The Official Trailer for Foxcatcher is Incredibly Eery

They finally said enough teaser trailers, let’s give these people the official full-length trailer.  This movie, Foxcatcher, is based on a true story, and appears to have bone-chilling performances by the cast.  It’s Steve Carell as you’ve never seen him before, and I could not be more excited.

Will Smith Stars in the Upcoming Film “Focus”

Will Smith is getting back on the big screen.  His upcoming flick title, Focus, stars him and Margot Robbie.  The film is about a group thieves & con man, and what happens when romance gets in the way.

Watch the Official Teaser Trailer for Disney’s “Tomorrowland” Movie

Teaser trailers are always the worst, but they do exactly what they’re supposed.  They give you just enough to keep you intrigued & wanting more, but then they kind of piss you off because they didn’t give you more.  Anyways, this is the teaser trailer for Disney’s upcoming film “Tomorrowland.”  The movie stars George Clooney & Britt Robertson.  In theaters May 22, 2015.

Bradley Cooper Stars in Upcoming Film “American Sniper”

Talk about an intense trailer.  Bradley Cooper stars in the Clint Eastwood directed film “American Sniper.”  There’s been a lot of war movies as of recent, but this one looks pretty damn good.  In theaters January 15th, 2015.

Liam Neeson is Back for a 3rd Time in “Taken 3″

He just won’t stop.  Liam Neeson is back again to try and dig himself & his family out of another terrible mess.  Is there anyone on this planet as badass as Liam’s character in the Taken series?  Me thinks no.  In theaters January 9th, 2015.

The Red Band Trailer for “The Interview” is Hilarious

This Christmas will bring another movie from the tandem of Seth Rogen & James Franco.  This time around they’re heading to North Korea to take out Kim Jung un.  This is the official red band trailer, and it looks hilarious.

Keanu Reeves is “John Wick” in Upcoming Film

I mean, I don’t know that Keanu Reeves is an incredibly talented actor, but this actually looks kind of dope to me.  John Wick is about a former hitman who’s pursued by an old friend who was contracted to kill him.  In theaters October 24th.

Johnny Depp Stars in Upcoming Film “Mortdecai”

Mortdecai stars Johnny Depp who plays an art dealer that’s on a search for stolen painting that’s reportedly linked to a lost bank account filled with Nazi gold.  I can’t tell if this looks good or not, but it definitely looks interesting.

Hot Tub Time Machine Now Has a Sequel & Here’s the Trailer

I have to be honest, I loved the first movie, but would have never guessed a sequel.  It looks like John Cusack will not be joining the crew on this journey, but it should be just fine without him.  Expect the Hot Tub Time Machine 2 in theaters around Christmas.

Jake Gyllenhaal is Very Creepy in Official Trailer for “Nightcrawler”

“Nightcrawler” is an upcoming movie that stars Jake Gyllenhaal.  The movie is about a man named Lou Bloom, who discovers crime journalism in L.A.  Honestly, this looks pretty damn good.  Also, did I spy Chris Kattan in there?

Check out the Trailer for “The Imitation Game”

There is definitely no shortage of war films out there, but this upcoming movie “The Imitation Game” is a bit different from most of the others.  Benedict Cumberbatch stars in this movie based during the time of WWII, where him & a team attempt to crack the German Enigma code.  In theaters November 21st.

Andre 3000 Stars as Jimi Hendrix in new Biopic

Here’s a preview of the upcoming biopic, “Jimi: All is By My Side” starring Andre Benjamin.  John Ridley, who was behind the movie “12 Years a Slave,” wrote & directed this film as well.  Set to release in theaters on September 26th this year.

“Boyhood” Movie Filmed the Same Cast Members over 12-Year Span

This looks pretty interesting.  “Boyhood” is a movie that started filming about 12 years ago, and used the same cast members every year since.  It’s supposed to be the life of a young man, Mason, from ages 5 to 18.  Expect it to hit theaters on July 11th.

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