Lil Wayne – DEWeezy Episode 4: Wayne Skates South Africa & Australia (Video)

I hear a lot of negativity towards Weezy on the daily.  I just don’t get it.  The dude is always having fun, and seems to be a fairly positive guy.  Anyways, here’s the latest episode of DEWeezy.

STATIONPARK With Kilian Martin

If you’re not familiar with Kilian yet, you should watch this, and then go back and watch THIS.  This dude is crazy on a skateboard.

Maestro Knows Special Edition – Theotis Beasley (Video)

Just like that, Maestro is back with another episode.  This one features pro skater, Theotis Beasley.  Another job well done.

AT&T On The Road With Paul Rodriguez: A Day Of S.K.A.T.E. (Video)

Follow P-Rod & Manny Santiago around LA as they compete against each in games of S.K.A.T.E.  I think I need to take up skateboarding again, maybe after it stops being 100+ degrees out.

GoPro: New York City… A Day In The Life – Starring Ryan Sheckler (Video)

Man, I have got to get a GoPro ASAP.  These things are too dope.  This video is actually pretty dope as well.  It stars Ryan Sheckler, who most people think is my brother when I say my last name.

Tarp Surfing (Video)

Even though this isn’t as crazy as I was hoping, the video & soundtrack are extremely dope.  Apparently these guys got tired of not being able to surf, grabbed some skateboards and a tarp, and made this.

Globe Bantam Skateboards – Ditch Days (Video)

If there’s one thing that we all know by now, it’s that sex sells.  This is basically a commercial to show off their new Bantam skateboards as well as some nice rear-ends.

Skating In A House – Schuster Skate Villa (Video)

All my skateboarders out there, would this be your dream home?

Killian Martin – Altered Route

Skateboarder Killian Martin is back with a new video. It’s hard to explain how good this dude is. The video starts off a little slow but it get’s good about 35 seconds in. Take a look. 

Skate Moss

As of right now, I don’t think these will be available for purchase anywhere.  I definitely need a couple of these though.  Check out the Skate Moss website after the jump.

Skatable House In Tokyo With Built In Bowl

This is the kind of house that I need to live in. It may seem like a normal, modern Japanese home, until you enter the recreation room. The rec room features a shallow, but very skatable bowl as well as a grand piano. I can’t think of anything better than skating the bowl in your own house while listening to some live, classical piano.

Tony Hawk Jumps Over $400K Lexus LFA (Video)

The extreme sports marketing ploys continue to be a big hit with big brands.  This time Mr. Hawk jumps over a brand new Lexus LFA supercar.  His job sucks.


DC Shoes: Rediscover Dreams – Danny Way

Well, it would appear that Danny Way is up to some crazy ish.  I wish I could buy some property on Hawaii to build my own ramps.  Sad face.


Tom Schaar Lands First-Ever Skateboarding 1080 (Video)

Let me just start off by saying that this dude is 12 years old!  That’s crazy to me.  Professional skateboarders have been trying for years to pull this off, and here comes this new young hot-shot, and boom!  1080 degrees.

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