Skullcandy out-of-ear Headphones

Damn, these are ridiculously fresh. I mean, yeah… I GUESS it’s cool to have the Bose headphones or whatever, but EVERY SINGLE other person willing to spend money on headphones has those… why not be Sneakhype and set yourself apart from the mainstream and cop yourself a pair of these bad bad babies. Do it now and do it here.


Skullcandy Holua Headphones

These Holua headphones by Skullcandy are new for this year and are made of real wood, come in a wooden carrying case, and you can get either of the two colors with gold, white, or silver chord. I have a pair of Skullcandy headphones that aren’t nearly as cool as these, however, they are still, hands down, some of the best in-ear headphones I’ve ever tried out. I got them to replace my stock iPod headphones that just hurt the inside of my ears. Not only are my Skullcandy ones way more comfortable, but the sound quality is much better as well. They are 100 dollars and you can buy them here.


WeSC – New Fall Releases

New bags and hoodies and shirts and accessories from WeSC fresh on the net for purchase. Our job is to keep you fresh, and we take this job very very seriously. Click this link for the gray Mathieu Backpack. Click here for the black and white Lionel Backpack. The Icon Hoody comes in blue, yellow, and gray. Check out the headphones and the splatter T too.


WeSC Headphones

WeSC, a European clothing company, is starting to branch out and try new things. WeSC is usually known for their fresh clothes has started to produce a line a headphones. The new line consists of many different styles and price ranges. The ear-buds cost around $35.00, the blue headphones, the Oboe, cost $67.00. The Cream colored headphones are the higher-end Headphones called the Bongo’s. They provide any listener with amazing clarity and very clean bass. The Bongos are retailing for $87.00. You can check out the rest the rest of WeSC’s collection, or buy any of these headphones here.

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