Check out Haley Jade Doing Some “Reflecting” with Van Styles

We’ve been posting a lot of work by Van Styles lately, but they’ve been so good that it’s hard not to.  This is his most recent set with a gorgeous female by the name of Haley Jade, who you can follow on Instagram here.

Tianna Gregory by Van Styles because… Friday

Ummmmmm…  Sorry, I forgot what I was going to say.  Thank you Van.

Karrueche Shows Off How Photogenic She is with Van Styles

Van Styles just posted this new entry into his “Photogenic” series on The Hundreds’ blog.  The title of the series matches Karrueche perfectly.  Absolutely gorgeous.

Outdoors with Shay Laren by Van Styles

Ahhh, the great outdoors.  And great boobs & butt.  Is there a better combination?  This is a recent shoot by Van Styles featuring the lovely Shay Laren.  She appears to be a handbra professional.

Loft Life with Mercedes Edison by Van Styles

Loft life with a woman who looks like this?  Count me in any day of the week, and twice on Sunday’s.  Van Styles recently shot these photos of Mercedes Edison, and they’re are quite delightful.  What a hump day treat.  Stay up to date with Van over on his blog.

Tuesday Dopeness (41 Pics)

We’re terribly sorry about this late serving of Tuesday Dopeness.  Just know it’s not my fault, so please throw your tomatoes & cabbage at Eric.  You can however tell me how much I saved the day.  Anyways, I hope it’s still a good serving because it was rather rushed.

Nike WMNS Air Max 1 BR – Turquoise/Navy

We don’t share nearly enough kicks for the chicks on here, but today that’s not the case.  These are some of the dopest Air Max 1’s I’ve seen.  This is the Air Max 1 BR model, with the BR being short for “breathe.”  Right now these are available at Suppa.

Bed Time With Alysha Nett by Van Styles

Kansas native, Alysha Nett, recently got together with the one & only Van Styles for these amazing photos.  Who wouldn’t want to spend a day in bed with that?  Enjoy.

Cozy Up with Erin Cahill in this Black & White Series from Van Styles

Black & white photos of a gorgeous female in a comfortable bed?  Doesn’t get much better than that.  You can thank Van Styles for these amazing photos of Erin Cahill.  Keep up with the lovely Erin on Instagram.

Learn Why Blake Bortles was Asked About Girlfriend at NFL Combine

Because she’s smoking hot, that’s why.  AJ McCarron & Katherine Webb are so last year.  This year, it’s all about Blake Bortles and his girlfriend, Lindsey Duke.  Here’s some pics of the babe for you to drool over.

Saturday Tat Her Day (21 Photos)

I hope that everyone is enjoying the shit out of their weekend. What we have for you here today is the first installment of Saturday Tat Her Day, which will be a galleries consisting of the some of the sexiest women to ever be laced in ink. Let’s face it, pretty much every dude thinks a well placed tat is sexy af.

Photogenic – Alysha Nett by Van Styles

Van Styles just added another entry into his “Photogenic” series.  This time around it features the lovely Alysha Nett.  Enjoy.

Jen Selter Snapshots by Van Styles

Are you guys tired of Jen Selter yet?  Well, me either, so here’s some snapshots from Van Styles of Jen on this lovely Monday.  Enjoy.

Van Styles & Jen Selter Team Up For Amazing Photo Shoot

It wasn’t too long ago that we introduced you to the most-liked booty on Instagram, Jen Selter, and now she’s back with a photoshoot she recently did with Van Styles.  Follow the 2 around as they snap pics in Soho.

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