Nike SB – August ’10 Apparel & Headwear

Nike SB — where have you been?  Apparently, they’ve been in the kitchen cooking up this here dopeness.  Staying true to their competencies, SB’s August line (to hit retailers next week) keeps a simplistic vibe while simultaneously offering crispy clean freshness.

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Buy Rusty Wired Sweatshirts and Jackets

Get your credit cards out fellas… cuz you’re about to make a highly satisfying purchase.  Check this out — Rusty just dropped this line of jackets that has machine-washable headphones built into the frikkin draw-string chords.  SICK.  They’re only 50 bucks.  Get yours here.

Supreme X The North Face – Expedition Pullover

We had a sneak peak at this awhile back, but it was just the camo joint.  Now we have a look at all three colorways that will be droppin’ March 18th, in-store as well as online.  I like all three, but the all black is definitely the best look to me.

Supreme X The North Face – Camo Jacket

I have never personally been a big fan of camo on clothin’.  Unless you’re going hunting of course, then you got to have that ish.  That being said, I really like how this jacket turned out.  Kind of rips off A Bathing Ape’s camo pattern, but oh well.  Supreme does no wrong, right?

Element Cornerstone Jacket ($47)

Looking for something to buy with that 60 bucks that Gramma gave ya?  You already bought a sack of weed, didn’t you?  Didn’t you!  You should be ashamed… Well, since that’s gone, that only leaves you the 50 that your uncle gave you… which is just about enough for this here windbreaker from Element.  Available in this frappacappaccino brown, as well as, a sneakhype colorway (black/neon green).  Pick it up here.  

Durkl Holiday 2009 Lookbook

Here we take a look into what will be available from Durkl sometime later this week.  Definitely a Sneakhype favorite brand, Durkl always drops the heat with any of their lines.  The crewneck sweaters being the highlight for myself out of this lookbook, that aqua blue is nasty.  View the rest after the jump.

Brooklyn Circus Varsity Jackets

I believe i’ve mentioned my opinion on Letterman jackets, and how much i don’t like them but i have come to realize they’re actually pretty sick; The reason i didn’t like them was because i feel like you should never wear your high school Letterman jacket once your out of high school. So when i see a 26-year-old tool bag at a bar or house party rockin’ his old high school Letterman jacket, i’m just like “damn that’s gay”, thus givin’ me a negative opinion about them.  Anyways, enough rambling, these varsity jackets right here, straight nasty, especially that all black.  They should be droppin’ soon, we’ll keep ya posted.

Nike SB x Skate Mental 3-in-1 Jacket

Fly.  $179 at CCS. 

Graffiti Jackets by Location

Do you frequently rob convenience stores or homes?  Do you occasionally mug an innocent passerbyer?  Do you like to scare the shit out of people?  Do you graffiti in public?  Are you a wannabe badass?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, I’ve got something you’ll love!  You zip up the hood… no one can see you, but you can see them.  BAM.  Location has a small line of these jackets that are all available via this online store.

The North Face – Raging Viking Jacket

The North Face appears to be taking some cues from Sneakhype.com and the global “Sneakhype movement” in that it is now adopting street art influences in their product.  I mean, we don’t want to take all the credit for this wicked coat, but we’ll certainly take most of it.  Honestly though, it is great to see that more mainstream and straight-edge companies are giving a nod to youth/alternative culture. 

ISAORA Men’s Fall & Winter ’09 Lookbook

Never heard of this brand before, and i don’t know about the see-thru jersey that’s in a few of the pics.  All that aside, this shit looks pretty ill.  It’s definitely time to re-up on jackets and coats now anyways.  Snowboarding influenced for sure, multi-layered & high performance shells, definitely ready for you to hit the slopes.  More looks after the jump.

Johnny Cupcakes Windbreaker

Johnny Cupcakes is bringin the heat from their oven of baked goods with this crispy windbreaker.  Available in both men’s and women‘s sizes — retailing for $98, and you can pick it up right here from Mr. Cupcakes himself. 

Airtime – The March Of Time Lookbook

Our friends over at Airtime just dropped a whole new line of gear for this season.  The snapbacks we’ve showed you in the past are now available and looking mighty fresh.  New hoodies & new tee’s available as well, so go ahead and take yourself over to their online shop and cop some new ish!  Grab it all here.

Nike Sportswear Apparel Fall & Winter ’09

Just copped a couple kicks out of the Nike Sportswear section myself today.  Then i get online to find some dopeness that’s coming out from them for this fall & winter.  Not only that, but they had to throw in a sick, old school, bucket hat.  Nasty.  More looks after the jump.

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