Sprecher House by SAOTA is Pure Luxury

South Africa based design firm, SAOTA, has done their fair share of luxury estates that will blow your mind.  The Sprecher House is just another amazing pad under their belt.  Located in Hangklip, South Africa, the Sprecher House was designed to create a holiday house inspired by the location’s indigenous surroundings.  The house sits on a rocky peninsula that overlooks the sea & Hangklip mountain.

Take a Tour of this Amazing Getaway Home in Colorado

Life goal:  Own a pad like this as a vacation home.  This residence is located in Aspen, Colorado, and offers beautiful views of Aspen as well as Hunter Creek.  The home boasts a whopping 9 bedrooms & 9 bathrooms, so you can take a whole crew when you head on vacation.  Current list price is $14,900,000, which is a small price to pay for a luxury like this.

House in Hong Kong has a Ferrari Overlooking the Living Room

This split-level home in Hong Kong is one of the most futuristic pads I’ve seen.  The entire house was remodeled to meet the owner’s specification of having the Ferrari on display in the middle of the house.  There’s a total of 4500 square feet in the residence, and the extensive use of glass & steel is incredibly present.

This is the Ultimate Lakehouse

Located in British Columbia, Canada, this lakehouse offers over 7500 square feet located right on the lake.  It’s a 6 bedroom, 6 & 1/2 bathroom house that’s perfect for a trip with your family & friends every so often to get away from the everyday hustle & bustle.  The house is also the most unique of any home on the Okanagan Lakeshore, because the proximity to the lake, boat house bar, extensive boardwalk and dock structure are all grandfathered and cannot be duplicated due to laws governing the lake shore.

Palm Royale Home in Texas is One of the Most Amazing We’ve Ever Seen

Some of the houses we post seem like the dopest cribs we’ve ever seen, but then a new one always comes along and blows us away.  This home, located on Palm Royale Blvd in Sugar Land, TX, is epitome of luxury.  It’s pretty expensive, but definitely less than I was expecting at $12,800,000.  Hit the listing here.

Waterfront Villa in Santa Posa Will Make You Hate Where You Live

You ever just look at a ballin’ pad like this & think “man, my pad sucks”?  That’s basically what I did when I came across this beautiful waterfront designer villa in the Santa Posa region of Mallorca.  It’s available for just a shade under $6,500,000, check out the listing here.

This Guy Lives in a Retired Boeing 727 in the Woods

Now this would be pretty cool.  Bruce Campbell is the owner of this recycled Boeing 727 located in the woods of Portland, Oregon.  I think I would deck out the interior a little bit more than he has, but perhaps he ran out of money for interior renovations after dropping $220K to purchase the old aircraft. He’s only in the USA for 6 months out of the year & then in Japan the other 6 months, where he has plans to do the same thing there.  Check out all the info on this project over on his website.

Incredible Pad in Beverly Hills by McClean Design

So, McClean Design is the firm behind this amazing place in Beverly Hills.  They are known for designing famous DJ, Avicii’s house as well.  This particular job was a remodel of an existing home that was designed in the 1970s.  I’d say they did a top-notch job.

Dr. Dre Buys Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen’s Old Pad

Well, Dr. Dre is wasting no time spending his Apple cash.  The man with the plan has bought Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen’s chateau in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles.  The price?  Just a cool $40 million.  The home has a moat that’s filled with Koi fish, and it’s very own chicken coop.

The Stunning P House in São Paulo, Brazil

This is an absolutely amazing house, so it’s pretty crazy than I can’t stop thinking about that garage.  So dope.  Studio MK27 is the firm behind this project known as the “P House.”  Located in São Paulo, Brazil, the house is meant to be a puzzle game rotating three volumes around one nucleus.  Pretty amazing.

Float House in Israel by Pitsou Kedem Architects

When I first saw that this was called the “Float House” I was really hoping for a sweet pad surrounded by a moat, but no such luck.  This is still an amazing household located in Israel, and was done by Pitsou Kedem Architects.

The Planalto House in São Paulo, Brazil

Flavio Castro, a firm based out of São Paulo, is responsible for this amazing house.  It was designed for a couple with two children, but you could definitely make a solid bachelor pad out of this place.  Absolutely amazing.

The Escape Cabin by Canoe Bay is the Perfect Getaway

Amazing cabin that’s incredibly portable & affordable?  That’s what the group at Canoe Bay is offering.  This is the ESCAPE cabin, and each one is custom-made to your specifications.  Environmentally & energy-conscious, and delivered to wherever you like.  Check out all the details here.

Stunning Oceanfront Home in Baja, Mexico

I’m tired of sitting around wondering when Summer is going to be here.  I need just to move to a place like this where it seems like Summer all year long.  Olson Kundig Architects designed & developed this amazing oceanfront property in Baja.  Amazing.

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