Harold Way House in Hollywood Hills

Yes.  I’m going to need to go ahead and come up with the down payment for this one.  The house itself is extremely dope, but having an old school Diablo in your living room is just the ultimate panty-dropper.  Not to mention it’s located in Hollywood Hills, and it has 4300 square feet to offer.  Perfect.

Doheny Residence in Hollywood Hills

Where are all my rich friends at?  Let’s go buy a house.  This dope pad is located in the Hollywood Hills, and it features a great pool area matched with some great views.  There were some complaints about the interior of the last home I posted, this one should seem much better.

Hopen Place House (18 Pics)

Designed by Whipple Russle Architects, the Hopen Place is located in the Hollywood Hills. It’s also really, really dope.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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