Drake – Marvin’s Room (Music Video)

I’ve seen a lot of Drake hate lately, but honestly the man makes good music whether you like him or not.  This is a new video for his track “Marvin’s Room” that recently came out.


iBambooSpeaker – ($25)

Cheap, zen, and it’s eco-friendly?  Can’t go wrong here.  I’m curious what the sound quality is like on this thing.  Anybody want to get one for me?  They’re only $25!

Music Monday Featuring The Weeknd, Chiddy Bang, Jared Evan, and More

Music Monday, served late, but still fresh.  Enjoy folks!

Big Sean – Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay (Feat. Kanye West & Roscoe Dash)

Here’s the second track for my attempt to apologize for no Music Monday.  This one is a track off Big Sean’s upcoming album ‘Finally Famous’.  I’m feeling this one a lot.  Never would’ve expected to see Roscoe Dash hook up with G.O.O.D. Music.

Kanye West – Mama’s Boyfriend

I missed Music Monday yesterday, and I apologize.  I figured I’d give you guys a couple tracks that did happen to drop yesterday, pretty bangin’ stuff.  This one’s from Kanye West, and it happens to be one of the a capella tracks that he performed at Facebook HQ.


Wiz Khalifa DayToday Season 4 – Episode 4

These episodes keep getting longer, and more hilarious.  They’re living that life right now.

Music Monday Featuring Drake, Fabolous, Jhene Aiko, and More

The Prince & the Princess are finally married.  The villain is dead.  Now America can pretend like everything is okay for a second.  Here’s some music for your week.  Cheers!

Music Monday Featuring XV, Chase N. Cashe, Machine Gun Kelly, and More

Another playlist to start off your week.  Enjoy!

Music Monday : B. Rossi – Change (Prod. by Arkutec)

I’m pretty excited for this week’s edition of Music Monday. We have a track off of the upcoming compilation project we are hosting with the producer, Arkutec, titled ‘Revisions’. The artist on the track is B. Rossi, and I’m really diggin’ this one.  He recently dropped a mixtape you can download here.


The Boom Case by Mr. Simo

Absolutely the dopest stereos that I’ve ever seen for your iPod or iPhone.  Not only do they all look extremely dope, but they’re pretty practical.  They can last 8+ hours off one charge, and also have an option to stay plugged in during use.  Which one’s your favorite?

Music Monday : Gilbere Forte – Push The Bar (Feat. Ab-Liva)

‘Track Of The Week’ is finally back, and I’m goin’ to be servin’ up a double dose today.  For the first track we have a recent favorite artist of mine, Gilbere Forte.  He linked up with Society Original Products for this one, and it’s definitely dope.


Dutch Newman – No Holds Barred (Music Video)

Kansas City native, Dutch Newman, recently shot this video here in Lawrence.  Track is called ‘No Holds Barred’, produced by Johnny Quest.  Video was done by Ryan Hasler & Johnny Quest.  Definitely turned out dope.  If you watch it closely, you might catch me & PG in there somewhere.


The ILLZ – Ode To New York (Music Video)

I’m tellin’ you guys, if you’re not feelin’ The Illz yet then I don’t know if we can be friends.  Just jokin’, but seriously, this guy still amazes me with every song I hear, every video I watch.  It’s all dope.  New Yorkers should love this one, especially hip-hop fans.  Enjoy!

Track II of the Week – Big K.R.I.T. – Hometown Hero ft. Yelawolf

Unprecedented, we know. Two tracks in one week….we apologize for our lax approach to keeping these comin’, so we’re just gunna go ahead and make up for it, retrospectively. Bangin’ new track here off Big Krizzy’s latest album, “Krit was Here”. Download it hurr. Whole albums worth checkin’, peep his myspace right thurr.

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