators ($199)

Having your custom game on point these days is a must.  Whether it’s shoes, hats, or in this case, headphones.  Skullcandy just recently opened up their online editor for the Skullcandy Aviator headphones.  There’s quite a few different color options, so be sure to check it out after the jump.

Skullcandy Supermodels

It looks like Skullcandy has partnered up with a few lovely ladies to be their supermodels.  Kate Upton, Chrissy Teigen, Jessica Stam, and Chanel Iman have each created Spotify playlists as well as taken some dope photos in collaboration with Skullcandy.


Skullcandy – Take A Supermodel To Work Day With Kate Upton (Video)

Kate Upton has been all over the place this week. In her newest video, Kate Upton goes to work with NBA superstars Kevin Durant and James Harden of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Kate’s actually pretty funny. Check it out.

Skullcandy NBA Series Headphones ($50)

Rep your squad with these fresh headphones from Scullcandy.  I’ve had one pair of Scullcandy’s, and I really like them, so the 50 dollar asking price is quite reasonable.  You can buy them here, and check out some more styles after the click. 

Skullcandy Girls

Have some nice pics of the Skullcandy girls for you all, via the guys over at Rad Collector.  I like them all, each girl, if any of you Skullcandies are single, holler at me!  Enjoy all the pics after the jump.

Snoop Dogg X Skullcandy Headphones

Now you have no need for a bandana, just throw on your blue bandan print Skullcandy’s and your good to go.  Honestly though, these do look super clean.  They also display a Snoop Dogg doing the crip walk emblem.

Skullcandy out-of-ear Headphones

Damn, these are ridiculously fresh. I mean, yeah… I GUESS it’s cool to have the Bose headphones or whatever, but EVERY SINGLE other person willing to spend money on headphones has those… why not be Sneakhype and set yourself apart from the mainstream and cop yourself a pair of these bad bad babies. Do it now and do it here.


Skullcandy Holua Headphones

These Holua headphones by Skullcandy are new for this year and are made of real wood, come in a wooden carrying case, and you can get either of the two colors with gold, white, or silver chord. I have a pair of Skullcandy headphones that aren’t nearly as cool as these, however, they are still, hands down, some of the best in-ear headphones I’ve ever tried out. I got them to replace my stock iPod headphones that just hurt the inside of my ears. Not only are my Skullcandy ones way more comfortable, but the sound quality is much better as well. They are 100 dollars and you can buy them here.

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