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Buy Rusty Wired Sweatshirts and Jackets

Get your credit cards out fellas… cuz you’re about to make a highly satisfying purchase.  Check this out — Rusty just dropped this line of jackets that has machine-washable headphones built into the frikkin draw-string chords.  SICK.  They’re only 50 bucks.  Get yours here.

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Sony PiiQ Headphones Giveaway

Shaboom bitch!  We’re giving away some dope headphones.  2 pairs in fact.  Check out the details.  

GunLove Part I: Teknines – 18k Gold 9mm Earbuds

A little something for your ear hole.  Frikkin gold bullets bangin beats on your ear drums.  Super ballin.  250 bucks is the price you gotta pay for such baller status.  Doesn’t sound too bad, but when you consider that you can get an iPhone4 for 2 hundo — the opportunity cost seems less attractive.  They become available for online purchase in about 10 days here. 

PiiQ Headphones from Sony

Sony is introducing this new style-driven line of headphones dubbed PiiQ.  Some trendy and flashy styles — 5 in total, ranging from 100 bucks to as low as 15 for some simple ear buds.  15 bucks is hard to argue with.  Available for purchase, and you can check em out here. 

Headphones by MUSE

Any accessory that you wear nearly every day is certainly one that you need to give careful consideration to, and perhaps one that needs updating.  MUSE has a nice lineup.  Check out my faves after the click.  All are available for purchase online. 

Stretch Bongo Headphones by WeSC

Sometimes I wish I was a hippie or a teenager, or better yet, a teenage hippie, so that I could get away with rockin gear like this.  If you fit the description and are in the market, you can pick these phones up here for $84.

Elecom X Kiks TYO Headphones

Wow, i don’t know why they had to tease us with this sneak peak picture, but these headphones look crazy.  I like the way the look for sure, my only problem is earbuds like these don’t stay in my ear, so i’m not too happy that i won’t be able to rock these.  Classic elephant print just proves again that it will reign supreme as a design staple for years to come.  These are brought to you by the the Japanese brand Kiks TYO & Elecom.  We’ve yet to see a release date, but expect them soon.

Skullcandy NBA Series Headphones ($50)

Rep your squad with these fresh headphones from Scullcandy.  I’ve had one pair of Scullcandy’s, and I really like them, so the 50 dollar asking price is quite reasonable.  You can buy them here, and check out some more styles after the click. 

WeSC – “Alp Horn” Headphones

These are sweet.  You can get them here for 130. 

Nixon – “Trooper” Headphones ($50)

Nixon is expanding its dominant prowess in the accessories game.  They pretty much own the timepiece market — offering the widest selection of the dopest watches for very competitive prices.  Their headphone line isn’t nearly as extensive as their watch line, but ’tis equally dope and is also offered at great prices.  These new Troopers are only 50 bucks.  Check em out at Nixon. 


Sneaker Freaker x AIAIAI – Earbuds

Minty fresh.  Comes with several different sizes of earbud squishy things for optimal custom comfort AND it’s got the hands-free thing on the chord so you can use it with your iPod, iPhone, or Blackburreh.  They just went on sale yesterday at SF’s online store for sixty bucks. 

WeSC – The Bag Pipe Headphones

They look comfy.  Any Sneakhypers own a pair of WeSC headphones?  I’m curious to know the sound quality.  These are retailing at 175… which is just shy of the price tag on some quality Bose’s or some equivalent.  I like the looks, but for that skrilla, I better feel like I’m inside the frikkin Melbourne Recital Theater.  You can buy these here. 

Skullcandy Girls

Have some nice pics of the Skullcandy girls for you all, via the guys over at Rad Collector.  I like them all, each girl, if any of you Skullcandies are single, holler at me!  Enjoy all the pics after the jump.

WeSC – The Pick Up Headphones

The lead image here is of the “Pick Ups” (3 colors) but after the jump you’ll see the “Maraca” headphones as well.  Both new.  Both fresh.  Both available at Karmaloop for 55.

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