Paul Rodriguez Life: Family First. Episode 1, Part 2 (Video)

With each episode of Paul’s show that comes out I like him even more.  In this second part of the first episode, Paul continues a tour of his Grandfather’s ranch, and hits a local skatepark for a session.

Paul Rodriguez Life: Family First. Episode 1, Part 1 (Video)

I know what you’re thinking, and yes, I agree that 10 minutes is a long amount of time for a YouTube video.  That being said, this first episode of Paul Rodriguez’s new show is pretty solid.  If you have a spare 10 minutes, I highly suggest watching it.

Jamzz Baby x Sk8Mafia by Van Styles

There’s nothing wrong with a collaboration like this.  Jamzz Baby recently hooked up with Sk8Mafia on this one for a new skateboard deck and t-shirt.  Van Styles shot the whole thing, and killed it as usual.  Here’s some pics from the shoot, as well as what the board and tee look like.

Lil Wayne Opens DEWeezy Skate Park In New Orleans (Video)

Lil Wayne was in New Orleans last week to celebrate the opening of his new “DEWeezy” skate park. He partnered with Mountain Dew to build the park in his home town. The indoor facility is located in the cities Lower Ninth Ward and was built using recycled materials and is powered by Solar energy. But the best part is that it is free for all to use.

Street League 2012: Best Moments & Highlights (Video)

I’m still bummed I haven’t been able to check out Street League when it’s came through KC.  If you haven’t had the chance to check it out yet, watch this video recapping the best moments from this year.  The video features the likes of Lil’ Wayne, Sean Malto, Steezus Christ, Paul Rodriguez, Rob Dyrdek and more.


Keith Haring X Alien Workshop Limited Edition Skate Decks

Alien Workshop pays homage to legendary artist Keith Haring with this new line of skate decks. The limited edition line of decks highlights some of Haring’s most iconic designs. The collection includes boards for Alien Workshop team riders Anthony Van Engelen, Grant Taylor, Jason Dill, Mikey Taylor, Omar Salazar, Heath Kirchart, Rob Dyrdek, Gilbert Crockett, Jake Johnson and Tyler Bledsoe. These should be available at select Alien Workshop retailers now.


Skate Fortwo Ft. Killian Martin & Alfredo Urbon

Killian Martin and Alfredo Urbon team up for a tandem skate session using a long board. Don’t try this at home kids.

Skate Park House by LEVEL Architects

This place is called the Skate Park House, and while it’s extremely dope, it’s not much of a skate park.  It’s located in Japan, and it was put together by LEVEL Architects.  I would love to own a place like this.

Lil Wayne – DEWeezy Episode 4: Wayne Skates South Africa & Australia (Video)

I hear a lot of negativity towards Weezy on the daily.  I just don’t get it.  The dude is always having fun, and seems to be a fairly positive guy.  Anyways, here’s the latest episode of DEWeezy.

STATIONPARK With Kilian Martin

If you’re not familiar with Kilian yet, you should watch this, and then go back and watch THIS.  This dude is crazy on a skateboard.

Maestro Knows Special Edition – Theotis Beasley (Video)

Just like that, Maestro is back with another episode.  This one features pro skater, Theotis Beasley.  Another job well done.

AT&T On The Road With Paul Rodriguez: A Day Of S.K.A.T.E. (Video)

Follow P-Rod & Manny Santiago around LA as they compete against each in games of S.K.A.T.E.  I think I need to take up skateboarding again, maybe after it stops being 100+ degrees out.

GoPro: New York City… A Day In The Life – Starring Ryan Sheckler (Video)

Man, I have got to get a GoPro ASAP.  These things are too dope.  This video is actually pretty dope as well.  It stars Ryan Sheckler, who most people think is my brother when I say my last name.

Tarp Surfing (Video)

Even though this isn’t as crazy as I was hoping, the video & soundtrack are extremely dope.  Apparently these guys got tired of not being able to surf, grabbed some skateboards and a tarp, and made this.

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