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All you sneakhypers know we love us some Nike SB, so we’re definitely going to have the leak on what’s good with their line… not for Fall 08, not for Winter 08, but for Spring 09 my friends. The “Beautiful Losers” (top) were made as a part of a documentary Nike is putting together about the lives of a handful of underground artists. We don’t know much about the NSB Dunk High (middle) except that they were designed by Sharp020, and look like they’re bout to be fresssh. Finally, the SB Dunk Low (bottom) is hittin the streets Spring 09. That’s it for SB news… now back to HT for a fresh look at air jordans.


F.C.R.B. x Fragment Design x F.I.L. x Honeyee

The brand between Sophnet and Nike, F.C.R.B., hooked up as part of their Fall/Winter 2008 collection with Visvim’s F.I.L., Fragment Design and Honeyee and made some amazing futbol gear. This is one of my favorite jackets in a while. Check out the whole collection now.


Nike X HUF Air Max 1

HUF has teamed up with Nike again and this time they used the Nike Air Max 1 as their canvas. HUF’s collaboration projects are always some of the most creative and original products out there, and some of the most difficult to get your hands on. These Air Max’s feature a custom Grey/Green color scheme and the HUF Skyline, which is a dope logo designed by Benny Gold, embroidered on the back of the shoe. These shoes are pure Sneakhype material and we would love to get our hands on some but there were only 24 pairs of this shoe made. Get more pics and info here.

Puma – Mongolian Shoe BBQ

Nike brought it with NikeiD, and now Puma’s got their own take on the design-your-own-shoe game. It’s called Mongolian Shoe BBQ, and it offers a pretty crazy and slow-loading user interface that allows you to design your own shoe. You seem to have a lot more options and variations with this system compared to NikeID, but you need a fast internet connection or it will take forever.

Nike SB – Sneakhype Loves You

Oh… Nike. I wish you weren’t so damn awesome, otherwise we could post other brands. But the truth reveals itself through sneakhype… Nike brings the heat. Specifically, Nike SB… some of the freshest duds on the planet no doubt. Here’s a little eye-candy montage for all you sneakhypers. There’s the zoom air paul rodriguez’s (I & II). Version II and the black and yellow Dunk Low Premiums were both released in July.


Nike Air Force 1/ Air Max 97 pack

The Air Max 97, along with the Air Force 1, has been released time, and time again due to popular demand. Tomorrow, August 2, the Air Max 97 and Air Force 1 will be released yet again, a long with a pair of Air Force 1’s in the form of the Air Max 97 pack. The Air Max and the Air Force 1, seen side by side above, have some noticeable similarities. The color schemes, and materials used are both very similar. The tounge of both shoes are also almost identical. The shoes will be sold at select Nike retailers, and the store proper.

Air Force One Birds Nest

I know this is the third olympic post in a row but Nike finally released the Air Force Ones “Birds Nest” edition a couple of weeks ago. The design is based of architecture of The Bejing National Stadium which is supposed to resemble a birds nest. Six years, $423,000,000, and 91,000 seats later it was completed and is now ready for the opening ceremonies for the olympic games. Buy them for $175.00 on ebay.

Nike Courage Commercial

Nike just released a new ad campaign for the Olympics. You’ve might of seen this already but its better the more times you watch it. Sneakhype staff its really likin the fast pace cuts of some of our favorite athletes. The commercial commemorates the 20th year in which Nike will be using the “Just Do It” slogan. Check out nike, just do it.

Jordan Olympic 6

Manny. Freh.. E fre E fre e FRESH. $150 at Eastbay.

Nike – Slpatter

This is the new Nike Splatter T-shirt, it comes in the orange pictured above and purple. The price is a little higher than you would expect from a Nike shirt, but it is worth it. The Splatter tee will definitely grab peoples attention in public. It is fairly exclusive but they can be found online as well at some select stores, such as Major in Washington D.C. where i picked up mine.

Kevin Durants Signature Kicks – KD1

Kevin Durant, the star player for the Supersonics who have recently moved to Oklahoma, will have his signature shoe released by next season. The shoe is called KD1 and it should be out late this year or early 2009.


Air Questo with Gold Toe

Sneakhpye showed the first release of the Nike “Air Questo”, the third installment in the 1WORLD collection, last week. This week a new version of ?uestlove’s shoe was released. The new Air Questo features a bright gold toe that was completely red in the first release. Like the first Air Questo’s there are limited quantities of these shoes being released and they are only being sold at select locations, and probably cost somewhere around $250. Check out the rest of the 1WORLD collection here.

Nike Air Max 90 X KEvin Lyon

Nike teamed up with another well-known artist, Kevin Lyon, to work on the Nike Air Max 90 Currents. Lyon’s has already worked with Nike on two previous shoes and just as before, this collaboration was a success. The Currents consist of soft mesh that covers the shoe from the tow to the tounge, unlike the original Air Max’s. The shoe is set to release in August. Courtesy of sneakernews.

6.0 – Air Zoom Oncore

I just copped a purr of these at Niketown while I’m in Denver, and I figure… shooot… if they good enough for my feet, they’s good enough for a sneakhype post. They come with neon green laces to swap out if you so choose. Nike is coming on pretty strong with their 6.0’s and SB’s. Check out what they got.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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