Francesca Frigo as Mars Blackmon

As a little promo video for Playboy’s upcoming ranking of the top 23 Air Jordan’s ever, they made this video with playmate Francesca Frigo.  She portrays the classic Mars Blackmon character, previously played by Spike Lee.  Can’t wait to see Playboy’s list of J’s.

Maxim’s “World’s Most Beautiful Women” (21 Pics)

This is supposed to be Maxim’s top 100, World’s Most Beautiful Women.  I’m quite confused by a solid amount of these picks, they’re all pretty hot, for the most part.  I definitely feel like they could’ve found a lot more females more gorgeous than some of these.  Oh well, enjoy!


Amber Rose for King Magazine

The battle will always remain, is she bad or not?  No matter what your answer to that question may be, there is no way you would deny Amber if given the opportunity.  Something about the G.I. Jane look that I do dig a lot.  It’s not a look for very many girls, probably about .000047% of females could pull it off.

Maxim’s Hometown Hotties (40 Pics)

Well, I definitely know all you guys out there will enjoy this one.  Maxim is currently trying to find some of the hottest females from random cities all over the country.  I did my due diligence, and picked out some of my favorite ladies from the bunch that you can vote from.  Hit the jump, and kill a good hour or two looking thru these.


KIKS TYO X Aya Kiguchi X Kana Tsugihara

Some may say that hot chicks and sneakers are overplayed, but how can you overplay two of the best things on this planet?  For this one KIKS TYO hooked up with some attractive Asian woman.  You can pre-order these shirts now, and up until March 27th.  Deliveries will start taking place on or after April 20th.

‘Til Death Do Us Part by Kate Bauman

Anyone know where I can get a ring box for this thing?  I will be getting this ring for my future wife, wherever you may be.  Purchase info after the jump.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition ’11 feat. Irina Shayk

Wow.  Never seen or heard of this lady before now, and I must say, I’m at a loss for words.  Her name is Irina Shayk, and she is absolutely stunning.  This is the cover for this year’s SI Swimsuit issue.  Take a look at more pics of Irina after the jump.

Chanel Cassette Clutch

The rest of the guys might give me a little hassle for this one, but I don’t care.  I used to try and show you ladies some love as often as I could, I know it’s been a little while, my bad.  Honestly, I think this is pretty sick.  I used to always wonder what girls where talkin’ about when they would mention “clutches”.  Now I know.  Unfortunately, it’s not available yet, but give me a holler, and maybe I’ll pull some strings for ya.

Ban.Do Accessories

Headbands, belts, corsages, definitely three items that are a must for any ladies wardrobe.  I don’t necessarily care about the belts or corsages, but there’s something about a chick wearing a headband that just ignites my fire.  Anyways, this line was created by two LA stylists, and you can check out some more items over at their website.

TooFly – Freestyle Eco-Block Rings

Any of you ladies probably already know accessories are key to an entire outfit, even if it’s something as subtle as a finger piece.  These custom rings done by graffiti artist TooFly in collaboraton with Goodwood NYC are available for you females for $10.  Flashy, fly, and affordable, get ‘em while they’re hot.

Nike Air Structure Triax 91 – Womens

Lookin’ at these shoes, i actually reminisce from the time i use to rock a couple pairs of women’s kicks because they were so funky fresh.  I might have to cop the all royal blue joints that you see.  Ladies, i am envious right now, but you’ve heard me say if before if i see you strollin’ down the street in these i might have to propose.  These are available now at Proper.

Woman By Common Projects

Got some simple, yet clean lookin’ shoes for you ladies.  Another good thing about these is you probably won’t see to many other girls wearing the same pair.  For the most part i think they look pretty sick, and i’m a little upset they don’t have some of these for men.  You can take a look at most of the line after the jump, these won’t be out till early 2010.

Nike Gladiateur Sandals – Available Again

The very popular sandals from Nike, are available in limited quantity again.  This time you can grab them at Zappos, they are only available in the white colorway.  Grab ‘em quick ladies.  More views after the jump.

Paola Robba Spring/Summer ’10

The good thing about me showing everyone stuff like this is that it’s good for both you guys, as well as you ladies.  Guys, you get to look at pretty hot ladies in next to nothing.  Girls, you get to see fly clothing & swimwear that will be coming out in the future.  So, ladies & gents enjoy, and check out all the picks after the jump.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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