Drama Beats: Let Me Live – Episode 3 (Video)

Drama is back with the 3rd episode of his “Let Me Live” series. In this episode Drama hits Vegas, visits his hometown in Ohio, and a takes a trip to Miami. Drama is definitely living the life. Check it out.

Drama Beats: Let Me Live – Episode 2 (Video)

It’s been a little while since we first got a look at Drama’s new web series.  He finally released episode 2 recently.  In this episode he picks a Lambo for his 26th b-day, and hits the annual Y&R party at the Beverly Hilton.

Drama Beats: Let Me Live – Episode 1 (Video)

Well, it looks like Drama is going to try out a little series of his own.  In this first episode, him and some homies spend 24 hours in Cleveland.  After watching this first episode, I think that this is going to be a pretty good series.

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