Nixon Introduces the New Ruckus Watch

If you name something The Ruckus, it better be pretty dang durable.  Nixon just introduced this new addition to their line-up that lots of style, and lots of ruggedness for an affordable price.  Can’t beat it.  Check out all of the colorways here.

Nixon Goes All “Naturel” in their Spring 2014 Collection

Nixon just debuted their new collection for this year’s Spring season.  The collection is called Naturel, which features watches that use a natural, vegetable tan leather band.  The collection features a few men’s watches, and a women’s watch.  Check out Nixon’s site here.

Nixon X Colette – Limited Edition Gold Time Teller

Nixon has teamed up with Colette, a Paris-based boutique, for a limited edition version of their Time Teller watch. Limited to just 100 pieces, the time piece features a gold watch face with custom engraving on the back and is finished off with a black canvas band. It’s simple yet dope. You can grab this now from Colette’s website.


Nixon – Luxe Heritage Collection

The Luxe Heritage collection was designed for all you leather lovers out there.

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10 Dope Watches For Less Than $100

They say time is money. Don’t waste either shopping for a new watch. All of the following time pieces are affordable and dope at the same damn time.

Nixon 48-20 Chrono P – Surplus/Black

Has Nixon ever released a bad-looking watch?  This is the new 48-20 Chrono P in a surplus/black colorway, and it looks like it needs to be on my wrist.

Nixon X Street League Super Crown Championship Watch

Nixon & Street League hooked up to create this watch that will be given to the winner of this year’s events.  If you missed the finale last night, Chris Cole was the winner this year, so he’ll be getting this blinged out time-piece.


Nixon The 42-20 Chrono Watch – August ’13 Releases

Anytime you’re doing some watch shopping, you should always check out Nixon to see their latest offerings.  These are a few new colors in the 42-20 Chrono model.  Look for these at your local Nixon dealer.

Nixon – The Passport ($400)

Nixon’s newest watch, The Passport, was designed for the world travelers. It features a custom Swiss Made Worldtime analog movement and has 24 time zones ready and waiting, so no matter where you are in the world, you will always know what time it is. The Passport also features a quick adjust DST (Daylight Savings Time) pusher. The Passport, measuring 49mm across, is not small or subtle by any means. This timepiece is currently available in 3 colorways on the Nixon website. 

Nixon Blaster – Portable Wireless Speaker

It looks like Nixon has decided to throw their hat on the table when it comes to wireless audio products.  This is the new Blaster, and it comes in a variety of different colors.

Nixon 51-30 Chrono Leather – Gunmetal Brown

I feel like this is a great colorway of the 51-30 watch from Nixon.  The 51-30 is definitely my favorite piece that they offer.  I don’t wear watches often, but when I do, I want it to be as big as possible.  Look for this to hit the Nixon web store soon.

Nixon 48-20 Watch – Summer ’13 Releases

Realistically, it’s hard to go wrong with a watch from Nixon.  The 48-20 is a new model that is a medium-sized watch in between their 42-20 and 51-30 models.  These are 3 new colorways for this year’s summer season.

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Nixon: Introducing The 48-20 Chrono (Video)

Nixon is getting ready to put another watch in their stable.  Their plan is to officially unveil the new 48-20 Chrono at this year’s Baselworld.  Here’s a quick video that gives you a peak at the new watch.

Nixon – The Unit 40

This is a watch that I would love to have.  Not only does it do the usual, and tell you the time, but it also has an exterior temperature gauge.  I know that you can get both the time & temperature from your phone, but sometimes I just don’t want to pull it out of my pocket.

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