Casa Gomez In Mexico

Now this is a swanky-looking pad.  The house utilizes the architectural style known as “Deconstructivism”, which is the idea of distorting walls, roofs, or interiors’ volumes.  The place was designed by SO Studio in Cancun.

The Primm Compound In Las Vegas

Living in Vegas would be extremely hard with all the temptation around there.  If I had a place like this I don’t think I would ever have to leave, so that’s one bonus about this pad.  The other bonuses include a 5000-bottle wine cellar, a library, a huge pool, a casino game bar, a gym complete with steam & sauna, a shooting range, and an extremely dope garage.

The Most Expensive Home In America Hits The Market For $190 Million

This is the Copper Beech Farm located in Greenwich, CT.  You might have a hard time finding the rest of your family in a place like this.  12 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, with a total of 13,519 square feet on 50 acres of land right near the water.  Absolutely stunning, and it can be yours for $190 million!

Two-Story Penthouse in Manhattan

This swanky residence offers some amazing evening views of the NY skyline from the comfort of a very classy and spacious outdoor patio.  The penthouse is located on the Lower East Side in Manhattan, and it can be all yours for just under $6 million.

Oceanfront Residence In Hawaii

$9.5 million for a view like this?  Seems like a great deal to me.  This oceanfront pad in Hawaii is just oozing the essence of relaxation.

Amazing Home Theaters (15 Pics)

One goal of mine has always been to have the dopest home theater.  I love watching movies, but I’m not a huge fan of most theater experiences.  Watching movies in the living room is never that fun either, everyone wants to talk and make noise.  Having an incredible home theater like one of these would definitely take care of both those issues.

Harold Way House in Hollywood Hills

Yes.  I’m going to need to go ahead and come up with the down payment for this one.  The house itself is extremely dope, but having an old school Diablo in your living room is just the ultimate panty-dropper.  Not to mention it’s located in Hollywood Hills, and it has 4300 square feet to offer.  Perfect.

I Want To Live Here (37 Pics)

If you’re a millionaire, and looking for ideas for your future home, this gallery is definitely for you.  If you just like looking at dope pads, well then, this gallery is also for you.


I Want To Live Here (44 pics)

Here’s some motivation for higher education. 


I Want To Live Here (41 Pics)

I don’t know why we do these galleries, not because I don’t like them, but because I like them too much.  I want all of these places as my home.  Soon my friends, soon.

Hewlett House In Australia

I can’t get over how sweet this place looks.  I wish there was some more pictures to look at.  I’m telling you guys, the dopest houses are in Australia and South Africa.  I could definitely see myself living down under at some point.

House Ber in South Africa

I’m pretty sure that South Africa is home to the dopest pads in the world.  I’ve seen so many different pads there that are extremely dope.  This particular place is called House Ber, and was designed by Werner van der Meulen.

Chalet One OAK

Seeing places like this make me want to go on a getaway vacation to a mountain somewhere.  No cell phones, no laptops, just a considerable amount of good liquor, and good company.  This place will sleep 12 comfortably, and is a mere 5 minutes away from the famous Princess ski lift.  Who’s down to go?

LA House in Brazil

Wow, my hats off to the interior designer that worked their magic on this swanky pad.  I feel like Brazil would be one of the most amazing places to live.  The women, the weather, and if you had this house…  I’m drooling.

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