NBA 2K14 – Official Trailer (Video)

I’ve fallen out of touch with video games this year, but with all these upcoming releases, that’s going to change real soon.  This is the trailer for the newest addition to the NBA 2K family, and it looks pretty dope.  Official release date is set for October 1st.

Behind The Scenes Of The Harden Soul Commercial (Video)

Foot Locker has been making some waves in the commercial game recently.  This most recent one called “Harden Soul” featuring James Harden & Steph Curry is hilarious.  Here’s a behind the scenes look at the commercial.

Starter Jackets – Old School/New School Collection

My younger years were all about Starter jackets, and now it looks like they’re about to make a comeback.  Starting August 31st they are going to start releasing NFL, NBA, and NHL jackets through Foot Locker.  Be sure to visit Foot Locker’s online shop on the 31st to pick up one for yourself.


Slim Thug’s Plea For Dwight Howard To Join The Houston Rockets

If you paid attention to Twitter at all yesterday, you might have caught wind of this.  The Houston Rockets are one of the teams in the running for Mr. Dwight Howard, and well Slim Thug really wants him there.  Houston should offer him a recruiting job after this amazing selling job.


Victor Oladipo Wears Google Glass To NBA Draft (Video)

Professional athletes always get the coolest toys first.  Follow Victor Oladipo on Draft Day thanks to Google Glass.

Mean Tweets – NBA Edition (Video)

This time around on Mean Tweets, Jimmy Kimmel gathers up some NBA stars and TV personalities to read bad things people have tweeted about them.  Classic.


2013 NBA Finals: Game 1 Micro-Movie (Video)

Watch this video and get your juices flowing for what should be a great series.  Who you guys got?  My money’s on the Spurs.


LeBron James: Career Retrospective (Video)

With LBJ winning his 4th MVP, the NBA posted this video recapping his journey in the league up to this point.  He’s definitely going to end up being one of the greatest ever.  However, I think the debate will always remain, MJ or LBJ?

Cole Haan Lunargrand “Knicks Playoffs” for Spike Lee by Revive Customs

Knicks superfan Spike Lee is known for his court side antics as well as his shoe game. In honor of the 2013 Playoffs, Lee had a custom pair of Cole Haan Lunargrand’s made. They feature an orange upper with jersey mesh print on the toe and are finished off with a Knicks blue Lunar midsole. Other notable details include a custom “SL” logo on the heel, an old school Knicks logo on the right insole, and a pixelated Mars Blackmon logo on the left insole. I never knew orange dress shoes could look so cool. 

Eleven Rings: The Soul Of Success By Phil Jackson & Hugh Delehanty

This is definitely a book I need for the coffee table.  I can’t even imagine the greatness that this book is filled with.  Right now it’s just available for pre-order, look for it to release on May 21st.

Lenny Cooke – Official Trailer (Video)

Yesterday, we showed you a guy that might be the next LeBron James.  Well, here’s trailer for a documentary about a guy that was said to be better than LeBron back 2001.  Looks pretty interesting.


Top 10 Dunks of the 2012-2013 NBA Season (Video)

Here is the NBA’s top 10 dunks from this season. Who do you think threw it down the best?

Best NBA Bloopers: March (Video)

I don’t know why it took me so long to discover the NBA YouTube channel.  Consistent pure gold.  These are the best bloopers from the month of March, and there are some good ones.


Kevin Durant Tackles Fan After Half-Court Shot (Video)

I first saw this on Sportscenter, and was kind of shocked at Durant’s blatant rip-off from when LeBron tackled that one fan.  Then, I watched this, and got the whole story.  Apparently the dude asked Durant to tackle him.  The craziest thing about the video is the fact that was a $20,000 shot.

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