Crooks & Castles Holiday 2009 Lookbook

Cause ain’t no such thing as half-way crooks!  Also there’s no such thing as half-assing ideas and execution when it comes to the crew over at Crooks & Castles, as we take a look into their newest collection.  This lookbook is for the holiday of this year and definitely came out very impressive, check out the rest of the lineup after the jump.

Rocksmith Fall & Winter 2009 Lookbook

Not really a whole lot you can say about Rocksmith, mainly because their clothing speaks for itself.  If i did have to say something about them though, i would say, go cop some of their ish!  No, but really.  You can check out all the freshness after the jump.  This lookbook has appearances by Curren$y as well as Sneakhype friend Wiz Khalifa.

KR3W All State Letterman Jacket

I never got a letterman jacket in high school, don’t know why, just didn’t enjoy doing the norm i suppose.  Every now & then though i come across some actual dope lookin’ ones like these that you shouldn’t see to many other people rockin’.  They should be droppin’ here in the next few weeks.  Closer looks after the jump.

OBEY Holiday ’09

OBEY is in my top 3 favorite streetwear brands easily, always have a variety in their collection, as well as they keep it fresh & original.  Here we take a look into what will be releasing over the next few weeks or so.  Looks pretty legit to me, check out more of the lookbook after the jump.

Orisue Fall ’09 Collection Pt. 2

Orisue just dropped a bunch of new gear to keep you warm this fall.  Orisue is one of those brands that keeps it pretty simple, but do it just right.  Always a fan of what i see, and you can see the some of the line after the jump, as well as get some purchase info.

Fuct Fall & Winter 2009

T-shirts, t-shirts, & more t-shirts.  It’s somewhat hard to keep up with the t-shirt game because of the volume that’s produced by so many different companies.  It also makes it nice to know you have a lesser chance of seeing someone else rockin’ the same tee.  This is a preview into what Fuct is bringing to the game this fall & winter, looks like fire.

Huf X Nike – Hufquake Firefly Jacket

With the much anticipated release of the Hufquake Air Max 90 Currents right around the corner, Nike decide to release this Hufquake jacket to match the kicks. Available here at the Nike store now, this Firefly jacket features Huf’s signature Hufquake print and Nike’s Storm-FIT construction which is guaranteed to keep you lookin fresh in any weather. Hit the link for more pictures.

Mishka Loveless M-65 Jacket

I wish they would have produced this in a heather grey colorway, but nonetheless…. tis very fresh, almost too fresh.  You smell me?  Really though, you should buy this because we know your having a hard time with the ladies, it’s okay, Sneakhype’s got your back.  Plus winter is speedily approaching.

Nike Snowboarding Fall ’09 Apparel

Even if you don’t snowboard, this winter, you will wanna make sure you look like you’ve at least smoked a J on the ski lift once or twice before.  The new apparel from Nike Snowboarding dropping this fall will certainly do the trick.  Check out more after the jump, and hit up the Nike Snowboarding website to find out how to get your hands on this freshness. 

Isenseven Apparel 2010

To be honest, I had not heard of this brand til just now.  Due to the heat that their line looks to be bringing, I’m a pretty dissappointed about not hearing of them before.  Everything in this collection looks like it fits my style perfectly.  Once again it also helps me prove the fact that you can never have too many t-shirts.  Check out all of it after the jump.  More info at isenseven.

Supreme Fall & Winter ’09

Bringin’ that heat as usual, the team over at Supreme give us a look into their upcoming line for this fall & winter.  Take a look at all the photos after the jump, let us know what you think.

Mihara Yasuhiro Shawl Collar Varsity Jacket

Not sure what it is about this fresh @ss jacket, but i got to have it.  It’s ill.  Comes in two colorways, check the other one after the jump.

Nike – Fall 09 Tech Windrunners

As much as I love the windrunner with all of my cold, black heart… it’s a wonder why I still don’t have one.  However, this electric blue one is about to make me pull the trigger.  In fact, the only thing separating me from busting out the credit card right now to place the order is: you.  More specifically, my obligation to you — in that, on my honor, I swear to feed you the freshness and all that is dope, day in and day out… for the rest of my life.  Or at least until some corporate bigwig hits me up for a multimillion dolla dealio.  Damn, how sweet would it be to be a corporate sell-out?  One can only dream.  You can get my dream coat (volt blue) here and the black and red here.

New Brand – ThinkBigBeBig Clothing

Based out of the UK, ThinkBigBeBig Clothing is brining some class to streetwear with its fresh colors and refined logo design.  Product line includes tees, polos, hoodies, and jackets… all for both men and women.  Check out some of our faves after you click me. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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