Thermo Snap Case By Incase

Incase is always coming up with new and creative ways to protect your iPhone. Their newest case is the heat sensitive Thermo Snap Case. It changes color when it’s hot or cold. When the case cools down it changes back to the original color. As of right now, its only available in Pink but more colors should be coming soon. Get yours here for $35 bucks.

Andy Warhol X Incase – iPhone Snap Case Collection

The one thing you can be sure of while owning an iPhone, you will always have a plethora of cases to choose from.  These are from Incase, and feature some great artwork from Andy Warhol.  You can also download these images for your background on your iPhone, iPad, or even your desktop background over at Incase’s website.

Incase Terra Collection

Everyone pretty much knows by now that Incase is killing the game when it comes to accessories for you Apple products.  This ‘Terra Collection’ is definitely no different.  The Campus Backpack is crazy dope, and my two favorite colors happen to be grey & red.

Incase Audio Collection – Now Available

After much anticipation, the Incase Audio collection is finally available. The Incase Audio line  provides users with a high level of functionality, accurate sound and minimal design. The collection consists of 4 sets of headphones: the Sonic ($200), the Reflex ($80), the Pivot($60), and the Capsule ear buds ($50). Each pair of headphones comes in 3 colorways.

Incase – Paul Rodriguez Fall 2011 Signature Collection

Incase and P-Rod have just released a new line of signature products. As always the collection is designed specifically to meet the needs of skateboarders and travelers alike. New to this collection is the Skate Pack Lite which features a protective sleeve for a MacBook/MacBook Pro. The collection also features the Skate Pack and Skate Duffel. P-Rod’s signature collection is available now through Incase.


Incase Audio

Popular accessory manufacturer, Incase, has decided to step into the ring with other headphone heavyweights.  They’re dropping a line of 4 different headphones in September of this year.  If their headphones are similar in quality to the rest of their products, these are sure to please.

The Alloy Collection By Incase

The new Alloy Collection by Incase brings it back to the future with these matte silver bags.  The packs come with all the creature comforts that you expect from Incase; cushy breathable straps, a cozy safe place for that all important notebook. maybe a stash pocket or two for your… uh pens. The Alloy Collection will run you $60-$180 but that’s a small price to pay for a fresh pack that will make you look creepily similar to those silver dudes that stand still all day for money. Source: Druther

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Holiday Shopping Guide 2010

For all you procrastinators out there, I have put together a list of a few deals that will help you get that special someone a gift they love, and just in time for Christmas day.

Incase – Perforated Snap Collection

Incase just droppity dropped a new perf collection for a wide array of Mac products including: iPhone 4, iPad, and iPod touch.  The new perforation features fatty holes that increase not only the diameter of the dots, but also the diameter of the dopeness.  <– They call that alliteration my friends.  I went to college once. 


Incase Origami Sleeve for iPad

I know you’ve all have seen tons of different accessories for the iPad.  With 95% of the tablet sales being the iPad, would you expect anything else?  This is probably my favorite.  Affordable, practical, and it’s made by Incase.  You can pick it up over at their webstore.

Incase iPhone 4 Ping Pong Cover

Incase’s latest addition to their collection of iPhone covers is the Ping-Pong cover. The new cover was inspired by by ping pong paddles and offers enhanced grip as well as a unique look. Get yours at the Incase store now. Check out some more pictures after the jump.


Incase X Paul Rodriguez Signature Collection

Incase and P-Rod have just launched a new signature collection. Combining innovative materials and premium construction with P-Rod’s experience as a professional skateboarder and world traveler, it delivers premium durability, protection and functional design. The Collection consists of a new Duffel Bag and a redesigned Skate Pack. Get yours at the Incase website now. Check out some more pictures and a video after the jump.

Incase MacBook Pro Protective Sleeve Deluxe

Incase’s newest protective sleeve is all about functionality. The Protective Sleeve Deluxe features an exterior accessory pocket that’s perfect for your power adapter, iPhone or iPod, as well, as an additional zippered section on its spine for convenient charging of your notebook while still in the sleeve. The Deluxe sleeve is comes in a black or white colorway and is available now at the Incase website for 50 bucks. Take a closer look after the jump.

C.R. Stecyk For Incase

This very well may be the coolest protective sleeve I’ve seen thus far. Designed by multimedia artist C.R. Stecyk and made to fit a 15″ MacBook Pro. These will be available soon at the Incase online store.

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