Laura Elisa is Feeling “Mellow Yellow” in this Latest Set from Van Styles

Praise the butt gods.  Praise Van Styles.  These recent photos of the gorgeous Laura Elisa are pretty damn amazing.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking.


A Tribute to Discomfort Featuring Cory Richards is Incredibly Inspiring

Blue Chalk Media put together this video to showcase the story and work of photographer, Cory Richards.  Really amazing stuff.

Tianna Gregory’s Latest Photo Set with Van Styles is Amazing

Van Styles just posted a new set of photos from a recent shoot with the lovely Tianna Gregory.  The set of photos focuses on the almighty power of “contrast” as well as Tianna’s amazing assets.  Enjoy.

Photos of Abandoned North Brother Island by Christopher Payne

North Brother Island is known as the “last unknown place in New York City.”  It has no public access, and occupies about 20 acres of land.  It was primarily used as a quarantine in the 1930s, and after WWII it was a temporary home for veterans.  Shortly after that it was used as a juvenile drug treatment center until the island closed in 1963.  Only a few photographers have been allowed on the island since 2006, and Christopher Payne is one of them.  Here are some photos from him of the abandoned island.

A Short History of the Photographic Camera

Big fan of photography?  Or maybe just an actual photographer who enjoys history?  Well, this poster by Retrofuturismo-Kitsch is just for you.  It takes you on a ride through the history of the photographic camera.  Pretty interesting to see how it’s evolved.  Download the original file here.

Read This if you Want to Take Great Photographs

Are you an amateur photographer that wants to take it to the next level?  Well, this book from Henry Carroll might just be for you.  The book is a fundamental guide to taking better pictures, and it explains everything in an easy-to-understand way.  Buy it here.

Outdoors with Shay Laren by Van Styles

Ahhh, the great outdoors.  And great boobs & butt.  Is there a better combination?  This is a recent shoot by Van Styles featuring the lovely Shay Laren.  She appears to be a handbra professional.


Documentary About Wave Photographer Clark Little is Incredible

Clark Little has captured some absolutely stunning photographs of waves, and here he speaks on how it came about & more.  He has a new book available now full of his amazing work.

Underwater Photography Announces Contest Winners holds an annual contest for the best photographs taken under water.  Here’s a look at the best photos from that contest this year.  Head over to their website to learn more about the winners.

Surreal Cave Photography by Robbie Shone

These are some of the most breathtaking photos I have ever seen.  Robbie Shone is the man behind the lense on these photographs.  Check out his website here.  It’s crazy to think that there are so many caves of this size out there.  Time for some exploring.

Loft Life with Mercedes Edison by Van Styles

Loft life with a woman who looks like this?  Count me in any day of the week, and twice on Sunday’s.  Van Styles recently shot these photos of Mercedes Edison, and they’re are quite delightful.  What a hump day treat.  Stay up to date with Van over on his blog.

Smithsonian Magazine Announces 11th Annual Photo Contest Finalists

I love a good photo contest. It really brings out the creativity in people.


Photographers Document The Gentrification Of New York City

Gentrification in New York City has become a growing issue as of late. For those of us who don’t live in NYC, it may be hard to understand how much the city is changing. Photographers James and Karla Murray decided to document the changing landscape of the Big Apple so the entire world can witness what is happening.

Abandoned Malls Around America is a Creepy Sight

Malls are continually becoming a thing of the past.  Online shopping is at an all-time high, and stores are dropping from these giant retail buildings like flies.  Apparently, people really enjoy these abandoned malls though, as there is a Facebook page for “Dead Malls Enthusiasts.”

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