Kevo – iPhone-Operated Door Lock

The Kevo iPhone-operated door locking system was originally seen on the TV series Shark Tank. Creator Phil Dumas was able to convince Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary to invest $500,000 in his company. After months of planning and preparation, as well as a partnership with Kwikset, Kevo is finally ready to hit the market.


Wacom Bamboo Stylus Mini For Tablets and Smartphones ($15)

Wacom just released a new mini stylus for tablets and smartphones. The Bamboo Mini Stylus, as its called, attaches to your device via the headphone jack. It measures just 1.85 inches in length and is available is a variety of colors. I don’t have much use for a stylus but it would greatly improve my Snapchat game.

The Manliest iPhone Case Ever: TaskOne

You can open a bottle of beer with a lighter!?  Neat-o buddy!  My iPhone case can kill a f*ckin’ bear and dismantle a nuclear warhead.  


In need of a flash drive that goes directly from your iPhone to your computer?  Then you might want to check out this iFlashDrive.  It has 8GB of storage and has a plug-in for your phone on one end, and USB on the other end.  Transfer files and photos straight from your iPhone without syncing it through iTunes.

Peel – Super Thin iPhone Cases ($20)

I found it you guys.  The perfect case for all you minimalist case fans out there.  No, it doesn’t make your phone bulletproof and you can’t take it underwater.  But I’m not Bear Grylls, I don’t need all that nonsense.  Just gotta keep my baby safe from scratches and lookin’ fresh.  I have the black one on my phone right now.

Portel Aged Leather iPhone Pocket

The first time we showed you the leather iPhone pocket from Portel, it was only offered in one color option.  They now offer a gang of new color options for not only the iPhone 5, but the 4/4S as well.  These things look so clean.


Rhino Shield – Impact Resistant Screen Protector (Video)

The Rhino Shield is a new impact resistant screen protector that is currently running a Kickstarter campaign. The screen protector was created by Evolutive LABS and claims to absorb up to 5 times as much energy as an unprotected screen. The .029 cm thick protective shield is also scratch and smudge proof. Just in case you don’t believe all of this, Evolutive LABS created this video showcasing the Rhino Shields capabilities.

Air Jordan iPhone Cases by LanvinPierre ($35)

I’m not a huge fan of phone cases, but I can dig these.  LanvinPierre recently released these cases for your iPhone that resemble the soles of classic Retro Jordans.  They have a pretty big selection, and they’re all available for $35.

Collective Cables

Now, I know what you’re saying.  Who gives a damn about your charging cable for your phone?  You may have a valid point, but these are not only dope-looking, they’re also extremely functional.  The regular cables have a reach of 3ft. whereas the XXL models have a 6ft. reach!  I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t definitely make use of that.


JustMount iPhone Wall Mount

This is pretty cool. It’s basically a really big magnet that conveniently holds your iPhone, charger, and keys to the wall. As someone who is constantly misplacing my keys and phone around the house, I could definitely use one of these.


Bold Poker App for iOS

This may seem a little ridiculous, but come to think of it, most of my friends do have iPhones (or iPods), and everyone in my immediately family does… so it may be worth having just for ol’ family gatherings around the holidays. It seems novel, but I think there is also something to be said for feeling those cards shuffle in your hands.  Also, I don’t know how many decks of cards I’ve ruined due to beer spills… and it’s a lot easier to replace a deck of cards than it is an iPhone 5… unless you have Liquipel of course.  


YouTube Launches Capture App For iPhone

Uploading videos to YouTube just became a whole lot easier. YouTube released the “Capture” App today which allows users to capture, edit, and upload videos to YouTube directly from their phone. As of right now this App is only available for the iPhone and iPod with an Android version set to launch in the near future.

Wallet TrackR – Never Lose Your Wallet Again

Pretty clever little idea here.  Put a credit-card-sized device in your wallet.  It connects to your phone via Bluetooth.  You can then be alerted when you separate from your wallet and/or you can tell your wallet to beep so you can find it.  It also takes a GPS snapshot of the point of separation so you can go back to the place where you left it.  

Angel Wing iPhone Case ($3)

A little something for the SNEAKHYPE ladies here.  Also fellas, it’s not too early to start thinking about stocking stuffers for the women in your life.  And for 3 bucks, why not?  This case fits all iPhone 4 and 4s phones.  

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