Point Piper House

Once again, I’ve added another place I need to visit asap.  This house is absolutely gorgeous and located down under in Sydney, Australia.  So dope, mate.

The Birchview House

I want to live in Canada so bad.  I haven’t made my way to Ontario yet, but Montreal is extremely dope.  This particular house is located in Ontario, and it looks like a straight up piece of glorious artwork.  Just look at this place.

Northaven Contemporary

From the outside, this thing does not look like a house to me.  Once we get a look inside though, it happens to be quite a dope house.  Very bright throughout the whole house, which I happen to like a lot.  I can’t stand dark places, so depressing.

Wimberley House

I know Cribs used to be like your favorite TV show, but looking at photos like these make me completely forget about most of those houses.  This one’s located in Wimberley, TX, and was designed by Cunningham Architects.

Waikoloa Beach Resort Residence (28 Pics)

This has got to be one of the most ballin’ pads I’ve ever laid my eyes on.  It’s in Hawaii, it has 5759 sq. feet of space, and if that doesn’t do it for you, just look at the pics.  I’m quite a ways from retirement, but this would definitely suffice for a place to retire later on down the road.  Wow.

Delong Place

If you had to take a guess, you would probably think this home is probably located in England or something like that, right?  Well you would be extremely wrong, as it’s located right in the United States over in Lexington, Kentucky.  It features 24,000 SQ feet of space, yet it’s only a 5 bedroom house.  It certainly is a beautiful home regardless.  $6.5 mill, and this bad boy is yours.

Los Osos House

Get-away home anyone?  This would be the perfect spot for you.  The house is located in Monterrey, Mexico, and was designed by the firm Agustin Landa Ruiloba.  The view from this place is absolutely amazing.

House In Nursery

What would a week be without a bunch of crazy pads to look at?  This one is located in Jakarta, Indonesia.  Pretty jealous of whoever is living it up in this joint.  It was designed by Rudi Kelana & Gerard Tambunan.  Gang of pics after the jump.

Central Park West

With a recent trip to NY coming up, I felt it was necessary to take a look at some property that was for sale.  At a very reasonable $32.5 million, this pad can be all yours.  You guys think it’s worth it?

Christian Pottgiesser Architecturespossibles – Maison L

Swanky pad alert.  Extremely dope house, with an extremely dope location.  Located just outside of Paris to be exact, this thing is ballin’.  Take a look for yourself.

Arkansas House by Marlon Blackwell Architect

Last week I showed you a house that was hidden away in Delaware, which you can check out here.  Well, here’s one in the great state of Arkansas that always seems to be tucked away.  I’m going to have to say this one is way more dope.  Lots of pics after the jump.

Lujan House

Out of all the dope places in the world would you pick Delaware to hold your getaway home in?  I don’t know that I would, but I’ve never been there before so maybe I shouldn’t judge.  I don’t know about you guys, but I could look at crazy houses all day.  Pure motivation.

The Red Box

One of our favorite things to show you has got to be ballin’ pads.  Here we have a look at a sweet little home in Los Angeles, designed by Jeremy Levine.  It’s called ‘The Red Box’ for obvious reasons.  Check out our whole section of dope homes & architecture here.

18th Century Church Now A Home

Apparently, a popular thing to do these days is buy a church, and then turn it into a house.  I don’t know why you would choose this one, right next to a cemetry.  Good luck sleeping well.  Other than that, it’s actually pretty sick though.

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