Hall Of Hame X New Era – Nubuck “H” Lightning

Nubuck on hats now, wow, i like it though.  I think they picked the perfect colors for all three.  The light blue in particular is callin’ my name though.  These are available now, and can be picked up at their online store.  More looks here.

Where Brooklyn At?

I came across this online fitted cap shop earlier, and honestly think they may have the dopest New Era’s you’ll come across.  One that stuck out at me was the Gucci inspired colorway, Brooklyn hat you see above.  That’s definitely not all they have though, check out some of my favorites after the jump.

Thrasher Magazine X New Era

As most of you may know Thrasher is an extremely popular skateboarding magazine that is very dope as well.  Well they recently hooked up with New Era for this fresh fitted cap.  Pretty basic overall, features the normal Thrasher logo engulfed in flames, and the rest of the hat is in all black.  It’s available now at Fames.


The Hundreds Fall ’09 (Second Verse… Fresh As The First)

Second Fall shipment is in from The Hundreds.  The t-shirts are  b o m b.  Get it…?  …but there’s also lots of other gear that came with the shipment that you can check after the jump.  The line has not yet dropped at The Hundreds online shop, but it should be there real soon.  You might want to check out their first Fall 09 shipment that is available. 

Custom New Era’s @ ECap City

I don’t know if your like me, but i don’t want to walk down the street with my fly @ss Kansas City fitted cap and see 3 other cats rockin’ it.  That’s why i’m glad places like ECAP CITY exist, that way i know no one else in a 5 mile radius from where i’m at is going to be wearing the same hat at that moment.  All of these look super clean as well, with the Angels joint being my favorite.  Check out all of them after the

Patta X New Era Fitted Hats

Patta,who is celebrating their 5th anniversary this year, just hooked up New Era on a couple 59Fifty fitted caps. They came out with two styles: a Black and Green colorway with the Patta logo on the front and a Red and White colorway with the “P” logo. Both of these hats will drop September 19th at Patta.

DQM Fall ’09 Headwear

As you all know Dave’s Quality Meat always brings the fire when it comes to headwear.  The fall line is stacked with some fresh New Era fitteds as well as some beanies to keep you warm.  Check out all the goods after the jump.

Mighty Healthy X New Era – Sneak Peek

We’ve seen these two hook up in the past, and it always seems to birth great things.  Here we have a little preview in to what to expect next from them.  These look different, different from every other New Era you’ve seen.  That’s definitely not a bad thing either.  The bills are lookin’ dope, and the whole overall look is very refreshing.  A couple other glances after the jump.

Mishka Fall ’09 – Now Available

Mishka’s fall collection for this year has recently hit their online store.  Most of it looks fresh, as usual for this brand.  New fitted caps, cut & sew, t-shirts, & accessories.  You can check out all of it here.  Take a look at some of the collection after the jump.

NEW ERA Compton 59Fifty Fitted Cap

  Remember this hat? it’s pretty much instantly recognizable to any N.W.A. fan.  The hat worn by Eazy-E is finally back on the market.  The NEW ERA hat features “Compton” embroidered in a White raised old english font in a classic black and white colorway.  Buy it now for 価格 5,000円. . . .thats chink change!. . .. oh f–k I mean. . . .Chump Chang. . . no no I mean Chang Chung. . shit uhhh. . Cha. .Chu. .Ching Chong . . Chicken Fried Rice. . . . Holy Sweet and Sour Sauce! God Damnit Nevermind! (In no way do HT’s personal opinions reflect © 2009 SneakHype.com, Really Good Development, LLC or it’s employees, Sneakhype.com is fully aware that HT is a complete dumb-ass All Rights Reserved.)

Benny Gold – Dough Boy Fitted

Benny Gold has designed yet another version of his Dough Boy fitted. The hat has undergone several changes in the last year and this latest hat may feature the dopest of the tweaks. These new Dough Boy fitteds feature updated colorways as well as a buffalo plaid liner that mirrors the flight patterns of a paper airplane. The black hat is satin lined, and the khaki material is made to feel the same as a fresh pair of creased Dickies. These will be out this winter. Check out some more pictures after the jump.

Mishka X Mad Decent New Eras

Mishka and Mad Decent just hooked on these new fitted caps. The caps come in two colorways and feature the the Mad Decent logo on the front. They are available at Mishkas online store now. Get a close look after the jumps.

Undefeated New Eras

Undefeated just released their first installment of their fall fitted caps. They got 2 new styles of New Eras and i’m diggin both of em. Check out all the hats after the jump.

Hall Of Fame – Triple H Band New Era’s

Oh buddy, nothing cleaner than the old school Charlotte Hornets colorway.  If you think otherwise, i really don’t care, just kidding, but seriously.  Hall Of Fame usually keeps it pretty legit with their fitteds, and i would say these ones stick to the script as well.  Check out some other looks after the jump.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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