Air Questo with Gold Toe

Sneakhpye showed the first release of the Nike “Air Questo”, the third installment in the 1WORLD collection, last week. This week a new version of ?uestlove’s shoe was released. The new Air Questo features a bright gold toe that was completely red in the first release. Like the first Air Questo’s there are limited quantities of these shoes being released and they are only being sold at select locations, and probably cost somewhere around $250. Check out the rest of the 1WORLD collection here.

Nike Air Max 90 X KEvin Lyon

Nike teamed up with another well-known artist, Kevin Lyon, to work on the Nike Air Max 90 Currents. Lyon’s has already worked with Nike on two previous shoes and just as before, this collaboration was a success. The Currents consist of soft mesh that covers the shoe from the tow to the tounge, unlike the original Air Max’s. The shoe is set to release in August. Courtesy of sneakernews.

6.0 – Air Zoom Oncore

I just copped a purr of these at Niketown while I’m in Denver, and I figure… shooot… if they good enough for my feet, they’s good enough for a sneakhype post. They come with neon green laces to swap out if you so choose. Nike is coming on pretty strong with their 6.0’s and SB’s. Check out what they got.


Nike Rock Scissors Paper Exhibition

The Nike Rock Paper Scissors is a exhibition with Nike that features featured collaborations with local designers, street artists, photographers, tattoo and ink artists, including: Conduit Design, Theory One,Kronk , Sibot, Enos, Rasty, Disk, Robin Sprong, Jade, Tocil, Grotti Comics, Martine Jackson, Ricky Lawerence, Countsabel, Dr Zulu and more … the artists were given a blank template of a paper sneaker to customize, the exhibition also includes NIKE-products, like nike air force 1 and more. ill check it out at toysareevil.

All Hail King James

Show your support for the man the myth and the legend by sporting his lightweight satin jacket. …Just in time for the Olympics. LeBron is the kind of guy that makes me proud to be an American. Note to sneakhypers everywhere: if you’re from overseas, maybe up in Canada, down in El Salvador… we love you, and so does LeBron, and so will everyone else if you get this jacket. It’s 100 bucks and you can get it at Eastbay.


Air Max "Hufquake"

We havent posted any Air Max’s yet so its about time. The people at Huf have made thier Hufquake design one of the staples of the company. This design makes an instant good impression to anyone who knows sneakers. This time Huf used Air Maxs to make a beautiful piece. These shoes are considered very rare and sold out when released. I still havent found a place to buy ‘em, stay tuned!


Nike SB Fall 2008 Bag Collection

School is right arond the corner so take a look at these. Nike SB has come a long way since its humble beginnings and finally has some street cred with The Nike SB Fall 2008 Bag Collection. Check out some pics at Highsnobiety, so pack up dem books and cram in one more smoke session before summer is over for good.

HUFquake Air Force Ones

The Hufquake Air Force Ones are truely for a sneakerhead. This exclusive shoe is a collaboration with HUF SF X Nike and available through HUF. Huf is the premiere sneaker shop in San Fransisco and that also has some incredible fitted hats. Look out for more Huf posts coming soon.

Kanye’s "Air Yeezy"

Kanye West teamed up with Nike to make the “Air Yeezy” for his Glow in the Dark Tour, it is supposedly made up of three shoes the Air Jordan III, Bape Roadsta, and the Atto Cow Hide Boot. Its hard not to like the shoe, nice colorways, and they glow in the dark. These anticipated shoes should be out sometime soon in limited quantities.

Evolved-footwear – remember thos light up shoes you used to have…

Every sneakerhead loves having a fresh pair of kicks that no one else has, or can find, its what the sneaker game is all about. But Evovled -Footwear is taking exclusive sneakers too the next level. This company combined their love of art and their interest in sneakers and began customizing Nike (and adidas) shoes. They design and hand the shoes, and even adding glow in the dark features. They have been around since 2001 and are starting to gain some weight. All of their shoes are pretty crazy, especially the ones with ligh-up feaures like the ones seen below. The shoes can be pricey but they are defintely with it. You will never have to worry someone at a party havin the same shoes you have. These are truly on-of-a-kind. Expect to see a lot more of Evolved-Footwear on the Sneakhype.com. And check out the rest of their stuff here.


Nike X ?uestlove – 1WORLD Air Force 1 Air Questo

For the third installment of Nike’s exclusive 1WORLD collection it collaborated with the drummer of the Roots, ?uestlove (Questlove). The result was this one-of-a kind Air Force One. It’s a very loud shoe with the red tone and contrasting green elephant skin on the mid and upper sole. The picture on the inside of the shoe is ?uestlove drumming. The 1WORLD Air Force 1’s are all looking great so far, but like all the others, this shoe is ultra-exclusive and will only be released in a few locations such as ALIFE in NYC.

Nike’s Hyperdunks

Nike does it again, with the release of the Mcfly HyperDunks. The shoe is hella light only 13.0 ounces, Its hitting stores in late July. The Hyperdunk is based off the Marty Mcflys nike shoes in Back to the Future. The shoe retails at $200.00 but are selling close to 2 grand on ebay.

Gotta Love Blazers – Nike teams up with graffiti artist

Nike has joined forces with a New York graffiti artist/fashion designer, CLAW Money, to release a limited retro Blazer sneaker. The kicks will be released this summer at select locations. This collaboration will not be the last either. Nike and CLAW Money will work together on a limited edition of the Vandal Hi set to be released in October.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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