Infographic Shows the Evolution of iOS from iOS 1 to iOS 8

This is a pretty cool graphic that shows how iOS has changed from the first version until now.  Obviously, all things must progress, but I’m still a pretty big fan of iOS 5 & 6.  Who’s got their hands on the iPhone 6 already?

Relonch Camera is the iPhone Photographer’s Perfect Accessory

If you find yourself taking a lot of pictures with your phone, you might be interested in this Relonch Camera.  The Relonch is currently available for pre-order for not only the iPhone 5, but the iPhone 6 as well.  Not only does this connect to your phone via Lightning connection, but it will charge your phone through that connection as well.  Expect release to be late 2015, pre-order here.


Introducing the QBracelet – A Stylish Bracelet that Charges Your Phone

Forget all other wrist accessories.  We have a gamechanger on our hands here.  This is the QBracelet, and it’s a stylish bracelet that in a pinch will also charge your smartphone.  This is the first piece of wearable tech that I would undoubtedly use every day.  The QBracelet is available for pre-order now, here.

Charge your iPhone in this Brass & Maple Dock from Grovemade

Grovemade just released this limited edition brass & maple dock for iPhone.  It’s a limited run of just 50 pieces, with each one being individually serialized.  The base is made from a solid brass, and the top portion is made from Eastern Hardrock Maple.  Available for order here.


27 Random Hot Chicks Taking Selfies with iPhones

Because who wants to see your selfie if you took it with a Samsung?  Gross.

The iZZi Slim Camera Case is the Perfect iPhone Photography Accessory

If you’re always trying to get the best possible photo for Instagram, or if your family has picked you as the dedicated family photographer, this iZZi Slim Camera Case is perfect for you.  The slim case features a built 4-in-1 lens system that features macro, 2x telephoto, 180-degree fisheye, and wide angle lenses.  You can grab one over on Amazon now.

8th Annual iPhone Photography Awards Winners

This year brought the 8th annual iPhone Photography Awards, and the winners have been selected.  There’s thousands of entries from 70+ countries every year, and these are some of the best.  Here’s 10 that really stood out to me.  Head over to their website for the full details.


“Magic Phone Stand” – Levitating Phone Charger

This stiff-but-bendy USB charge cable will turn plenty of heads and start many conversations as you appear to levitate your phone whilst charging it.  The fun and simple concept also has practical application… allowing you to lift your device up off the table and adjust the angle at which it faces.


iPhones With Flappy Bird Installed Selling for Thousands on eBay

As some of you Flappy Bird addicts may already know, the game has officially been removed from Apple’s App Store, and Android’s Play Store.  Well, what you may not of known is that if you still have the game installed, your phone might be worth a lot of money.  Check out this eBay search for iPhones with Flappy Bird installed, and prepared to be shocked by some of the prices.


“1.24.14” – A Short Film by Apple

To celebrate Mac’s 30th birthday, this short film was shot all in one day around the world entirely on the iPhone.  Here’s to another 30 years from Apple.

Increase Your iPhone Memory With the mophie Space Pack

One of the main gripes I’ve always heard about it when it comes to Apple, is the iPhone memory.  “It’s not expandable.  You have to delete stuff to make room for new stuff.  Waaaa.”  Yada yada.   Well, in comes well-known accessory brand, mophie, to introduce the Space Pack.  Not only is the Space Pack a built in battery case, but it’s going to let you add 16 or 32 GBs to your iPhone memory.  Pre-order yours here.

12 Free Gifts from Apple for the Holidays

Apps, music, games, videos and more.  


The Best iPhone Keyboard Case in the World

I don’t know that this is actually “The Best iPhone Keyboard Case in the World”, but that’s what Typo Products claims.  If you miss your old BlackBerry, or just missing having a physical keyboard, then this might be for you.  You can pre-order now for $99.

Charge Multiple iPhones With the Foaster

The Foaster by Covena Design is dubbed the best dock since sliced bread.  The Foaster is a charging dock for your iPhones that eliminates clutter, and looks great in the kitchen.  The project is on Kickstarter now, check it out.

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