We here at Sneakhype have posted a few sweet Nixon watches in the past but they were all a bit pricey. Nixon also offers nice assortment of less expensive but well made digital and analog watches. Check out more here.

Nixon Murf Watch

Nixon has just released a dime piece with the “Murf Watch”. It has a very classic design but a modern tone. It is avialable in three colors at the famous Karmaloop. Its quite pricey with a price tag over $300, but well worth it.

Arm Candy

The brand Nixon is taking their watch game to the next level. Generally speaking Nixon watches are fairly inexpensive but the new “Elite” line of watches are of higher quality, and price. The Elite line from Nixon combines Swiss craftsmanship with some of the best materials available. The watches include Swiss automatic movements, ceramic, and titanium carbide, and even saphire crystals. The Elite line of porducts starts off at around $600 and tops out at $1,400 with the Ceramic Player watch seen above. The rest of the line is worth checking out as well. Buy this watch here.

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