Who Dunked It Better: DeAndre Jordan or Harrison Barnes? (Video)

I didn’t watch the Clippers game last night, but at one point I checked my Twitter, and there was about 50 people talking about the DeAndre Jordan dunk.  Someone actually changed Brandon Knight’s Wikipedia page to say he died last night.  You can see an image of that after the jump.


Jamal Crawford’s Between The Legs Alley-Oop Pass To Blake Griffin (Video)

Lob City continues to terrorize the NBA when it comes to ridiculous dunks.  This time around Jamal Crawford serves up a between-the-legs pass to Blake Griffin, who does what he does, and just throws it down emphatically.


10 Ridiculous Sports Video Game Glitches (GIFs)

Any gamers in the building?  You will find these mildly amusing…

The Many Shades Of Craig Sager (24 Pics)

It took me a little while, but I have compiled some of Craig Sager’s best, or possibly his worst outfits, depending on your own personal opinion.  He seems to catch a lot of flack, and it’s grown worse recently.  I dig what he’s got going on though, he’s not afraid to step out of the box, and I can appreciate that.


Phantom: Terrence Ross Wins Slam Dunk Contest (Video)

In case you missed the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, or just didn’t care, here’s a video recapping Terrence’s dunks.  There happens to be a nice little twist though.  Using a Phantom camera, they put all of his dunks in super sl0w-mo, which I think helps you appreciate the skill it takes to pull some of these off.

Dwyane Wade x Li Ning – Way of Wade

Piggy-backing off of all the hoops hoopla surrounding All-Star Weekend, Dwyane Wade’s partnership with Chinese sportswear apparel company, Li Ning, is finally getting its anticipated marketing push.  Many are curious to see how this unpredictable partnership pans out — especially after Wade left the cushiony certainty of sales offered by his previous partner: Jordan Brand.  

Michael Jordan’s Top 50 All-Time Plays (Video)

This past weekend MJ celebrated his 50th birthday.  In celebration, here’s a video showcasing his top 50 plays of all-time.  It’s 15 minutes long, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll enjoy it.


BAIT for NBA Mitchell and Ness Snapback Collection

Mitchell & Ness teams up with lifestyle brand BAIT for a stylish new NBA headwear collection just in time for the All-Star Game. The 21-cap set mixes BAIT’s clean and sleek signature style with M&N’s nostalgic flavor, creating a fashionable twist to match your favorite team’s gear.

adidas Unveils Short Sleeve NBA Jerseys

Well, this is definitely interesting.  I don’t think I would have ever seen this coming, but on February 22nd, the Golden State Warriors will be rocking these new short-sleeved jerseys.  What’s your guy’s opinion on the new jerseys?

adidas Retro NBA Uniforms

These are dope.  I need that Suns jersey.  adidas just recently unveiled these new retro uniforms that should be dropping soon.  Just in time for the Spring/Summer seasons.

Michael Jordan Figurines by Enterbay Showcase

Holy life-like.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a figurine that looked more identical to the real life person.  These figurines of Michael Jordan by Enterbay are a part of a traveling showcase that features all sorts of Michael Jordan memorabilia.

Santa Claus Got Ran Over By a Basketball Rim (Video)

During a break in the Rockets/Bulls game last night, one of the Santa Claus impersonators got a little too high.  That had to hurt.

Kids Foot Locker – Melo Dominates (Video)

Honestly, pretty much every commercial featuring an NBA player has been on point this year.  This one features Melo showing a bunch of youngsters how to ball.


NBA X Flud Watches

The NBA and FLüD Watches have joined forces in a collaboration consisting of various custom timepieces for all of your favorite teams. The analog watches are minimal in design with the dial featuring different team logos. All the watches come in various colorways of their respective teams, and are available now on FLüD website and select retailers globally.

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