John Legend – Extra-Ordinary Tebow (Video)

John Legend singing about Tim Tebow?  I’m going to go with the “no comment” option on this one.  Thoughts?

Cris Cab – Echo Boom (Mixtape)

Most of the time when people hear the word “mixtape” they think hip-hop or rap.  This is a nice project to take you away from that norm, and switch it up a bit.  Cris Cab mixes in a little reggae with a little pop, and the outcome is pretty dope.

VoTD: The Ultimate Pen Rap

Someone give this kid a record deal.


Dubstep Beatboxing (Video)

My Saturday’s a little boring so far, so I figured I’d give you guys a little something to check out.  It seems like dubstep is either hated or loved with very few in between, but this is pretty dope whichever side you’re on.


Video Of The Day: Highway Rockband

How intense would this be?  It looks like they’re on the highway, so I’m guessing they have to be going a good 60-65mph.  Crazy Russians.


XV – Wichita (Music Video)

Pretty pumped about this video.  Wichita is my hometown, and birthplace, so this is pretty special to me.  These are the visuals from XV’s track Wichita off of his Zero Heroes project.

Playing a Guitar from the Inside

Homeboy dropped his iPhone 4 in the guitar and videotaped the guitar string oscillations from the inside.  The ONLY way this video could be cooler, is if the dude playing the guitar was slightly better at playing guitar.  Or if you’re on acid.  If you’re on acid, this video will be cooler.

Lil’ Wayne – Sorry For The Wait (Mixtape)

Lil’ Wayne just dropped his new mixtape in anticipation for Carter IV, titled Sorry For The Wait.  He features a track with Lil’ B on here over Waka’s “Grove St. Party”.  You can stream it and get download info after the jump.


Album Cover Collages by Christian Marclay

Art like this is extremely cool to me.  These were done by visual artist & composer, Christian Marclay.  I wonder how long it took to put all these together.


Drake – Marvin’s Room (Music Video)

I’ve seen a lot of Drake hate lately, but honestly the man makes good music whether you like him or not.  This is a new video for his track “Marvin’s Room” that recently came out.


iBambooSpeaker – ($25)

Cheap, zen, and it’s eco-friendly?  Can’t go wrong here.  I’m curious what the sound quality is like on this thing.  Anybody want to get one for me?  They’re only $25!

Music Monday Featuring The Weeknd, Chiddy Bang, Jared Evan, and More

Music Monday, served late, but still fresh.  Enjoy folks!

Big Sean – Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay (Feat. Kanye West & Roscoe Dash)

Here’s the second track for my attempt to apologize for no Music Monday.  This one is a track off Big Sean’s upcoming album ‘Finally Famous’.  I’m feeling this one a lot.  Never would’ve expected to see Roscoe Dash hook up with G.O.O.D. Music.

Kanye West – Mama’s Boyfriend

I missed Music Monday yesterday, and I apologize.  I figured I’d give you guys a couple tracks that did happen to drop yesterday, pretty bangin’ stuff.  This one’s from Kanye West, and it happens to be one of the a capella tracks that he performed at Facebook HQ.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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