Incase x uniform experiment – 13″ Sleeve

Sorry to blue ball ya here… actually it’s more like “green” ballin.  You CAN get this sleeve, but you CAN’T get it in the dopesizzle Sneakhype (black/green) colorway seen in the foreground.  But, you can get it in a very sleek black/white (seen in the background) at the Incase online store.  Actually, pseudo good news for some of you — the green one is available in Japan. 

Incase Travel Kit for iPod

Incase… more like dopecase.  OK that was a stretch, but it’s just so simple, I wanna lick it.  Buy em here.  35.  2 colors. 

New For 3G iPhone – Incase Frame Case

Here is a new one from Incase. They combined the durability of a hard plastic case with the secure fit of their signature Protective color. They also come in three dope colorways. Get them here and check out more pictures after the jump.

Incase – New Nylon Bacpacks

As you all know Incase pretty much runs the game as far as covers & cases for anything Mac.  They got these pretty sweet nylon backpacks available now, that of course you could use for your Mac, but certainly don’t have to.  You can check out a bunch of pics after the jump, as well as purchase info.

Incase – Bamboo 3G Slider Case – Available Now

Incase has come up with an eco-friendly way to protect your 3G iPhone. They have created a case that is constructed from reclaimed bamboo and plastic.  40 Percent of the Bamboo Slider is made from pulp created from reclaimed bamboo shards of materials such as construction scaffolding and chopsticks, giving the case its unique look and feel. The case still provides the protection Incase is known for but does so using less plastic. This case is available now at the Incase onlince store for $35. Via CtotheJL.


Incase – Monochrome Slider Case

These cases are nasty.  It’s about time they’re bustin out the two-tones.  And Incase makes only quality gear.  Only bummer with these is that they’re only for the 3G.  4 colorways.  Pick em up for 35.  Check em all out here:

Incase X Air Max + iPhone = SICK

It’s about time companies like Incase take some cues from the Sneakhype industry, and start crankin out some cases that match my Air Max 90’s.  This case in particular isn’t available right now, but will be “soon” apparently.  Meanwhile, you could mix and match the other metallic styles they have to create an equally slick look. [gizmodo]

DC X Incase

Two pretty dopetacular brands have hooked up to bring you a slick little backpack that will retail at $129.  It’s not yet available for purchase, but I assume that they’ll wise up and get this thing accessible to the public soon — now that 480,092 people have seen it due to its debut on SNEAKHYPE today.  It comes in black and white.  Check out more pics here

Incase Hardshell MacBook Covers

According to our analytics, 21% of our readers have Macs, and according to me, 60% of our readers don’t have Macs, but want one.  So for the 81% of you that are in the market for these covers, they look legitttt.  Incase makes the best mac peripherals; I have had like 3 different cases for my iPhone, and BY FAR my Incase one that I have now is the absolute best.  Buy these here.  [uncrate]

Incase X Fragment Iphone Slider Case Now Available

The much anticipated Incase X Fragment Iphone Slider Case is now available through honeyee.  They have white and black cases with glossy or matte finish. Each will run $49.95 and will sell out extremely quickly so check it now. More pics after the jump.[via freshness]

Undefeated X Incase Ballistic Ball Bag

Popular California based Sneaker Store, Undefeated, recently hooked up with Incase to create this “Ballistic Ball Bag.” This sleek, all black back – pack/ ball bag is designed for the real ballers who need a way to carry their J’s, basketball, and water bottles in style. It was made by Incase so you know it is top of the line quality. Although it has a funny shape it would a be a great bag to use when headin to the court. Check out the more detailed pictures after the jump.


Incase X Arkitip X Parra

Incase teamed up with artist Parra to create this protective case for the iPhone 3g. Parra is known for his bright and colorful designs like the one seen in the picture above. This case was actually created for the “Curated by Arkitip.” This particular item will be released on October 24th. Get more info here.

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