Man Of Steel – “Fate Of Your Planet” Official Trailer (Video)

This just looks doper and doper.  I didn’t know Michael Shannon was going to be in the movie, which adds to my excitement even more. He seems like he’ll make a weird villain, but it should be great.

Anchorman 2 – Official Trailer (Video)

Yes!  It looks like it is finally coming to fruition.  Anchorman 2 is just on the horizon, and here’s a look at the first trailer.  Also, check out some pics of Kanye & Drake on set after the jump.

“Gravity” Starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney – Teaser Trailer (Video)

The trailer for Gravity starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney hit the web this morning. The trailer doesn’t reveal much about the movie except that it takes place in outer space. This is set to hit theaters in October and will be available in 3D and IMAX 3D.

Captain Phillips – Official Trailer (Video)

Tom Hanks has got to be in my top 3 actors of all-time, dude is legit.  This new movie, Captain Phillip, is based on a true story, and was directed by Paul Greengrass.  Looks pretty interesting to me.

Ender’s Game – Official Trailer (Video)

Kids?  Kids to help protect the earth against aliens?  Nah, son.  I don’t think I can partake in this one.  I’m sure the special effects and what-not will be great.  Harrison ford mentoring an 11-year-old to be the captain though?  Can’t do it.

The Wolverine – CinemaCon Trailer (Video)

As usual, summer means we’ll be seeing a lot of dope movies hitting the big screen.  The Wolverine is set to release July 26th.  This is the CinemaCon trailer for that movie.  Looks epic.

Lenny Cooke – Official Trailer (Video)

Yesterday, we showed you a guy that might be the next LeBron James.  Well, here’s trailer for a documentary about a guy that was said to be better than LeBron back 2001.  Looks pretty interesting.

Thor: The Dark World – Official Trailer (Video)

Well, it’s time for another superhero movie.  This time around the almighty Thor gets his time to shine on the big screen.  With the Superman movie just on the horizon, this could definitely get overshadowed.  No word on it’s release date, but it is coming soon.

The Internship – Official Trailer 2 (Video)

I’m still undecided on if I want to check this out in theaters, but it does look like a decent movie.  I think I would just much rather see these two crashing weddings than trying to find a job.  This is the second trailer for the upcoming movie, The Internship.  In theaters June 7th.

Star Trek Into Darkness – Official Trailer #3 (Video)

The 3rd official trailer for Star Trek just hit the web. This one is even more epic than its predecessors. I’m not much of a Star Trek guy, but I can’t wait to see this. Look for it to hit theaters May 17th.

Man Of Steel – Official Trailer 3 (Video)

Man, this looks good.  I haven’t been stoked like this for a superhero move for quite awhile.  June 14th is the date, mark it in your calendars.

OBEY THE GIANT – The Story of Shepard Fairey (Video)

We first showed you the preview for this movie about 6 months ago. At the time it was just a Kickstarter campaign. Yesterday, the full version of the OBEY THE GIANT movie was released online. You can watch it in its entirety for free right here.

ELYSIUM – Official Trailer (Video)

Looks like Matt Damon is getting back on the big screen.  This is the trailer for the upcoming flick, ELYSIUM.  It was directed by the same guy who did District 9.  This seems like it could be good.

Pain & Gain – Trailer 2 (Video)

I just don’t know about this one yet.  It looks like a pretty solid movie, but I guess we won’t know until April 26th.  It says at the end of this trailer that it is a true story.  I’m curious as to exactly how true that it is.

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