The World Needs More Street Art (32 Pics)

Street art is the new modern art. 


Two Graffiti Artists Spray Paint A Boeing 737 (Video)

Graffiti Artists, Sat One & Roids, recently spray-painted a Boeing 737 as a part of The Hanger One Project.  This is the second installment in the project, and it’s called ICARUS_13.  I think it turned out extremely dope.

Stupid Dope Bird Graffiti by Artist L7m

Brazilian graffiti artist Luis Seven Martins — alias L7m — beautifies the streets of Sao Paulo with these extraordinary works of art.  L7m began working with spray cans when he was just 13 and has truly become a master of his craft.  


Amazing Street Art (35 Pics)

Remember when graffiti was socially unacceptable? 


The World Needs More Street Art (45 Pics)

Get your graffiti fix. 

Word On The Street (35 Pics)

Amazing Street Art from around the world.


Word On The Street (32 Pics)

Want to see your own graffiti/street art on SNEAKHYPE? Send submissions to


Word On The Street (38 Pics)

A collection of dope street art. 

3D Graffiti by Peeta

This is some of the craziest looking graffiti that I’ve ever seen.  It has your typical graffiti feel to it blended with some amazing 3D action.  These were all done by Italian painter & writer, Manuel Di Rita.

Money Graffiti (20 Pics)

20 of the coolest defaced dollar bills you will ever see.


Entree LS Incognito Deluxe Daypack (Teaser)

Entree recently dropped this teaser video that hints at some accessories here in the near future.  As always, we’re definitely excited to see what they’re cooking up.

Some Street Art (28 pics)

I don’t care if you do it between 3:52 am and 5:00 am… how do people pull some of this stuff off without getting caught?  


Lego Graffiti – Stop Motion Video

This is one of the cooler stop motion videos that I’ve seen. I can’t imagine how long it took to put this together. Take a look after the jump.

Hanksy Strikes Again

The graffiti artist known as Hanksy has hit again.  These were done in the Lower East Side, and they’re both pretty dope to me.  What do you guys think?  I wonder if there’s any chance that Hanksy is actually Banksy.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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