You Have to Watch this Insane Video of 2 Dudes Skateboarding in the Alps

How these guys make it without eating it is beyond me…  Two skateboarders, Byron Essert & Alex Tongue, decided to race down the Alps, and go flying by cyclists doing the same.  Looks fun, but a little to risky for me.


Diamond Skate Plaza Grand Opening Re-Cap

Last week on July 24th, Diamond Supply Co. celebrated their grand opening of the Diamond Skate Plaza in the Boyle Heights area of East Los Angeles.  With help from Rob Dyrdek, Street League, and the City of Los Angeles, Diamond was able to make this project a reality.  The skate plaza is open to the public now, and here’s a re-cap of the grand opening.


Watch Bob Burnquist Skateboard & Play Soccer in this Awesome Video

So, apparently Bob Burnquist got some serious skills with the soccer ball.  This video was put together for Hurley, and their Brasil team collection.


Skateboarding on Water Looks Like the Perfect Summer Sport

Now this looks like it takes some skill.  Devin Supertramp’s latest video features a few athletes skateboarding on water with a little help from a Sea-Doo.


Watch Tony Hawk Ollie Over a Moving Mini Cooper

It’s good to see Tony Hawk still out there rippin’.  I swear that dude has got to be like 60 by now.  In this clip he ollies over a moving Mini Cooper, and it is pretty damn sweet.

Fingerboarding in Taiwan Will Bring Back Childhood Memories

These were awesome growing up.  I had the fingerboards & the fingerbikes, and I sucked.  These guys that do some fingerboarding in Taiwan are pretty damn good.


Meet Neal Unger, The 60 Year Old Skateboarder (Video)

If you’ve ever felt like you are too old to to learn how to skate, or do anything for that matter, this video will make you reconsider that notion. Neal Unger is a 60 year old dude who just recently picked up skateboarding. Although he admits he is not the best skateboarder around, he claims it is a very therapeutic hobby. Watch the video and get inspired. 


Watch Bob Burnquist Skate a Floating Ramp on Lake Tahoe (Video)

Professional Skateboarder Bob Burnquist teamed up with Visit California, CA’s official tourism agency, to create this floating ramp. It weighs about 7,300 lbs and took around 300 hours and 1,250 screws to complete. Once it was completed, Bob and the crew took it Lake Tahoe for a skate session. Take a look. 


adidas Skateboarding Presents “The Legend of Stan Smith” (Video)

In celebration of the new adidas Skateboarding Stan Smith sneaker, adidas created this funny short film profiling the passion the tennis icon had for skateboarding. Pro skaters Mark Gonzales, Matt Hensley, Tim O’Connor and Dennis Busenitz also weigh in on the influence Stan Smith had on the skateboarding scene. 


This 2-Year Old Can Skateboard Better Than You (Video)

Kahlei Stone-Kelly is only 2-years old and he’s already better on a skateboard than you or I will ever be. The Australian born Stone-Kelly comes from a family of skateboard enthusiasts which helps to explain how he ended up on a board at such a young age. The parents may want to look into getting him a helmet and some pads though. Safety first!

Introducing the World’s First Skateboard With Internal Storage: BriefSkate

Enjoy skateboarding, but don’t want to tote around a pack with all your things?  BriefSkate is the world’s first skateboard with internal storage.  Half briefcase, half skateboard.  It’s the best way to skate around without having to carry all your things.  Check out their website here.


Red Bull Daily Grind – Skateboarders Take Over Chicago Office Space

Red Bull grabs some of their pro-skateboarders, and terrorize some Chicago office space in this new video.  Anytime I watch something like this I wish I was a lot better at skateboarding.

Levi Maestro and Theotis Beasley Team Up To Find the Next Game Changing Skater (Video)

SIMPLE Mobile has teamed up with Levi Maestro for their Change Your Game series. Their goal was to find the next game-changing skater. They sent Levi on a mission to find an LA skateboarder on the verge of making it big but just need a little help to take that next step. In Episode 1, Levi meets up with pro skater and LA native, Theotis Beasley, to begin the search for the next game-changing skater. In Episode 2, Levi and Theotis narrow down the possible candidates to a final four. In Episode 3, the duo reaches out to Dave Swift from The Skateboard Mag to help with the selection process. A game changer is chosen in episode 4 and give an opportunity of a lifetime. Watch all the episodes to find out who the lucky gamer changer is. 

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