World Cup Jerseys if they Were Designed by Famous Fashion Designers

This isn’t the first time that Dead Dilly has re-imagined sports jerseys as if they were designed by fashion houses, check out what he did with the NBA here.  This time around he takes a look at what World Cup jerseys would look like if famous fashion designers had their hands in the design process.


2014 FIFA World Cup Jerseys for all 32 Teams

The World Cup kicks off tomorrow, and if you haven’t caught a case of World Cup fever then this shit just might infect you because these uniforms are sick AF.

Entree Lifestyle Release their Spring Delivery Part 2

Entree Lifestyle just dropped the second part of their Spring Delivery.  This one features a number of different bucket hats & basketball jerseys.  Grab your favorite pieces here.


Nike Soccer Unveils 2014 U.S. National Team Away Kit

Nike Soccer has officially unveiled what the U.S. National Team will be wearing in Brasil this year.  The all-new jersey’s will be available for purchase on nike.com at some point today.  Read the full press release here.

Entree Lifestyle Releases 3 Parts of their Spring Collection

Entree Lifestyle just released three parts of the spring collection for this year.  The collection has new tees featuring some great new prints.  Head over to Entree’s online shop to grab some pieces.

Spurs Unveil Armed Forces Tribute Jerseys

The San Antonio Spurs just recently released this image of the jerseys they will wear as a salute to the Armed Forces.  They will wear the jerseys on November 13th, and again on February 28th.  A lot of people are saying the jerseys are ugly, but I honestly like them a lot.

NFL Unveils The New Pro Bowl Uniforms

Honestly, I think the Pro Bowl has lost any luster that it used to have.  This is definitely one step in the right direction, these are the new Nike uniforms that will be used in this year’s Pro Bowl.  Lots of neon, but I like.

adidas Unveils Short Sleeve NBA Jerseys

Well, this is definitely interesting.  I don’t think I would have ever seen this coming, but on February 22nd, the Golden State Warriors will be rocking these new short-sleeved jerseys.  What’s your guy’s opinion on the new jerseys?

Nike NFL Limited Jersey: The Crafting Of An Icon (Video)

It was a joyous night when the first regular season game kicked off last night, but it soon turned to tragedy when the Cowboys somehow won the game.  Anyways, here’s a look at the creative process behind Nike’s new NFL Limited Jersey.  I’m trying to decide which player to get from the Chiefs, McCluster or Berry?


Nike NFL Uniform Launch Event

If you haven’t heard, the NFL is ditching Reebok, and moving to the almighty brand known as Nike.  Yesterday, they had a big launch event featuring what they will have to offer for the upcoming season.  On April 27th the gear will start to become available, so keep an eye out.

Nike Hyper Elite Platinum NCAA Uniforms

Nike just released a new line of jerseys for select NCAA basketball teams.  The jerseys are made to not only provide optimal efficiency of movement, but they are made from mostly recycled materials.  You should see these being worn starting on the 29th of January, and they’ll be used at select times throughout the rest of the season.

What Is Going On In Maryland?

Last night’s win for Maryland was not nearly exciting as the talks about their new jerseys.  The way that game ended was pretty damn sick though.  This is a question I pretty much know the answer to, but I feel like I still need to know.  You guys feeling these new uniforms?

We’ve Got a Situation

There goes my hero.  “The Situation”… after the hair gel but before the roids.  Look at his bros… wow. 


New KU Uniforms Revealed

This past weekend the defending National Champs took a trip to Canada for a 3 game exhibition. The Jayhawks revealed their new jersey’s during their trip and they are looking nice. The only pictures we could find of the new uniforms were from the tournament so they are not great but you can get a pretty good idea of what they look like. They resemble last years jersey’s but the new ones look more refined. I’m loving the red ones. Besides the new uniforms looking off the chain, the Jayhawks game was also looking good. We will throw up some better pictures as soon as they are made available. Pictures courtesy of KUsports.

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