Wall Stencils “Kinky Girls”

I’m really getting into stencil graffiti, and these works are quite tastefully done.  Large and intricate, vintage theme, and well placed inside a pretty dope apartment. 

LV x Stephen Sprouse – iPhone/iPod Background

If you’re still amped on the Stephen Sprouse collabs, you should get the background.  A few variations are available.  You gotta hit up these people for one. 


Light Spray Cans – “Halo”

Developed by Aisa Logerot, this prototype (called Halo) is used for light writing, but allows graffiti artists to stay true to their aerosol style.  You can adjust the brightness of the light, as well as, change the caps for different colors.  Now check out the coolest part: when it runs out of battery, you recharge the thing by shaking it.  Awwwesome.  How perfect is this for someone like me who is a totally wannabe badass graffiti artist?  I would say, though, the only drawback to this product is that most good light writing utilizes several different types of lights, including sticks, strobes, and different size bulbs.  This would disallow for that, and restrict the artist to more of a pen-like utensil.  Check out Aissa Logerot for more details.

“Abstract” by Lichtfaktor

This certainly isn’t the first time we’ve shown love to Lichtfaktor, but I just came across a new series of theirs: Abstract.  I think it contains some of their best work, as it eliminates all background setting and external light, and focuses solely on the graffiti itself.  Many many (15) great pictures after the click. 

Featured Artist – Alex Foerster

You really need to check out this dude’s website.  It’s one of the most creative portfolios I have seen in a while.  He also has a streetwear clothing line you can find at his site.  If you like his work, you can get some large renders of it at his DeviantArt profile for your desktop. 

New Krink Metallic K-60 Colors

The K-60 is a superb writing utensil that is now shipping in 3 new metallic colors.  Krink’s website is currently under development, so I’m not positive when you’ll be able to grab these up easily.  But, of course, you can pick up a variety of other K-60 colors from various graffiti distributors like bombingscience.  [KR]


Video of Ironlak US Team goin at it

Ironlak’s team doin what they do best.  Ironlak, if you’re reading this, you should hit us up and we’ll contract yall to do a nasty SNEAKHYPE mural, how bout it?  Check out the video:

Graffiti Sculpture by Sander van Heukelom

I didn’t even think these were real sculptures at first, but if you check out the detail shots after the jump, you will see that they are legit wood sculptures.  So absolutely amazingly dope.  The name “Sander van Heukelom” may ring a bell, and if it does, that means you’re an avid Sneakhyper, because he was just featured a few days ago as the designer of the Spray Can Cap Chairs.  His portfolio is quite extensive and is chalk full of the dopeness, as you would expect from any featured artist you find on SNEAKHYPE.  You gotta check out the other stuff:  


Spray Can Cap Chairs

Pretty dope concept here.  A must have for any rich graffiti artists.  By designer Sander van Heukelom.

Featured Artist – Mike Karolos

I like these jellyfish the most — but if you’re a fan of digital graffiti, you should check out


Customs by Adi Dharma

It’s the year of the walrus baby… check out this dude’s mug on the side of some brown and mint AF1’s after the jump.  Adi Dharma’s portfolio.  

Featured Artist – Mr. Dheo

This lil montage doesn’t do the Dheo justice.  Mr. Dheo.. more like the reo dheo.. you feel me?  That’s “real deal” for all of you that don’t speak street.  You really need to check out his portfolio here.

Clout x Cope 2 – Limited Edition Tee

Our favorite graffiti publication has hooked up with legendary artist, Cope 2, to bring err’body these slick shirts.  Pick yours up here for 32. 


Blacklight Graffiti

As you would certainly imagine, the Sneakhype crew throws unforgettable parties on the reg.  We also get yachts on the reg.  Regardless, for our next bash, you’ll be seein us rockin out sprayin up the place with some invisible paint that is only visible under a blacklight… perhaps the ultimate party accessory.  The box set comes with stencils and glow in the dark fabric as well.  It is available for online purchase here.  More pics:

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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