Incase iPhone 4 Cases

Incase will be releasing some brand new protective cases for the iPhone 4 at the end of July. The new cases being released include the Slider Case, Snap Case, Protective Cover, and the Perforated Snap Case. All of the models come in a wide variety of colors. The perforated case will be released shortly after the other cases. Take a closer look after your jump.

Incase – Lucky Bag For 15-Inch Macbook Pro

Originally available only through Apple Stores in Japan, the Incase Lucky Bag is now available exclusively on the Incase webstore. Designed specifically for 15-inch Macbook Pro’s, this compact backpack comes in a black colorway with red highlights and has a blue interior. Other features include a reinforced notebook compartment, weather resistant construction, an  iPod pocket with headphone port, and dual exterior zippered compartments. Its well worth the $100 bucks Incase is charging. Take a closer look and get the purchase info after the jump.

Incase Spring 2010 “Chrome” Sliders

I’m not saying it’s for every day, but certainly you could rotate in one of these babies for a night out or just to add some bling-age to your life.  Available in 7 colorways from Incase. 


Incase iPad Accessories

With people linin’ up all over the nation to grab the recently released Apple iPad, companies are comin’ out with accessories by the boatload.  Incase has always been a brand that does Apple accessories perfectly, and they just dropped a whole collection of stuff for the iPad.  Check it all out after the jump.  All of these accessories are available for purchase at the Incase online store.

Incase – Topo Flex Snap Case

Incase just came out with a new version of their Topo Snap Case that is much more durable than previous model. The Topo pattern iPhone cases are probably my favorite out of Incases’s line but i wish they would have came out with some more colors for this new case. Take a closer look after the jump.  Available for $35 at the Incase online store.

Incase Crystal Slider

With a high gloss and crystal flake finish, the new Crystal Slider from Incase is certainly targeted more toward ladies and bi-curious males.  Though, I would like to think that I have enough non-bi-curious fashion sense to rock the teal one on a sunny summer day.  No homo… not that there’s anything wrong with that.  Available at the Incase webstore for $35 in 4 colors. 

Paul Rodriguez X Incase – P-Rod Signature Back Pack

P-Rod and Incase just hooked up for this new collaboration back pack. This back pack can hold everything your regular back pack can and then some. Oh and it looks a lot cooler too. You can cop this now at the Incase online store. Take a closer look after the jump.

Incase Monochrome Slider iPhone Cases

Incase just came out with these new Monochrome slider cases perfect for spring time. The new cases come in three colorways and they are available now at Incase’s online store. Hit the link for a closer look.

Incase – Bamboo & Copper iPhone Cases

“Cool iPhone case.”  …”Yeah, it’s made from mostly recycled bamboo… I’m all about saving Pandas and shit.”  …”Oooh, I love a man that loves to recycle, and like Pandas are too cute, right!?!”  …and just like that, your new iPhone case got you laid.  Can you put a price on that?  Yes, actually you can… it’s 35 dollars, and you can buy the bamboo one here, and the copper one here. 

Incase – Perforated iPhone Snap Case

Incase, the protector of all Apple accessories, just came out with another new iPhone case. The snap case comes in black,white and magenta colorways and features a new perforated design. These are at the Incase online store. On a side note I hope that Incase  starts making some more cases for the iPod touch. They have tons of cases for the iPhone but i can’t find a decent one for the iPod. MP3 players need too look fresh too.

Incase Chrome iPhone Cases

These are probably some of the best iPhone cases we have seen from Incase in awhile. I’m feelin the glossy finish. They are available in black, silver, copper, and gold through Apple Stores and the Incase online store.

Incase Icon Slider Two-Tone Case

Is it gay that I sometimes change my iPhone case depending on my outfit?  I mean, I only have an all-black one and an all-white one.  I think it’s ballin’.  I’m tempted to buy all three colorways of this new case to rock in coordination with my shoe collection.  Each case is 35 bucks.  Pick them up from Incase. 

Incase x Paul Rodriguez – Signature Collection Skate Pack

Man… I wanna be P-Rod.  Dude’s got Nike SB and now Incase throwing more free dope shit at him then he probably knows what to frikkin do with.  The whole signature collection is ill, but this skate pack might take the cake.  Comes in black or gray; you can buy it here. 

Incase Monochrome Slider Case 3GS

Check out these new Incase Monochrome Slider Cases. The new cases come in Pale Gray, Soft Pink, Jute, Celery Green, and Sky Blue for iPhone 3GS / iPhone 3G. They are now available at Go Incase. More pictures after the jump.

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