Lujan House

Out of all the dope places in the world would you pick Delaware to hold your getaway home in?  I don’t know that I would, but I’ve never been there before so maybe I shouldn’t judge.  I don’t know about you guys, but I could look at crazy houses all day.  Pure motivation.

The Red Box

One of our favorite things to show you has got to be ballin’ pads.  Here we have a look at a sweet little home in Los Angeles, designed by Jeremy Levine.  It’s called ‘The Red Box’ for obvious reasons.  Check out our whole section of dope homes & architecture here.

18th Century Church Now A Home

Apparently, a popular thing to do these days is buy a church, and then turn it into a house.  I don’t know why you would choose this one, right next to a cemetry.  Good luck sleeping well.  Other than that, it’s actually pretty sick though.

KRE House

Apparently the person that wanted this house built has the exact same requirements that I would have.  One, to have a really tall tree somewhere in the house.  Two, to have a 9-car garage with an elevator so that one car could be viewed from the living room.  Easily one of the dopest houses I’ve ever seen.

Zeppelin Tree House

Might have found what my new investment is going to have to be.  Everyone needs somewhere that they can just escape from everything going on in their life.  Well this would definitely serve as one of those places, not only that but it looks sick as well.  More looks after the jump.

Saijo House By Suppose Design Office

One of the weirder looking houses i’ve seen from the outside, but yet still so dope.  Not sure if its quite my style, but i do like it a lot.  Check out a ton of pics after the jump.

Villa Storingavika By Todd Saunders

Us here at Sneakhype only like to hang out in the freshest of homes.  It has to be cozy, yet contemporary, and big enough to throw the largest of bashes.  This one certainly fits the profile, check out some other looks after the jump.

House Pozuelo Madrid

I don’t know what to say about this house really, except i might have to buy some land and build me one exactly like it, that’s how sick it is.  Indoor pool, seperate outdoor pool, crazy library room, & some weird referee painted open room.  Definitely my kind of pad.  Check out a bunch of looks at the rest of the house after the jump.

Guaruja House Or SNEAKHYPE’s New Humble Abode?

For one of our more recent purchases we picked up this elegant home here.  Mostly used as a vacation house, it’s a nice place to hang our hats when we need a much deserved break.  You can check out all sorts of detail pics after the jump.

The Openhouse

The Openhouse is located in a narrow and sloping lot in the Hollywood Hills. the main focus of the house was the view of the landscape, having 47 movable glass panels. To balance out the glass they used stone,plaster. and oak. Its the ultimate G’d up pad.

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