New Era Backpacks & Waist Bags

School is back in session, and if you’re in need of a need backpack, you should check these out.  New Era is obviously well known for their hats, but it seems they’re starting to dabble with other accessories.  These backpacks are dope.


New Era 59Fifty Cap Tricks (Videos)

Here’s a few promo videos from New Era showcasing some crazy hat tricks.  Some of the moves in the second video don’t look real to me, but from New Era’s is saying it’s all legit. 3 videos after the jump.

Carhartt UK X New Era

That corduroy joint is one of the dopest fitted’s that I’ve laid my eyes on.  I really need to find where to get a hold of these here in the states.  They just started shipping to all their accounts, but I have a feeling majority of those accounts are located in Europe.  Anyone from Europe that reads this, hit me up!  Two other hats after the jump.

New Era Olympic Fitted

I haven’t really been payin’ a whole lot of attention to this year’s winter Olympics, but i hear good things, and i did see when Shaun White brought home the gold, pretty dope stuff.  I must say i am completely diggin’ this fitted hat for the event.  From the looks of the pic it comes in other colorways as well, not sure if over in Vancouver is the only place to grab them though.

Mishka Spring 2010 Lookbook

One of the things I highly anticipate every season is Mishka’s collection lookbook.  One of my favorite brands easily, and it looks like they’re settin’ the bar even higher with this collection.  Last season was nasty, but somehow they topped it.  Take a look at all the pics after the jump.

Mishka – Amerikana

Mishka just dropped some New Era fitteds at their online shop that are lookin’ pretty fly.  Both colorways look pretty dope to myself, but then again, pretty much all the colorways Mishka use are on point in my opinion.  You can check detailed looks after the jump, as well as the purchase spot.

The Worldest Biggest New Era Hat

Alright i don’t know if this is really the worlds largest hat but it is a size 16 which is pretty impressive.  The huge New Era fitted features Mishka’s “Keep Watch” eyeball and is on display at their flagship store now if you want to check it out. Unfortunately it’s not available for purchase. Hit the link for more pictures.

Agenda New Era Fitted

Agenda tradeshow just recently gave us a sneak peak of their collab with New Era, and might i say, it’s lookin’ pretty nice.  Loss Prevention handled the graphics for it, and they definitely help give this hat a clean, crisp look.  Not sure when, and how many will be available, but we’ll keep you posted.  Oh, and the Agenda Tradeshow will be back January 8th & 9th at Huntington Beach out in Cali.

Staple – Flying Pigeon

Recently dropped from Staple is the Flying Pigeon New Era.  We’ve seen the pigeon theme done in a lot of shoes, hats, and some other items as well.  Pretty basic, but still super fly.  Just for you guys, i went ahead and picked out the perfect pair of kicks to rock with it, which you can check after the jump.


ROCKSMITH x NEW ERA Spring 2010 Preview: Delivery 1

Here is a preview of NEW ERA fitted caps from ROCKSMITH Spring 2010 collection. Delivery 1.  The preview includes four hats the Brooklyn Locs Cap, New Money University Cap, Corduroy Cap, and my personal favorite The Slumdog Cap .  Take a closer look at the preview after the jump.

E CAP CITY Custom NEW ERA 59Fifty LA Hats

  E Cap City just got a fresh shipment of NEW ERA 59Fifty Custom Los Angeles Dodgers & Lakers hats for all you Cali SNEAKHYPE readers.  The LA Lakers Fitted Hat comes in all black with classic team logo. The LA Dodgers New Era Hat comes in a navy blue and white.  Check out all the hats ECAP CITY has to offer right now.

Crooks & Castles Holiday 2009 Lookbook

Cause ain’t no such thing as half-way crooks!  Also there’s no such thing as half-assing ideas and execution when it comes to the crew over at Crooks & Castles, as we take a look into their newest collection.  This lookbook is for the holiday of this year and definitely came out very impressive, check out the rest of the lineup after the jump.


Hall Of Fame X Diamond Supply Co.

Lucky for all of us, this fresh ass gear from Hall of Fame and Diamond Supply Co. drops tomorrow, October 3rd.  The whole collection looks straight ballin’.  The trick is there kind of spreading it out, the black & teal hat is going to be at Hall of Fame, and the red & black one at Diamond.  Both stores will be carrying three colorways of the tee.  Purchase info after the jump.

10DEEP x NEW ERA Fall ‘09 59Fifty Fitted Baseball Caps Pt. 2

Regular New Era’s Fitteds will always be a classic but if you wanna be a true baller you gotta get da flaps man.  You gotta check out these 10DEEP New Era Flap Caps which are great not only for the  winter time but for summer time as well. Whats that you say fellow SNEAKHYPE readers? Aren’t the flaps supposed to keep you warm, so why would you rock it when it’s hot out? Cause SNEAKHYPE told you so and we’ve tested this phenomenon in public. PG and I know from experience, rock this shit when it’s almost 100 degrees on a summer night at a baseball game and the ladies will come a runnin.  I had 17 year olds, 76 year old’s, even 40 year old drunk disgruntled wives all come up to me cause of the hat. If you sit down and do the math you realize your chances of poonanny goes up by like 250% because of 3 extra inches of New Era fabric material.  More pics after the jump.

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