Money Graffiti (20 Pics)

20 of the coolest defaced dollar bills you will ever see.


Entree LS Incognito Deluxe Daypack (Teaser)

Entree recently dropped this teaser video that hints at some accessories here in the near future.  As always, we’re definitely excited to see what they’re cooking up.

Some Street Art (28 pics)

I don’t care if you do it between 3:52 am and 5:00 am… how do people pull some of this stuff off without getting caught?  


Lego Graffiti – Stop Motion Video

This is one of the cooler stop motion videos that I’ve seen. I can’t imagine how long it took to put this together. Take a look after the jump.

Hanksy Strikes Again

The graffiti artist known as Hanksy has hit again.  These were done in the Lower East Side, and they’re both pretty dope to me.  What do you guys think?  I wonder if there’s any chance that Hanksy is actually Banksy.

3D Sidewalk Chalk (21 Pics)

The time and effort that went into these had to be pretty ridiculous.  I haven’t used sidewalk chalk for a very long time, but I’m sure I could never pull off something like one of these.

Dope Street Art (24 Pics)

Who doesn’t love some dope street art & graffiti?  Everyone’s going crazy about 3D movies & TV.  You gotta check out the 3D art in this post.


Paintball Gun Graffiti

I always thought regular graffiti must have taken long, I can’t imagine how long this had to take.  Apparently, these are paintball legends that Mountain Dew rounded up to create these pieces of art.  They also seem to have some of the best marketing ideas.

Street Art by Claire Streetart (23 works)

French street artist, Claire Streetart, has a widely-recognizable style that is sweeping the streets of France. 

“Fontform” by Sander van Heukelom

An artist with strong graffiti roots, Sander van Heukelom has once again come up with something unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.  You may recall his “Fat Cap” (spray can cap) chairs, or his graffiti sculpture.  Now he shows us his new project, “Fontform” as yet another dope addition to his unique portfolio.


Graffiti Girls

Just a warning, these pics might be considered a little risque by some.  I’m purely showing off the true beauty of these pics…..  the graffiti, right.  So, anyways, i’m not sure on the point behind this besides gettin’ some good lookin’ girls and drawin’ some sweet graffiti on them.  More pics after the jump.


Help Out a G Who Paints With His Mouth

Graffiti artist Benny Diar has been paralyzed from the neck down for 2 years.  His passion for art remains as he continues to create by putting a paintbrush in his mouth and creating works far better than anything I could ever hope to create with my hands.  Our good friends over at CLOUT are helping this admirable dude out as best they can by organizing fundraisers through events and product sales.  Their most recent effort brings to us some dope T-shirts; the proceeds generated from the sales of these tees will go directly to Benny to help cover his extensive living costs.  Please read Benny’s letter to you and purchase one of the shirts here. 

Spray Can Cap Chairs

These come as the second installment of spray can cap chairs by designer Sander van Heukelom on Sneakhype.  Pretty sweet.  If you’re really rich, Mr. Heukelom will actually make one for you.  Order here.  Check out a full gallery of sweet chairs here.

Banksy – Regent’s Canal

Well known graffiti artist, Banksy, recently did some new pieces near Regent’s Canal in Camden.  As usual, awesome looks, as well as sends a political message.  Be sure to hit the jump.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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