Amazing Macro Photos of Snowflakes

These snowflakes look amazing, but I’ll always hate the little boogers.  Alexey Kljatov is the photographer behind the camera snapping these incredible images.  Check out his Flickr page here.

Old People Wearing Streetwear by Dai Lyn Power

Here’s some elderly folks gettin’ their swag on with some popular streetwear.  I wish my grandparents dressed like this.  Photography by Dai Lyn Power.

Daft Punk & Gisele Bundchen at Terry Richardson’s Studio

Terry Richardson recently shot Daft Punk and Gisele Bundchen for the Wall Street Journal Magazine.  Here are some outtakes from the shoot.

American Malls in the 1980s

Photographer Michael Galinsky gives us this blast from the past, showing us what malls, and fashion, looked like in the 80s.  Michael Galinsky included these in recent book Malls Across America.


37 Beautiful Photographs by Kenneth Nguyen

Kenneth Nguyen just became my favorite photographer.

Scenes From Star Wars Recreated Using LEGOs

Photographer and Star Wars fanatic, Vesa Lehtimaki, recreated scenes from Star Wars using LEGOs. Some of these are based on actual scenes and others he just created himself. Either way, they are really impressive.

Photos of Chernobyl by Tod Seelie

Take a look at the abandoned city of Chernobyl through the lens of Tod Seelie.

17 of Earth’s Most Amazing Places (Part 2)

16. The Wave, Arizona, U.S.   15. Travertines, Pamukkale, Turkey   14. Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park, U.S.   13. Sossusvlei, Namibia   12. Dragon’s blood trees, Socotra, Yemen   11. Rice terraces, Bali, Indonesia   10. Cappadocia, Anatolia, Turkey   9. “Door to Hell,” Derweze, Turkmenistan   8. Giant’s Causeway, Antrim, Northern Ireland, U.K.   7. Giant Buddha, Leshan, China   6. Tunnel of Love, Klevan, Ukraine   5. Odle Mountains, Italy   4. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia   3. Red beach, Panjin, China   2. Hitachi Seaside Park, Hitachinaka, Japan   1. Morning Glory Pool, Yellowstone National Park Now see Part 1 of Earth’s Most Amazing Places. source: imgur

Vintage Mugshots From the 1920s

These are awesome.  Apparently, back in the 1920s you were able to act like a professional model when you were arrested.  I love how everyone is wearing a suit as well, definitely shows the difference in the times.

Everybody Street – Official Trailer (Video)

I love photography, and I love documentaries, so after watching this trailer I’m extremely pumped for the movie.  Everybody Street pays tribute to the spirit of street photography through a cinematic exploration of New York City.  The movie should be available for purchase later this year.

The Awesome Colors of Autumn

Autumn is officially upon us Northern Hemisphererers.  There are plenty of reasons to be excited, but I figured that this lovely NFL Sunday is as good of a time as any to throw some trees on that bitch.  

Winners Of The Wildlife Photographer Of the Year 2013

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, but yet the only word I can seem to say when looking at these pictures is “WOW.”


Pin-Up Girls Wearing Dresses Made of… Milk?

Photographer and artist, Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz (last name pronounced just as it’s spelled), mixes milk, water, and post-production to create these stunning and award-winning photographs.


Terry Richardson Shoots Paris and Nicky Hilton

Terry Richardson has the best job in the world. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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