Watch March Madness Live on your iPhone

For only five dollars, CBS is dropping this app that lets you stream any tournament game live to your frikkin phone.  The future is now people.  And it costs five dollars.  Hit up the iTunes store to buy it. [via uncrate]


Incase – Monochrome Slider Case

These cases are nasty.  It’s about time they’re bustin out the two-tones.  And Incase makes only quality gear.  Only bummer with these is that they’re only for the 3G.  4 colorways.  Pick em up for 35.  Check em all out here:

Incase X Air Max + iPhone = SICK

It’s about time companies like Incase take some cues from the Sneakhype industry, and start crankin out some cases that match my Air Max 90’s.  This case in particular isn’t available right now, but will be “soon” apparently.  Meanwhile, you could mix and match the other metallic styles they have to create an equally slick look. [gizmodo]

Lego iPod Speakers

You can get the fatty dock, or the lil lego you just pop on the bottom and start bustin some beats.  You can plug in any iPhone or iPod and get to bumpin.  Pick up the big ‘ol dock here, and the mini guys here.  They are about 65 bucks and 25 bucks respectively. [retrotogo]

New Benny Gold Background

I’m posting this because a long time ago I put up this Benny Gold Skyline background for the iPhone but didn’t tell anyone where to get it.  Well I got a new background for all you Benny Gold enthusiasts out there.  This Paper Planes background is dope, just save the picture and then put it as your iPhone background it’s that simple. Enjoy.

Deadmau5 Touch Mix

I saw this new iPhone App yesterday which looks pretty sweet, it’s called Deadmau5 Touch Mix.  The DJ application is now availabe for only $2.99 on the iTunes store it features 10 tracks, and allows users to mix and scratch any way they please. Buy it here. [dailydrop]

Sneakerart iPhone Backgrounds

Nice little collection of stuff from that might be nice to have on your iPhone.  Check em all out after the jump.

iPhone Apps – Touch Grind

With almost 3000 reviews it’s rockin a solid 4 stars.  4.99 at the app store.  Looks pretty dope, but I like my apps like a like my women… free and easy. [ctothejl]


Nixon – Headphone Line to release this month

Nixon is a brand that just does it right.  They’re going to release a full product line of headphones sometime this month, and when they do, it should be a nice little late Holiday present for all of us because these phones look siiick.  They’re smart — they’ve come up with a few different iPhone compatible models that look real fresh and come with mics and the whole bit.  Prices range from 90-200 bucks.  They have crazy colors too.  More pictures and colors after the jump.

Incase x Kuntzel + Deygas iPhone 3G Case For Colette x Gap

Sneakhype is giving you the look at the new Incase x Kuntzel + Deygas iPhone 3G case, which was once again branded with the Colette x Gap artwork. Its an incredible design, very modern and is very applicable to the Iphone’s shape. you can check it out Via Miss Colette.

The SwitchEasy Capsule Rebel

These days accessories for Iphone’s are not hard to find, from covers to useless iphone adapters its all there. The SwitchEasy Capsule is like a fresh breath of air and looks dope. Its only $25 dollars and is the top rated cover at ILounge. Ibuy now!

Revo iBlik – i lik it

The Revo iBlik is sold in the UK, but if you buy one, you won’t get it for a while, because it’s not set to release til next month… but you can pre-order it. This bad baby can do everything you’ve ever heard a music console can do… and then some. iBlik = iCey fresh


Benny Gold Huf Skyline

Although in the last post I told everyone too check out Benny Golds Etch-A-Sketch Skyline, I just couldn’t resist to put this up. I recently purchased an iPhone and was wondering what my background should be and suddenly realized that this was it. The skyline is done perfectly and reminds the Sneakhype staff of the Beastie Boys album “To the 5 Boroughs”, even though they are different cities. Whatever the case this is an all-time classic and should be considered for any of you with an iPhone. Be worth your weight in Gold and get it now.

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