The History of Men Moving On is the Best Thing You’ll Watch Today

This is brilliant.  Any single dude out there that for whatever reason needs a pick-me-up on this Valentine’s Day, this is for you.  This is the History of Men Moving On.


Wiz Khalifa – Got Me Some More

Wiz Khalifa just dropped this track that’s should be appearing on his next album, Blacc Hollywood.  The song was produced by Young Chop.  Enjoy.


The Most Amazing Music Video You’ll Watch Today: The Wikidrummer

Not only is this video visually pleasing, but it’s pretty awesome to see how drums sound while being played in different locations.

JBL Pulse

Portable BlueTooth speakers are becoming more and more popular lately.  JBL just put this new speaker on their online shop for pre-order.  The Pulse is a BlueTooth speaker that features programmable LEDs, and up to 10 hours of battery life.  Pre-order yours here.


G-Eazy: America’s Most Wanted Tour – Episode 1 (Video)

In this video check out G-Eazy and his life on the America’s Most Wanted Tour.  The tour features artists such as Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, and T.I.  It looks like it’s been pretty wild so far.

Drake – All Me Feat. 2 Chainz & Big Sean

Drake just released some new music to hold us over until the new album drops.  He enlists 2 Chainz & Big Sean for the track called, All Me.

Red Bull Music Academy – New York City

This is a pretty dope workspace considering how the Red Bull Music Academy works.  It’s a traveling academy that actually moves from major city to major city every year.  This particular building is located in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan.


Laser Cut Wooden Records by Amanda Ghassaei

I feel like these laser cut wooden records were made specifically for hipsters. I can just hear them now… “Vinyl is so mainstream. I only own genuine laser cut wood records. You’ve probably never heard of them.”

Star Wars Guitars

I’m sure there are a lot of Star Wars fans going crazy over these.  Unfortunately, it will probably be pretty difficult to get your hands on one.  Tom Bingham has spent the last decade creating these masterpieces, and has been approached about with various offers to sell his collection, but has refused to do so.

Festival of Colors 2013 (Video)

Take a look at some footage from this years Festival of Colors. I definitely need to hit this up at some point.


Trinidad James – Female$ Welcomed (Video)

Trinidad James headed to St. James, Trinidad & Tobago to shoot his new video for Female$ Welcomed. It’s going to be tough for James to match the popularity of his hit All Gold Everything, but this is a good start. Check it out.


Red Bull Thre3Style 2013 – Kansas City Qualifier (Video)

On January 26th, in Kansas City, 5 DJ’s competed in Red Bull’s Thre3Style Competition.  This video recounts the events that took place that night.  It looks like it was a great time.


Justin Timberlake ft. Jay-Z – Suit & Tie (Official Lyric Video)

When this song first released, I was expecting a little bit more from JT and Jay-Z, but it’s grown on me quite a bit.  I wish more people would do lyric videos like this for when I’m doing karaoke by myself.

The Pirate Bay – Away From Keyboard – Official Trailer (Video)

If you know anything about online piracy, you probably know about The Pirate Bay.  This new documentary will look into the lives of the founders, and their ongoing battle with the entertainment industry.  I’m stoked to see it.

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