Prynt Case Turns your Phone into a Polaroid Camera

Polaroid photos have mostly became a thing of the past.  There’s only a few options out there for instant development of photos, and most of them aren’t very portable.  In comes Prynt Case, a polaroid case that fits both iPhone & Android.  No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth required, just plug, snap, and print.  Prynt Case will be launching on Kickstarter soon, head here so you can sign up to be notified.

Russian Photographer takes the Most Incredible Photos of Foxes

These are without a doubt the best fox photographs you will ever see.  Ivan Kislov is a mining engineer who spends his free time taking this amazing photographs of foxes.  His photographs vary in scenery, but he has said that foxes are his favorite subject matter.  I wonder if he knows what the fox say?  Visit his website here.

Van Styles Shoots Tianna G. While Flying in a Helicopter

Van Styles & Tianna G. really stepped it up a notch for their latest shoot.  The two recently went up on a helicopter ride in LA with Copter Pilot, and while in the air shot some pretty amazing photos.  Definitely looks like one dangerously sexy helicopter ride.  Read Van’s full story behind the shoot here.

Movie Character Photographs inspired by Flemish Paintings

Photographer, Sacha Goldberger, recently created this photo series inspired by Flemish Paintings.  The photographs feature well-known superheros & movie characters in the Flemish form.  Batman always seems depressed, but it’s weird to see some of these other characters in such a somber tone.

Corey Arnold’s Amazing “Wildlife” Photography Series

Photographer, Corey Arnold, has a new exhibition up at the the Charles A. Hartman Gallery.  The “Wildlife” photo series features various photographs that Corey has taken during his journeys over the past few years.  It features some truly amazing photographs, and it’s on display until November 29th.  Here are some of the pieces featured.

Chris Hadfield’s Astronaut Photography in Recent Book “You Are Here”

Chris Hadfield, who is a famous astronaut, just recently published a new book titled, You Are Here: Around the World in 92 Minutes.  The book features the best of thousands of photos he took from the International Space Station.  Here’s a few photos featured in that book.  Order it here.

Monica Alvarez in “Monochrome” by Van Styles

Thanks to the one & only Van Styles, we have some great new shots of the gorgeous Monica Alvarez.  The set of photos is titled “Monochroming,” and were recently posted on Van’s blog.  As always be sure to keep up with his great work here.

Michael Salisbury’s “Chicago in the Fog” Photo Series

Nothing like aerial photography of big cities.  Especially when that big city always has some crazy fog going on.  Michael Salisbury is a photographer based out of Chicago that took these over the summer.  Check out more of his work on Flickr.

Creepy Abandoned Stasi-Prison in Berlin

Photographer, Philipp Lohöfener, was recently given access to this abandoned prison in Berlin.  The prison was also a former secret police hub.  These pictures definitely look eerily creepy, but I guess that’s about the norm with abandoned architecture.  Visit Philipp’s website here.

2014 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Finalists

Here’s a look at the finalist for the 2014 Wildlife Photographer of the Year.  The contest is put on by London’s Natural History Museum and BBC.  A book of the winning entries and runners-up has been published every year since 1992.  This year is definitely packed with some amazing competition.  Check out the official website here.

13thWitness Limited Edition Prints Available Now

Photographer, 13thWitness, just released some limited edition prints for sale over on his website.  Each print is limited to 25 pieces, and are $150 in price.  4 different prints total, buy one here.


Photographer Shoots Past Playboy Bunnies Years after their Prime

So, maybe these aren’t the type of ladies you expect to see in our “Chicas” section, but they once were all smokin’ hot Playboy Bunnies.  Robyn Twomey is a New York-based photographer that created this photo series of previous bunnies.  All of the photos were taken at a Playboy reunion in Las Vegas.


Paris Rooftop Photos by Michael Wolf Look Surreal

These rooftop photos that were taken in Paris honestly look like they could be paintings.  Photographer, Michael Wolf, took these after moving to Paris from Hong Kong in 2008.  Instead of capturing images of all the iconic landmarks around the city, he decided to focus on the dense rooftops surrounding the city.  He currently has an exhibition on view at the Robert Koch Gallery in San Francisco.

Amazing Photographs of Animal Colonies

Absolutely mesmerizing.  Some of these photographs of animal colonies are actually a little terrifying, but all of them are very cool.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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