Featured Artist – The Krah

Street art and fine art.  About 20 more illin pics over yonder:

New Banksy Spotted In The East Side Of London

New Banksy was recently spotted in the east side of London.  The elusive Banksy remains clever as always with his new artwork that features a child holding a boom box and another featuring a child painting the words “Last Graffiti before Motorway”.  More pics after the jump. [supertouch]

Featured Artist – Miguel Angel Montaño

Dude is a Mexican illustrator and graffiti artist.  To showcase his dopeness, we’re serving up a sample of his wall mural “Bestiario” — which he explains as the beast of his dreams.  Dude must be chewin up some Mexican mushroomer boomers to be dreamin about this fatty colorful fox chasin him around town.  Check out his blog here.  Peep the full mural


Featured Artist – IEOR

Now, y’all’ready know that the SNEAKHYPE crew’s got talent, but check out what some of our local homies are crankin out.  Our man IEOR pretty much owns Lawrence, and is reppin the beloved 785 pretty hard.  Originally from Chi-town, he’s bringing his big city talent down to the heartland.  Look out for some SNEAKHYPE X IEOR collabs to drop in the Spring.  Yeah, get excited.  Meanwhile, check out


Featured Artist – Me

Yeah me.  EG.  This is a wall mural I did for my man, Beez.  He’s got an attic that he calls The Heavens.  I used 4 Krink steel tip markers, as well as, a 60mL Krink mop.  At the end of the video, you’ll see a skyline of the University of Kansas and a Jayhawk.  I wish I could say I did those, but those were done by the most sneakhype chica you’ll ever meet in your life, if you should ever have the pleasure of doing so, Hannah Z.  You would be disrespecting SNEAKHYPE a great deal if you don’t click the link to see more photos…

Featured Artist – Pan Suon

Check out more of his stuff here.

Swarovski Graffiti

This was a finalist in Swarovski’s “crystal vision” competition.  Unfortunately, this crystal graffiti paint isn’t being put into production form Swarovski.  But, you can see the winners after the jump. [designboom] The winners are perhaps cooler than this paint–check it out below.

Louis Vuitton SoHo Store Makeover

Yesterday, we showed you one of the items that will be released as part of the Stephen Sprouse X Louis Vuitton collab — a ridiculously priced skateboard.  I had mentioned that they were going to do a store makeover in SoHo… well they got down to it this morning — check it out, these pics were just released.  I would say… so far so fresh.  It’d be a smidgen fresher if they let ya boy EG get down with some KRinkage on dem columns… i’m just sayin. More pics below. [pics via 12ozprophet / heads up via highsnobiety]

LICHTFAKTOR – Paddington_London

LICHTFAKTOR, the best-known and simply the best light graffiti artists in the world just dropped a new series of photos called Paddington_London to add to their dopetacular portfolio.  This series was a contract piece done for Land Securities.  You can view the folio in it’s entirety here. See more pics after the jump.

Featured Artist – Edmar Quiros

This artist caught my eye because he puts gives street art a new medium and look with his 3D renderings of graffiti.  He also has some other very interesting originals from other genres… some you can see after the jump, and others you can see at his portfolio. More pics after the link.

Featured Artist – Banksy

So this artist has been around for sometime, but he’s probably one of my favorite graffiti artists, if not my favorite artist period.  He goes by the name of bansky, but there has always been uncertainty about his identity.  Most of his art has to do with politics, culture, and ethics.  He has a lot of controversial pieces, but it all looks amazing to me.

Krink X Kidrobot – Mailbox Toy – Dec 18th

Krink is fast becoming one of my favorite brands.  They started as a graffiti arts company… staying true to their game, and now they’ve got all sorts of stuff… from markers and mops to snowboards, shirts, kicks, and now toys.  You should click here to see all the other stuff we have posted from Krink.  Here, you see Krink has teamed up with Kidrobot to bring you their signature mailbox in vinyl.  They are going to produce 500 (all individually numbered) and each will retail at 39.95.  They will release on December 18th.  I’m definitely going to try to get one. [hypebeast]  More pics after the jizzy jump.

Featured Artist – Yok

I love me some graffiti.  And I’m starting to love me some Yok.  Dude is from Thailand, and has an incredibly unique and distinct style.  Quit wasting your time reading what I have to say and see for yourself by looking at a bunch of pictures after the jump.  Check out dude’s website here.

Featured Artist – Lichtfaktor

You may have heard of these fools before, or at least be familiar with the genre of art. I think we even put up their stuff before. But these guys are probably the best light graffiti artists in the world. Gotta give them the respect they deserve as they keep putting out more and more progressive stuff. Check out lichtfaktor’s website here.

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