Coastlands Residence in California

Obviously, there are many dope features that this home has to offer.  The stairs with the glass is clutch though.  I wonder if you could get some of those with LEDs on the inside of them

Chenequa Residence in Wisconsin

Sometimes it’s not about the overall dopeness of the pad, but the shape and design of it.  This place in Wisconsin was done by the Robert Harvey Oshatz Architect.  The curves on this place look amazing.

Roxbury Drive House in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills, that’s where I want to be.  That’s also where this house is located.  Wait ’til you see the office inside, I neeeeed it.  Oh, and there’s a ton of pics for you to look at.

Leblanc-Cox Residence in Texas

I have absolutely nothing against Texas.  I even have family that lives down there, but I don’t think that I could ever live there.  If anything could possibly persuade me to move, it would definitely be someone giving me this house.  Absolutely amazing.

Woodland Drive Mansion in California

It’s not too often that I talk about the closets of the houses we post, but the closet in this place is exactly what I need.  I love all the wood accents throughout this pad, absolutely amazing.  I’ve always wondered what it would be like to live in Beverly Hills.

Sparks Architects Modern Homes

Sparks Architects are an Australian based firm that really does some amazing work.  These are some shots of a few homes that they put together.

Michael C. Hall aka Dexter’s House For Sale

I suppose I could hang my hat in a place like this.  Michael C. Hall recently had this house listed for sale.  The current price is at $1,995,000.  Anyone want to go halfsies?

Chalet Cyanella in the French Alps (+Video)

If I didn’t dislike cold weather & snow so much, this would be my future dwelling for sure.  It’s located in the French Alps, and it is quite amazing.  Be sure to watch the video at the bottom.

Malibu Bridge House

After looking through thousands of pads since the inception of the architecture section here at Sneakhype, I have finally found the one.  I believe this is it.  It’s located in Malibu, Calfornia, and it is dope to the maximum.

Luxury Penthouse in Johannesburg

Can anyone tell me the difference between a penthouse, a condo, and an apartment?  I’m too lazy to Google it at the moment.  This particular pad is a penthouse that has 3 levels, and is located in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Villa Beige in Koh Samui

I love houses like this.  The ones where you can’t tell if it’s actually a home or a resort.  Either way, it’s extremely dope.  It’s located on a private lot on the island of Koh Samui.

The James Bond House

Here’s a little throwback action for you.  This house was designed back in 1968, and is best known for it’s appearance during a fight scene in an old school James Bond flick.  It’s also been used for a number of Playboy shoots.  Yes, some of the interior accents may be a little dated, but I’d take it just how it is.

Waterfall Mansion in Dallas

I haven’t been down to Texas in years.  This particular pad is located in Dallas, and swanky almost doesn’t even seem to describe it.  It is currently for sale, you’ll only need $1,975,000.  Not bad.

Otter Cove Residence in California

I feel like having a home hanging over rocks like this would be a little scary.  Nonetheless, the views from this place would be awesome.  It reminds me of Ironman’s house a little bit.

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