Hot Nerdy Girls (22 Pics)

These girls seem to have obsessions that include Star Wars, Star Trek, Pokemon, cartoon characters, and nerdy glasses.  I can’t be mad at that. Then there’s the fact that they’re attractive, and I can’t be mad at that either.


New *Intimates Boutique at Karmaloop

Before hitting the jump just be aware that this is somewhat NSFW.  These are some new pieces from *Intimates Boutique that are sure to please your man ladies.  Normally I wouldn’t put up pics of my girlfriend on here, but we broke up recently, so it’s all good.


2012 Miss Reef Calendar (Video)

Watching this makes me realllllly wish I wasn’t about to go through another awesome winter in Kansas.  There is nothing better than some nice rear-ends surrounded by amazing scenery.

The NBA Lockout is Over! (25 Pics)

It looks like the NBA lockout is pretty much over, so I figured we would celebrate like we did when the NFL lockout ended.  Hottie cheerleaders anyone?


Ricki-Lee Coulter for Maxim Australia

To be honest, I’ve never heard of Ricki-Lee before.  If anyone would go ahead and put me in contact with her that would be much appreciated.  Thanks!

Playboy’s Top 10 College Football Programs Featuring Jaime Edmondson

Playboy recently picked who think they are the top 10 college football programs of the “Playboy Era”.  I suppose I’d probably have to agree with this list.  Mainly because it’s hard to argue with Jaime Edmondson.

How To Make It In America’s Gina Gershon

If you’ve been watching the HBO original “How To Make It In America”, then there’s no doubt you’ve seen this fox a handful of times.  I remember the first time I laid eyes on her, was a provocative scene with good ol’  Tom Cruise in “Cocktail”.  So, this leads me into my next question…

Rosie Jones – Zoo Magazine October ’11

If you get a chance to pick up this month’s issue of Zoo Magazine, I would definitely do that.  If not, you might want to check out the pics after the jump.  Rosie Jones….  Sooooooo hot.

The Women of the Lingerie Football League (34 Pics)

I could have done a long write-up on my thoughts of the NFL opening weekend, but you guys don’t like reading.  I know the Lingerie Football League doesn’t have much to do with the NFL, but it’s hot babes playing football, why not?  Is this even going on anymore?

Featured Hottie: Alice Eve

My biggest crush right now, along with a million other guys, has got to be Alice Eve.  Her recent appearances in Entourage with that sexy little accent has got me wishing there was going to be a season 9 featuring just her.  For some reason I thought she was a lot older than 29.

The Women Of How To Make It In America (20 Pics)

With the season 2 premiere of How To Make It In America right around a month away, this just seemed right.  My main question is, women of Entourage Vs. women of How To Make It, who’s bringing home the gold?


Maxim Magazine Office Assistant: Mary

I think we need to follow in Maxim’s foot steps, and find us a new office assistant.  Who’s game?  Send applications to  That was a joke, but not really, go ahead and send them.  Mary is definitely a hottie though.

Maryeve Dufault is a….. Nascar Driver?

To be honest, before I typed this up I had no idea who Maryeve Dufault was.  So, I did what any normal person would do when you want to learn about someone.  I googled her name, and looked at half-naked pictures of her.  All kidding aside, I learned that she made her NASCAR debut this past weekend in Montreal, and well I don’t think she performed how she wanted to.

The 30 Hottest Girls of MTV

Yesterday, MTV celebrated their 30 year anniversary.  To help join in the celebration Campus Socialite put together the 30 hottest girls through the 30 years of MTV.  This is good.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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