31 Nature Pics that are cooler than your backyard

If you need some help finding your happy place, these dope pics of nature might just get you to your zen.

14 HD Photos of People Shooting out of a Water Slide

Everybody loves the water park unless you are allergic to UV-B rays.  As we are reaching the peak of the summer heat, it seems appropriate to check out these high-speed HD photos of people shooting out of water slides… and consider joining them (or just be jealous).

Awesome Aerial Photos of Airports

Sure, traveling through any airport can get crazy with all of the lines, security and waiting around. But these aerial photographs from all over the world show just how complex airports get outside of the departure gates.

Amazing Nature Photography by Cory Staudacher

Cory Staudacher’s is a Seattle based photographer that spends the majority of his time exploring the great outdoors. Cory documents his adventures on Instagram. His page is filled with amazing pictures that will leave you longing for a camping trip. Check out some of our favorite pictures below and make sure you follow Cory on Instagram.  


15 Insanely Dope Pics of Animal Embryos

A mixture of ultrasound, nano cameras, and photo editing produced these incredible in-utero shots of baby animals.  Because after all… you can’t stick any ol’ camera up into a pregnant animal’s uterus and snap pictures of some little fuzzy embryos like these.

The iZZi Slim Camera Case is the Perfect iPhone Photography Accessory

If you’re always trying to get the best possible photo for Instagram, or if your family has picked you as the dedicated family photographer, this iZZi Slim Camera Case is perfect for you.  The slim case features a built 4-in-1 lens system that features macro, 2x telephoto, 180-degree fisheye, and wide angle lenses.  You can grab one over on Amazon now.

The Best 2014 National Geographic Photo Contest Submissions

The National Geographic Photo Contest is something that I always look forward to. Today marks the final day to enter the contest. As always, the entries are beyond impressive. Photographers from around the globe have submitted their best work for all the world to see. Below are 10 of our favorite submissions. Make sure you head over to the National Geographic website to check out all of the entries. 

Amazing Photographs of Subway Stations From Around The World

Metro and Subway stations usually don’t attract the attention of tourists. But photographer and world traveler Enig Hui managed to capture the world of public transportation in a stunning collection of photos. The series of pictures were taken in subway stations from all around the globe. Check them out below. 

8th Annual iPhone Photography Awards Winners

This year brought the 8th annual iPhone Photography Awards, and the winners have been selected.  There’s thousands of entries from 70+ countries every year, and these are some of the best.  Here’s 10 that really stood out to me.  Head over to their website for the full details.

Laura Elisa is Feeling “Mellow Yellow” in this Latest Set from Van Styles

Praise the butt gods.  Praise Van Styles.  These recent photos of the gorgeous Laura Elisa are pretty damn amazing.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking.


A Tribute to Discomfort Featuring Cory Richards is Incredibly Inspiring

Blue Chalk Media put together this video to showcase the story and work of photographer, Cory Richards.  Really amazing stuff.

Tianna Gregory’s Latest Photo Set with Van Styles is Amazing

Van Styles just posted a new set of photos from a recent shoot with the lovely Tianna Gregory.  The set of photos focuses on the almighty power of “contrast” as well as Tianna’s amazing assets.  Enjoy.

Photos of Abandoned North Brother Island by Christopher Payne

North Brother Island is known as the “last unknown place in New York City.”  It has no public access, and occupies about 20 acres of land.  It was primarily used as a quarantine in the 1930s, and after WWII it was a temporary home for veterans.  Shortly after that it was used as a juvenile drug treatment center until the island closed in 1963.  Only a few photographers have been allowed on the island since 2006, and Christopher Payne is one of them.  Here are some photos from him of the abandoned island.

A Short History of the Photographic Camera

Big fan of photography?  Or maybe just an actual photographer who enjoys history?  Well, this poster by Retrofuturismo-Kitsch is just for you.  It takes you on a ride through the history of the photographic camera.  Pretty interesting to see how it’s evolved.  Download the original file here.

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