I Want To Live Here (41 Pics)

I don’t know why we do these galleries, not because I don’t like them, but because I like them too much.  I want all of these places as my home.  Soon my friends, soon.

Hewlett House In Australia

I can’t get over how sweet this place looks.  I wish there was some more pictures to look at.  I’m telling you guys, the dopest houses are in Australia and South Africa.  I could definitely see myself living down under at some point.

House Ber in South Africa

I’m pretty sure that South Africa is home to the dopest pads in the world.  I’ve seen so many different pads there that are extremely dope.  This particular place is called House Ber, and was designed by Werner van der Meulen.

Chalet One OAK

Seeing places like this make me want to go on a getaway vacation to a mountain somewhere.  No cell phones, no laptops, just a considerable amount of good liquor, and good company.  This place will sleep 12 comfortably, and is a mere 5 minutes away from the famous Princess ski lift.  Who’s down to go?

LA House in Brazil

Wow, my hats off to the interior designer that worked their magic on this swanky pad.  I feel like Brazil would be one of the most amazing places to live.  The women, the weather, and if you had this house…  I’m drooling.

Top 12 Of 2012 – Architecture

Today’s “Top 12″ features some of the dopest architecture we posted throughout 2012.  Once again, these are simply the most viewed architecture posts.  Enjoy.

The Shaker Heights House in Cleveland

After looking at a house like this, I definitely could see myself living in Cleveland.  The dining room table, and the carpet with the different album covers are probably my two favorite parts of the house.

The Singleton House in California

Mulholland Drive is definitely a street I would like to find myself living on at some point in my life.  This particular pad is located at 15000 Mulholland Drive, and is currently on the market.  Just a tad under $18 million, and it can be yours.

The B&N House in Madrid

I don’t think I’ve seen a more modern house than this one.  The interior just looks absolutely crazy.  The house is located in Madrid, and it was designed by the Spanish studio, A-Cero.

Chalet Marco Polo in France

This house puts me in the mood for a winter vacation.  I know, I probably wouldn’t be able to stay in a place like this.  A man can dream though, right?

Kidderpore Gardens in London

I like the game-plan behind this house.  Make people think it’s just an average house on the outside, so no one breaks in or anything.  Then, you hit the inside and it’s amazing.  I can’t get over the glass bedroom walls looking over the living room.

Algarrobos House in Ecuador

Holy mother of views.  I’m pretty jealous of whoever lives in this dwelling.  If you’re need a daily dose of motivation, this is it right here.  It’s located in Ecuador, and was a collaboration of 10 different people.

Swing House in Poland

This house definitely lives up to one of my life mottos.  I like my houses how I like my women, with lots of curves.  Just kidding, I’ve never said that before this post.  Anyways, this is the Swing House located in Warsaw, Poland, and it definitely has a lot of roundness going on.

Casa La Atalaya in California

I’m not 100% sure what Casa La Atalaya translates to, but I’m sure it’s some thing along the lines of “the most amazing house you’ve ever laid eyes on.”  The photography could be what’s playing a hand in making this place look so dope.  I’m sure that the house is plenty dope even without the excellent photos.

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