LEGOGRAPHY Photo Series by Andrew Whyte

In this LEGOGRAPHY photo series, Andrew Whyte follows a LEGO man on his photographic journeys.  Check out the entire series here.

Photogenic – Alysha Nett by Van Styles

Van Styles just added another entry into his “Photogenic” series.  This time around it features the lovely Alysha Nett.  Enjoy.

Amazing Rooftop Views of Dubai

Photographer Karim Nafatni headed to the rooftops of Dubai to capture these amazing images of the city. Dubai is just the latest city Nafatni has photographed for his Rooftop photography series. Head over to his website to check out more of his work.

Black & White Animal Portraits by Lukas Holas

Photographer & graphic designer, Lukas Holas, is behind these black & white animal portraits.  The detail in each photo is amazing.  Check Lukas’ Behance page here.

Van Styles & Jen Selter Team Up For Amazing Photo Shoot

It wasn’t too long ago that we introduced you to the most-liked booty on Instagram, Jen Selter, and now she’s back with a photoshoot she recently did with Van Styles.  Follow the 2 around as they snap pics in Soho.

Amazing Macro Photographs of Spiders

Jimmy Kong is the man behind the lens of these amazing pictures.  Nothing scarier than macro photographs of spiders staring directly at you.  Check out more photos on his Flickr page.


Boom. 9 Awesome Photographs of a Group of Tigers

I was going to title this post: 9 Awesome Pics of a Pack of Tigers, but then I thought to myself, “What the shit do you call a group of tigers?  Is it a pack?  Or a pride maybe?”  So I Googled it.  Apparently, groups of tigers don’t have a proper name because tigers are never in groups in the wild or in captivity.  Perhaps such is why this photo set is so captivating. Check out these amazing photographs from an even more amazing Flickr photostream belonging to Flickr user Zhouyousifang.                  

Awesome Photos Of Seagulls In Mid-Flight

I don’t know how he does it, but some photographer named Howard has found a way to photograph seagulls in mid-flight. The resulting photographs are pretty stunning; especially the ones that were captured over New York City. I want to see two things from Howard (aka HOWLD) in the future: more pictures of seagulls mid-flight and a video showing how he does it. But for now, just enjoys these shots.

Nicole Mejia & Van Styles Make Photography Magic Once Again

Nicole Mejia and Van Styles recently got together for another shoot, and the outcome is amazing.  Here’s 25 photos from three different sets that Van shot.  Check out all of the photos over on Van’s website.

Frozen Lighthouse On Lake Michigan

This frozen lighthouse on Lake Michigan may never thaw out. It was actually photographed by Tom Gill and Thomas Zakowski about a year ago. It’s probably safe to assume that it’s covered in even more ice this year.

50 Amazing Photographs of Animals

Wow.  Just amazing.

“All You Can Feel” series by Sarah Schoenfeld – Closeup Pics of Drugs

Have you ever wondered what your favorite drugs would look like under a microscope? German photographer Sarah Schoenfeld has. She put diluted mixtures onto negative film to mimic how the drugs might react within the body. The results are pretty amazing. Many of the chemicals appear how you might imagine they would: jagged, spiked, and crystalized. 

Liquid Art Photography by Jack Long

Using a combination of well-timed high speed photography, colored liquids, and some form of squirting… artist and photographer Jack Long produces these flower-like splashes. 

Sarah Ann Miller by Van Styles (15 Pics)

A few things that I love:  Tattoos, women, America, and Van Styles’ photography.  These feature all of those things, so I couldn’t be happier.  This is a set of photos from a recent shoot with Van Styles and Sarah Ann Miller.  Stay up to date with Van on his new blog, here.

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