Music Monday Featuring Frank Ocean, Young Scolla, Machine Gun Kelly, and More

It’s quite the gloomy Columbus day, so here’s some tunes to get you through the day.

Music Monday Featuring G-Eazy, Mansions On The Moon, Sir Michael Rocks, and More

Oh, what a lovely Monday it is.  Enjoy this day with some fresh tunes.  Cheers.


Drake – Headlines (Music Video)

Drake just dropped the video for his song ‘Headlines’ off of his upcoming album, Take Care.  Definitely dope.

Music Monday Featuring Mod Sun, Gerald Walker, MnkeyWrench, and More

Quite a few newcomers in this week’s Music Monday.  Let me know if you guys are feeling ‘em.

Music Monday Featuring Juicy J, Bei Maejor, XV, and More

I’m still working on perfecting the Music Monday experience for you guys, so here we have another new setup.  Feedback is always much appreciated.  Enjoy!


XV – Wichita (Music Video)

Pretty pumped about this video.  Wichita is my hometown, and birthplace, so this is pretty special to me.  These are the visuals from XV’s track Wichita off of his Zero Heroes project.

Music Monday Featuring Broken Bells, Lil’ Wayne, 2Pac, and More

Included some older joints in this week’s Music Monday.  I don’t know how it has anything to do with Labor Day, but it just felt right.  No download link this week, since most of these are album cuts.

Music Monday (Video Edition)

Been a little while since we’ve done a music video edition of Music Monday.  Enjoy!

Music Monday Featuring ASAP Rocky, Theophilus London, STS, and More

This is for all my Jayhawks that are starting class today.  Hope you guys have a fantastic week!

Music Monday Featuring The Cool Kids, Rich Hil, Spree Wilson, and More

Same setup as last week, but download link included this time.  For those located in Lawrence, stay tuned for info on The Cool Kids within the next week or so.  Enjoy.

Music Monday Featuring J.Cole, Donnis, Fly Union, and More

New Music Monday setup!  Let me know what you guys think.  This should help kick-start your week.

Music Monday featuring Wiz Khalifa, Jhene Aiko, G-Eazy, and More

What did everybody think about Entourage last night?

Music Monday featuring Mac Miller, Phil Ade, Cocaine 80’s, and More

Fresh helping of Music Monday, hot off the stove.  Enjoy folks.

Music Monday featuring Lil’ Wayne, Theophilus London, Kendrick Lamar, and More

Tunechi’s back?  Well I guess we’ll find out when his newest mixtape Sorry 4 The Wait drops later this week.  Make sure you go get Kendrick’s Section.80 if you haven’t!

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