Nike Sportswear – 2009 Pinnacle Windrunners

Some high-end new stuff from NSW that includes waterproof terry cotton and some flywire tech.  Gotta love the windrunner, AND you gotta love windrunners that are actually available for purchase at an English speaking website.  They’re like 150 bucks, but they’re also super fly.  Pick them up here. 

Nike Sportswear – Summer ’09 Presto

One of my favorite Nike shoes ever, the Presto, is out in a new colorway and available for purchase (in Japan).  Super light, and way comfy, the Presto is a great shoe for running, or just to kick it in.  Check out some other looks after the jump.

Papertoys by Filippo Perin for Nike Sportswear

Italian artist Filippo Perin is in a league of his own with his papertoys.  Excuse my fruitiness, but his paper Air Yeezy’s are just about the cutest lil F-in things I’ve seen in while.  This new project, called “MIKE”, is one that he did exclusively for a NSW temporary shop in Rome.  They’re little dudes with shoebox heads and fresh kicks — kinda like the Sneakhype crew (minus the “little” part… we be beasts of men.)


Nike Sportswear Fall 2009 Lookbook

As can only be expected, a fiiine lookbook was put out by NSW for the Fall season.  I love Nike Sportswear.  Just love it.  (That was a little play on their just DO it slogan.  You can only find this sort of cleverness on Sneakhype.)  Not to mention, the asian chick in these pics is kiiinda turnin’ me on with her step aerobics limberness she’s got goin on.  Turning me on indeed, but not nearly as much as I was turned on last night while watching episode 5 of season 2 of TRUE BLOOD on HBO.  Hot damn when Sarah (preacher’s wife) was gettin down with Jason Stackhouse in the bathtub.  Now THAT is quality television.  Mmm mm mm. 

Nike Sportswear Tech Pack Tee

Let’s be honest — if you found this shirt at Gordman’s or TJ Maxx and it didn’t have the Nike logo on it, you might think it was weak.  BUT, since it does have the swoosh AND it costs 50 bucks…. it’s the shit.  That’s a badass beetle if I’ve ever seen one.  Pick it up here.

Nike Sportswear T-shirt Gun ($1500)

You can now own the gun featured in Stephen Jackson’s NSW commercial.  Sick.  Buy it here.  via Kineda

Nike Air Trainer Legacy Pack – Out Tomorrow!

This pack drops tomorrow at certain Nike Sportswear retailers.  It celebrates both the old & new style of the Air Trainer 1.  I could live without the new style but the throwback joints are definitely fire.  Retailers include Nikestore, Niketown, Eastbay, and a couple of the Undefeated locations. [highsnobiety]

Nike Sportswear – 21 Mercer St. Tees

In honor of the NYC Nike retail store, Nike Sportswear is dropping 4 new t-shirts in the month of June.  They all are a little basic, but definitely still worth coppin’.  Check them all out after the jump.

Nike Sportswear ’09 Holiday Preview

If you think that shoe seen above is sick, just wait till you see some of the crazy ish after the jump.  These pics have me more excited then when i got my N64 for christmas, and that’s saying a lot as you all know how sick N64 for was.  I’m at a loss for words right now, so i’m just going to let you go ahead and take the jump to the next set of kicks.

Nike Sportswear Air Trainer 1 QK Linen

Oh boy, the Air Trainer 1.  Sickest trainer of them all.  I’ve been hearing a lot of people hating on the gum bottoms; you know what i say to that? get real!  Gum bottoms, if done correctly, are one of the sickest attributes to a fresh shoe.  These are supposed to be available April 25th at RMK.  Pick ‘em up quick! [hypebeast]

New Nike Sportswear Shirts @ Standard

Standard just received a shipment of some brand new Nike Sportswear tees. Nike brang the heat with a nice lineup of classic tees perfect for the summertime. All the shirts are retailing at $45 bucks and Standard is accepting phone orders. Check out more pictures after the jump.

Nike Sportswear Lunar Mariah

First off, i love the retro colors thown on these things.  Pink may be girly, whatever, as long as its done right and not the whole shoe colored hot pink then it usually works out pretty well.  Expect for these bad mother lovers to drop April 25th at select retailers.  Don’t expect high volume to be produced so make sure you get yours quick.  Check out some more pics after the jump.

Nike Sportswear Store Launch In Montreal

Montreal was lucky enough to get it’s own Nike Sportswear store this weekend. The Montreal store  design resembles segments from the New York Mercer store and is filled with all their freshest gear.  What i don’t understand is why Montreal got a Sportswear store, I mean c’mon how many of you actually know where Montreal is? Nike needs to open up  Sportswear store in KC or something cause we really need it. Don’t forget about the Midwest. Check out more pictures after the jump.

Nike Sportswear Flywire Windrunner

Nike Sportswear revamps one of its most classic pieces with the Flywire makeover.  Perhaps my favorite jacket of alltime, the Windrunner is now lighter than it has ever been.  Each strand of wire is laid by hand, so you’re guaranteed that no two are alike, and you can also be sure they’ll cost a f***ton.  They’ve got them in men’s and women’s… and right now they’re only available at 21 Mercer.  All the pics:

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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