Step Inside this North Hillcrest Home Located in Beverly Hills

This would not be a bad way to spend $85 million.  1181 North Hillcrest is located in Beverly Hills atop the Trousdale Estates.  The home features 23,000 square feet of pure luxury living.  Amenities include Bentley leather stitched furniture, James Bond-inspired bar, open garage concept, 7 bedrooms, and one amazing view.  Learn more over on the home’s website.

You can own Don Corleone’s House from The Godfather

That’s right, you can become the next “Godfather” with the purchase of this house.  Okay, so maybe not, but it would still be pretty cool to live in the house used as Don Corleone’s in Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Godfather.”  The house is located in Staten Island, New York, and it boasts 15 rooms including a gym, rec room, and a game room.  $2,895,000 and it can be yours.  Check the listing here.

Heirloom Custom Tiny Homes are Incredibly Cozy

Heirloom is a company that specializes in custom luxury homes on wheels with 10+ years experience.  They’re handcrafted in Portland, and made to order.  With your imagination & their expertise, you can make home anywhere you park it.  Each custom build uses high quality materials and fixtures that meet even the most high-end standard of luxury.  Head over to their website to enquire about building your own.

Incredible Tula House Overhanging a Cliff in Canada

Perched nice & pretty up on a cliff in Canada is this amazing pad called the Tula House.  Patkau Architects designed this home located on a remote island that overlooks the Pacific ocean.  The seclusion the property has would make for a really nice retreat from the city.  When viewing from a distance the home seems to disappear into the woods.

Beach Paradise “Mar de Luz House” Located in Peru

When you live right on the beach, you want to make sure you accent your views.  That’s exactly what the architects at Oscar Gonzalez Moix did with this house in Paracas, Peru.  The first level of the home features a transparent them that allows you to take advantage of the views from every angle.  Mission well-accomplished guys.

Stunt Road Compound is Empty & Ready for you to Move In

Live in California, and in need of a new dwelling?  Well, if you got the bankroll to blow through, then you should look at this place.  The Stunt Road Compound is located in Calabasas, CA, on 44 acres of land.  The pad is made of steel-reinforced concrete & is partially buried in the Santa Monica Mountains.  It can be all yours for just a shade under $4.5 million.  Check the listing here.

“Cabins” is Filled with Dream Homes & Architecture Porn

Having solid coffee table books is a must.  Having a dope book like this that’s filled with amazing photography & artworks of getaway homes?  Clutch.  The hardcover book called “Cabins” is filled with 460+ pages that are sure to not disappoint.  It’s currently available for pre-order here.

Beach House in Lebanon is an Architectural Masterpiece

The houses we find never cease to amaze me.  This house in Amchit, Lebanon is certainly no different.  The views of the Mediterranean are absolutely breath-taking to say the least.  BLANKPAGE Architects developed the beach home by layering wooden decks & mixing that with a minimal steel structure.  I know you have the open sea just in front of you, but that lap pool?  So dope.

LeBron James’ Miami Home is Up For Sale

It’s official, LeBron James is cutting all ties with Miami.  Obviously he’s in Cleveland now, but he recently decided to make it a clean break by listing his Miami home.  For $17 million this beautiful home can be all yours.  Check out the listing here.

Sunset Strip Residence in Los Angeles is Luxuriously Dreamy

Mcclean Design Architects is the firm behind this glorious pad that overlooks the Los Angeles basin.  There’s actually three separate buildings on the property including the main luxury villa, a glass garage, and the guest house.  It’s located in one of Los Angeles’ most famed neighborhoods & it’s just minutes away from Sunset Strip.

Modern House in Hong Kong is also Eco-Friendly

This is actually a 40-year-old house located in Hong Kong that was recently given a complete makeover.  Millimeter Interior Design Limited is the firm behind the recent facelift, and I’d say they did an incredible job.  The house now looks like it’s from the future, and also sports some nice, sustainable features.  They installed large solar panels on the roof of the home to provide a source of natural power to water heaters, lighting, and backup batteries.

This is Every Car Collector’s Dream Home

Don’t get me wrong this a dream home for just about anyone, but if you own a handful of exotic or luxury cars, this caters even more to you.  The house is located in West Bellevue, Washington.  There’s only 2 bedrooms in the house, but he had a special made garage that has room for 20 cars, which explains the lack of real estate for bedrooms.  Valued at $4 million, this is definitely a very special house.

Santa Barbara Home is All That & a Bag of Chips

This is quite the impressive home in Santa Barbara that was recently sold for just a shade over $10 mill.  Located on 4 acres in a gated community between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez mountains, this home will offer you views for days.  Don’t think that’s all though, the large estate boasts 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, media room, game room, and a guest suite.  It’s really quite amazing.

Crazy House in Iran features Rotating Boxes to Adapt to Climate Changes

You would think that having a house with rotating boxes that allow you to adjust for the weather would be the highlight of your pad.  Nope, this place is filled with dopeness throughout, especially the downstairs pool.  The Sharifi-ha House is located in Tehran, Iran.  Glorious.

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