Medorra – T19 Chaka Signature Deck

This deck will run you 10,500… Yen.  I have no idea what that converts to, but it sounds a bit steep to me.  I guess this is a deck that you just wanna hang on your wall.  It would look good on my wall.  Right next to my original Monet.  Get it here.

Adidas Skate X BJ Betts

I have yet to see an incredibly impressive shoe from Adidas Skateboarding, but these are getting warmer.  Tattoo artist BJ Betts worked with Adidas Skateboarding to bring you a pack of kicks that will release sometime next month.  They have released the prices… The ones with yellow are the Ciero Mids, and they will be 85, whereas the others (Bucktown ST) will be 80.  I personally like the Cieros a lot more, and look like a good shoe for Spring.  Check out skate retailers in January if you’re trying to snatch em up. [complex]

Nike SB – December 2008 Releases

My honest opinion: colorways are kinda weak.  I do however, really like the Zoom TRE A.D. which is featured above.  If you take a look at all of the others after the jump, you’ll see that Nike SB went with a pretty dark/monochromotic/earthy-tone theme for the December line.  The p-rods look decent.  Judge for yourself, and look at all of the December releases by clicking the link.


Suck UK – Mirrors

Here’s a neat little assortment of novelty mirrors from Suck UK.  I love mirrors.  They’ve got lots of different ones… check out more pics/models after the jump.

Element X Imaginary Foundation

Element Collaborated with Imaginary Foundation on a new series of skatedecks that should be coming out shortly. The decks feature very popular and easily recognisable graphics designed by Imaginary Foundation. I’m really excited about this collaboration, i’m a big fan of Imaginary Foundations work, especially the graphics on these decks. I might buy one just to hang on the wall. [Highsnobiety]

Adidas Skateboarding – Samba ST

Adidas is rapidly pursuing their skateboarding shoe line, seeking its competitive advantage by offering much lower prices than that of its greatest competitor (and idol): Nike SB. These STs are only 65 bucks. I like the concept they have going here… taking the classic Samba, and revamping it as the Samba ST. I think with different colorways, this could be a very popular shoe. adidas skateboarding. [via complex]

Nike SB – November Releases

The November releases are finally up on the Nike SB website. And boy was it worth the wait. The P-Rods look fresh as ever, but my favorite has to be the Zoom TRE A.D. (the black and blue one). Hot damn, I want a purr. Nike SB released 6 pairs of shoes for their November line, you can check them all out here. I wish I owned Nike.

superFishal collab series decks

The kind that you buy the set and hang them on your wall. And then you buy another set to skate with. Get a closer look at the decks by watching the video. Available here at upper playground. [via highsnobiety]


Supreme – New Decks: "Staned Logo"

Supreme JUST released these new dope lookin skate decks. They are 50 bucks each. [via highsnobiety]


Alife X Girl Skateboards

Alife teamed up with Girl Skateboards to create this collaboration skateboard. I’m diggin’ the design of the board, It’s got a pretty unique graphic on the bottom and the top. I think it would be a shame to actually skate on this board, It might look better just hangin’ on my wall. Pictures Via The Feed

Nike SB – What’s New

All you sneakhypers know we love us some Nike SB, so we’re definitely going to have the leak on what’s good with their line… not for Fall 08, not for Winter 08, but for Spring 09 my friends. The “Beautiful Losers” (top) were made as a part of a documentary Nike is putting together about the lives of a handful of underground artists. We don’t know much about the NSB Dunk High (middle) except that they were designed by Sharp020, and look like they’re bout to be fresssh. Finally, the SB Dunk Low (bottom) is hittin the streets Spring 09. That’s it for SB news… now back to HT for a fresh look at air jordans.


Element new releases – Drirelease

Element just released a new line of shirts in July with a new “DriRelease” technology. Apparently, the stuff dries 4 times faster than cotton and is odor resistant. Sneakhype got their hands on a product… feels good. It’s very loose and light. 24 bucks. Picked it up at White Chocolate in Lawrence.

Nike SB – Sneakhype Loves You

Oh… Nike. I wish you weren’t so damn awesome, otherwise we could post other brands. But the truth reveals itself through sneakhype… Nike brings the heat. Specifically, Nike SB… some of the freshest duds on the planet no doubt. Here’s a little eye-candy montage for all you sneakhypers. There’s the zoom air paul rodriguez’s (I & II). Version II and the black and yellow Dunk Low Premiums were both released in July.

Supras 2008 fall line of fresh kicks

All of Supra’s kicks from the 2008 fall line are lookin ill. The The two pairs posted above are the Jim Greco pro addition, the hi and the low version. The hi’s have a nice classic look and feel to them. They are not outrageous and flashy, they can be rocked with anything. The lows are a little more aggressive but i love the black/red combo especially with the tiger stripes. Check out the whole line here.

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