NBA TV’s “The Dream Team” (Video)

I cannot wait to watch this special.  It’s a little upsetting that it’s on NBA TV because I don’t subscribe to that channel.  I will find a way to watch it though, don’t you worry.

Brooklyn Nets Unveil New Logo

Although I feel like moving to Brooklyn probably won’t make them any more relevant than they currently are, I felt like I had to share their new logo with you.  By the way, what a comeback by the Clippers last night.  Incredible.


Blake Griffin Over Pau Gasol… Twice

Just the biggest freak athlete in the world doing what he does best. 

2012 NBA Slam Dunk Contest In Slow Motion HD (4 Videos)

The Dunk Contest didn’t receive the greatest reviews this year but I have to admit that it’s pretty cool in slow motion.

NBA Slam Dunk Contest (Video)

There’s no doubt that all 4 of these dudes can get up, but the dunk contest is just not what it used to be.  After watching this year’s, I think they should just do a contest to see who can jump over the craziest prop.  Anyways, if you missed the festivities on Saturday, just watch this.

DJ Khaled Featuring Jeremy Lin – All I Do Is Lin (Video)

You might be tired of hearing about Jeremy Lin, but I don’t care.  They did one similar to this for Mr. Tebow, I just don’t like him as much as I do Jeremy, so I didn’t ever post that one.  I love everything about this video, except for DJ Khaled.

The Cleveland Cavaliers Sing You a Love Song (Video)

In other NBA news, the Cleveland Cavaliers decided to make a video to show you how well they can hit those high notes.  These dudes are goofy as can be.  I don’t know that I would have the cojones to do this, but they sure gave me a good laugh.

Jeremy Lin Buzzer Beater (Video)

You can say whatever you want about Jeremy Lin, but let’s be honest, it’s been a long time since something this exciting has happened in the NBA.  In case you missed the Linsanity last night, here it is.

Jeremy Lin is LIN-SANITY (Video)

So, maybe not getting a hold of Chris Paul was a good thing for the Knicks.  This dude Jeremy Lin is a straight up baller.  28 points in his 1st career start, and throwing down dunks on the reg.  He should be great to watch over the next few years.

Will Ferrell Announces Starting Lineups (Video)

Is this real life right now?  Will Ferrell just gets to do anything that he wants to do.  Could you imagine trying to be all serious, and then having some comedian/actor announce that you still live at home with your mother?  I wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face.

adidas Basketball 2012 NBA All-Star Game Uniforms

It looks like this years NBA All-Star Game uniforms will be produced by adidas. I’m usually not a fan of adidas jerseys but these are actually pretty dope.

LeBron James Jumps Over John Lucas Alley-Oop (Video)

Dunk of the decade?  

VoTD: Kevin Durant is a Boss

Living in Kansas, we don’t have a team to really cheer for in the NBA.  The next best thing is our neighbors underneath us in Oklahoma, the Thunder.  Kevin Durant is top 3 in the NBA right now if you ask me.  This dude is unreal.

The NBA Lockout is Over! (25 Pics)

It looks like the NBA lockout is pretty much over, so I figured we would celebrate like we did when the NFL lockout ended.  Hottie cheerleaders anyone?

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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