The B&N House in Madrid

I don’t think I’ve seen a more modern house than this one.  The interior just looks absolutely crazy.  The house is located in Madrid, and it was designed by the Spanish studio, A-Cero.

Chalet Marco Polo in France

This house puts me in the mood for a winter vacation.  I know, I probably wouldn’t be able to stay in a place like this.  A man can dream though, right?

Kidderpore Gardens in London

I like the game-plan behind this house.  Make people think it’s just an average house on the outside, so no one breaks in or anything.  Then, you hit the inside and it’s amazing.  I can’t get over the glass bedroom walls looking over the living room.

Algarrobos House in Ecuador

Holy mother of views.  I’m pretty jealous of whoever lives in this dwelling.  If you’re need a daily dose of motivation, this is it right here.  It’s located in Ecuador, and was a collaboration of 10 different people.

Swing House in Poland

This house definitely lives up to one of my life mottos.  I like my houses how I like my women, with lots of curves.  Just kidding, I’ve never said that before this post.  Anyways, this is the Swing House located in Warsaw, Poland, and it definitely has a lot of roundness going on.

Casa La Atalaya in California

I’m not 100% sure what Casa La Atalaya translates to, but I’m sure it’s some thing along the lines of “the most amazing house you’ve ever laid eyes on.”  The photography could be what’s playing a hand in making this place look so dope.  I’m sure that the house is plenty dope even without the excellent photos.

House Gundersen in Norway

Every.  Single.  Time.  I swear the dopest houses that I find have the least amount of photography.  Oh well, this place is still extremely dope.  It’s located in Norway, and was done by the firm Widjedal Racki Bergerhoff.

Chalet Brikell in France

Why do some of the dopest pads have to be located in cold weather regions?  The theater in this place is possibly the craziest room I’ve ever seen.  France, here I come.

Skate Park House by LEVEL Architects

This place is called the Skate Park House, and while it’s extremely dope, it’s not much of a skate park.  It’s located in Japan, and it was put together by LEVEL Architects.  I would love to own a place like this.

Water Tower Converted To Home In Belgium

This isn’t fair.  I want to live in a tower too.  The water tower seen here was built between 1938 and ’41.  It functioned up until the 1990′s, then in 2007 they started the conversion process into a home.  I’m really diggin’ that big chalkboard in the kitchen area.

Loft Inside Victorian Westbourne Grove Church

This is an extremely dope pad.  There’s just two things I’m not sure how I feel about.  One, what’s up with the giant pink couch?  Make that electric green, and problem solved.  Two, I’m just not sure how I would feel living inside of an old church.  I definitely would try to keep any illegal activity on the exterior of the home.

100 Pond Bay Estate in the Caribbean

If there’s one thing that we love when it comes to amazing homes, it’s a dope view.  I’d say this pad has that feature pretty well-covered.  It actually features 6 pavilions that have their own private entrance and parking.  It’s almost like a resort more than a home.

Coastlands Residence in California

Obviously, there are many dope features that this home has to offer.  The stairs with the glass is clutch though.  I wonder if you could get some of those with LEDs on the inside of them

Chenequa Residence in Wisconsin

Sometimes it’s not about the overall dopeness of the pad, but the shape and design of it.  This place in Wisconsin was done by the Robert Harvey Oshatz Architect.  The curves on this place look amazing.

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